March 20th, 2003

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I ache all over.

BWW does not usually do this to me.
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Wore spikes

to class, and the guys noticed it more than an hour in. Amusing.

Still hurt all over.
running, bomb tech


My hot bath has soothed the aches some, and the ibuprofen is making sure i'm not in absolute agony with the one thing and the other, but... ow.

The hot soak has also made me feel chillled. Couldn't stop shivering for a good three-five minutes.
running, bomb tech


I define "prejudice" as "a pre-made opinion about something that is applied by default to all situations about this thing, usually without likelihood of change." I am prejudiced against AOL users, and prejudiced in favor of Linux users.
I define "racism" as "prejudice against a race".
"Discrimination" in the bad way: "acting on prejudice; treating people differently because of factors unrelated to the situation". (I shall not abide the term 'reverse discrimination'. Discrimination is discrimination, whether you enact against someone who is black, white, or purple and pink polka-dotted.)

The usual reaction of the society trying to fight racism is to ignore race entirely.

...My reaction to that policy has finally been formulated. "The colorblind can't see the rainbow." My father delighted in the rainbow.
running, bomb tech


Many fun things were discussed in Web today. I was so thrilled.
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Added dragontdc, thanks to lots of conversation going on.
Hello to new readers jubilo and qoc. Due to the high volume of my friends page, automatic friendbacks aren't happening these days; I will eventually get around to reading your journals, but now may not be that time. Hi anyway, and feel free to comment.
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Happy Loony: good books.

In the pursuit of my software ends, by the recommendation of both AL1I and Mr. Demland, I'm reading Code Complete. I'll have to see what CRon thinks of it. It'll also count for one of my 50bookchallenge books, which is a good incentive to finish the thing. Go, me.

Any programming book with radioactive software metaphors stands a better chance than average of being good.
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