March 24th, 2003

running, bomb tech

It's that holiday again...

...and I need to do something to Darkside. Badly.

In 2001, votania and I conspired, and we acted out a little skit wherein I had had unprotected sex with a gamer friend over the weekend. Darkside swallowed the story, hook, line, and sinker.

I am an excellent Method actress.

We monitored him carefully, and went off to confer by the Mountain Dew machine when he looked to be getting fed up with the situation. We came back, and on three, chorused "April Fool!" at him. Facepalm.

In 2002, the situation took a little more buildup. My parents were coming to visit, and I expressed my hopes that they would get to meet Darkside. Initially, the plan had gone that they would arrive Saturday, stay Sunday, then leave sometime Monday after meeting Darkside at school in our natural habitat.

The schedule, however, got changed, moved up a day, so they would be leaving before the weekend was over. Was there any way he could drop by? No? Drat. However, my parents were still planning on meeting him, and I carefully neglected to tell him exactly how the further changes had fallen out.

The morning of April Fool's Day, three adults walked into the DeVry cafeteria and sat down at a table somewhat away from the young man all by himself. I walked in and sat down next to my best friend and we began chatting away. Eventually, after talking about how my parents' visit had gone, I said, "You guys can come over now!" and Darkside was properly April Fooled.

This year. Hee. I have Plans.

Darkside works. I know where he works. I have the phone number.

His co-workers are evil people with senses of humor like mine added to votania's.

His workplace goes through dishwashers quickly.

My idea? Show up as a dishwasher for the day. Pretend to be his new co-worker. April Fool!
running, bomb tech


I think I'll be hitting bed at or before midnight this evening.

Not that I'm not well-rested now, but my mind needs more sleep...