March 25th, 2003

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Poll #116531 Attractiveness

Which is most attractive in a girl?

Being popular (think high school)
Liking StrongBad
Liking AYB
Liking Star Wars

I am attracted to women


I am

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Amusing: connections

I am connected to redshoeson through two routes. First, I know reichiere face-to-face from school/anime club, and she knows what's-her-name who knows redshoeson. However, that's not how I LJ-met her.

I know iroshi, and iroshi knows starbrow. starbrow moved to Texas. Before she left, we met, and that was Much Good. This left redshoeson down one local friend. starbrow and iroshi conspired, and decided that redshoeson and I needed to be friends, throwing reichiere and hinoai into small tizzies, as the obvious connection between me and redshoeson goes through hinoai, yet she had not done the introduction...
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Why yes, Kittenhate User Francehasmyheart and I are competing.

I have the edge through seniority; evidently when the number of kittens killed and the weekly average is the same, then seniority gets the #1 spot.
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April Smart

Sadly, I won't get to do the happy-fun Darkside-baiting as planned this year. *sulk* ralmathon, my wonderful (and still single) big bro [he'd better give me plenty backrubs for this!!!!] has a job now, and therefore won't be able to babysit for great justice/allowing me to go taunt my beloved best friend at work.

So, back to the drawing board.

Maybe I can get his mother to conspire with me.
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Grant me this...

Whosoever shall write fiction wherein someone is described as having unusually large breasts, may that writer be obliged to walk around for one day with that same size of water balloon as artificial breasts, so that he (and it usually is) may know exactly how it feels.
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New addition to the people who show up in my dreams: sully2001ca, of all people. Why he should show up, I haven't the foggiest. But he did. Doubt the person even looked like him: it was just a background character who I just knew was him.

Very odd.
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One (relatively small) fight...

...and all my work this afternoon goes boom.

Marx and I are having severe parenting-style clash.

Neither of us is good at dealing with this.