March 26th, 2003

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I'm your foreign key I'm not your only key but really I'm not actually your key but I am...
I have some secrets to hide where all your data reside
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


Little Fayoumis is eating alphabet soup. Gods know he probably wouldn't eat it but for the letters. It's taking a while, but he's eating it. Mm yay for alphabet soup.
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Little Fayoumis is grounded from my room for at least a week, because he should know better than to touch my stuff. Even if it is a stack of papers and books sitting on the bed. Especially if it is a stack of papers and books sitting on the bed.
running, bomb tech

My dear *gods*. (Programming, hyperactivity, multiples)

Today my group started work on the requirements phase of the project in earnest. The requirements paper is not due next week, but the week after that.

We were trying to hash out what we needed, and I kept seeing it in my head, and I was trying to explain it to them, but it wouldn't explain very well in words, so I jumped up and took over the whiteboard with markers, in different colors, explaining it in flow and enclosure all at once. They were then getting it, yay.

So I bounced up and down while they caught up, and then when Demland and I started riffing off each other, I wound up deciding that a somersault was called for after all, so I did that, and that made my group comment, and Demland didn't; Demland reacted like he was supposed to; the group just doesn't know me.

So it was all programmy and good. and I remembered the last time I'd been that happily into a program in group before. I'd been doing SQL, and hugged and kissed Darkside when it happened and worked, so he punched me. That made me cry.
running, bomb tech

But, at any rate...

...Realized while walking home that that was it: N* is the programmer.

She was out. And she was talking.


This is Not Usual. To the extremes. iroshi has met her before; she can attest to how very Not Usual this was.

Had to backtrack through my journal to find out when the last time she'd been Out like that had been. Back in September, it seems. Though not in such fragmented form, but without a doubt her.

I was Told, however, that I need to be very careful about letting her Out, and I was never to do a thing like tonight again (where she was out without supervision).

N* is the only one of us current ones who has ever been hit in anger.