March 27th, 2003

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I don't usually do this. (Losers, easy amusement thereat, plus random kid stuff as bonus)

It takes a pretty good friend so either one of us will go and flame away anywhere.

But I was in the mood for some cheap entertainment, and so was Dagger, so... heh.

The flaming is spread out over here, here, and first but by no means least, here.

garnetdagger is in fine form, no longer feeling envious of N* for N*'s having gotten to come out earlier today (and she informs me that really, her name should be properly abbreviated N%, so I shall...) (and uh-oh, N% and Marah seem to have crafted a strategic alliance, which is scarier than it could be, but is not as scary as it ought to be...), as now Dagger has also had a chance to get some good time in.

So, all in all, it's been an excellent day but for the stuff with the Viking, but he seems to be doing all right now, and is not needing to seek Sanctuary here tonight. The Little Fayoumis does not understand the depth of the offense against the Viking, but why the Viking was sad was explained to him effectively, and it's an acceptable reason to be upset, even for a grown-up.

LF came to class with me tonight, and introduced himself to Mr. Demland. He sat relatively quietly and wrote on paper with the 10-colored dildo pen. Then I ran him around the courtyard to tire him out, had him sit through another hour of class, where he "read" my SQL book. Sooo cute! I ran him around the courtyard some more, so he was preternaturally quiet and well-behaved when Marx came to pick him up.


Wimps. If you have to prove yourself not a wimp when someone calls you one, you're proving yourself even more of one.
running, bomb tech

Silly/smart loony

Got so nervous thinking about dialling the number for Darkside's workplace that I checked the cards first.

Evidently, with the plan as I had it, it had a very high likelihood of falling through. I think I have a good backup plan, though...
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

coming back again...

I used to volunteer with first grade to help out with reading with kids who really needed it. J was one kid who needed help badly. He was ADHD, and I used to sit with him and go over flashcards, and put up with all the wiggling and keep him on task... happily for me, I'd dealt with teenage ADHD in friends, and knew just exactly what the behavior meant...

A good eight years later, I find myself using the same books we used back in that first-grade classroom, those same nice cute little phonics books.

I'm getting better at identifying problem areas with words and sounds and concepts, now, and I can see what ones are hard and even why they're hard...

Every fifteen-year-old should volunteer to help out with elementary school kids, so it's still fresh enough in their minds from when they were there, and it's late enough so they'll remember it when they have kids of their own...

He squiggled and he squirmed but he got through the whole book, with me only helping out a little.

He has trouble with identifying lower-case g when it's written like you'd write it by hand, and not the fancy g that some fonts use. He has trouble with lower-case n and lower-case h, as they look a lot alike. He has trouble with u and the sounds that go with it, trouble with w and y.

All in all? Very good for kindergarten. Evidently his teacher is noticing that he has a good home crew backing him up. Today I started helping him with mnemonics for some of the troublesome sounds. U is UH, for Upside-down Umbrella. That one stuck in his head, because it's silly enough.

I noticed when I was going over the sounds with him tonight, that he's starting to fingerspell. Beware, templeravenmoon; our cusswords will no longer be safe silent. I taught him "Thank you", and I taught him that you don't say the one that looks like "thank you" but is with the hand going from just under the chin instead of from the lips, because that one's a bad word.

His bedtime story tonight wasn't particularly original. I told him a story about a fireman who liked to put out fires. But then a bad guy was starting fires on purpose. So the fireman waited for the bad guy, and the bad guy started another fire on purpose, and the fireman tied up the bad guy with his webslingers and gave him to the police, and put out the fire. And then he went back to putting out fires. The end. I'm not very good with bedtime stories.
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Took the time out this evening to hang in the kitchen with Marx while he was gathering dinner in a very scattered way after a long day with hyperfocus at school. I know how hyperfocus drains you.

Must remember to spend time with him when we're not arguing, so times when we do disagree will not be so bad. Like, the time tonight. Good time. Very good time.

He has a video camera so he can get textures for class. This is much of the good. Much geeking is ensuing; that's his specialty. I am delighted, and am scheming a "Best of the Temple" tape for Mama, FatherSir, Grandma, Narcissa, and the aunts.