March 29th, 2003

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Oooh lovely.

Little Fayoumis' class was exposed to chicken pox today.

Everyone here's had it... except votania's had it twice. Bad both times.
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Self-serving is quite all right. Everyone is, some to more extremes than others.

Self-serving-to-the-detriment-of-allies is NOT all right. If you weren't going to help them, why ally in the first place?

And if the alliance is a mistake, call off the alliance BEFORE breaking the treaty. If the alliance is formally called off before doing actions that would break treaties embedded in the terms of the alliance, then you are not liable for it if the treaties are called off.

If the treaties are still in effect, and you break them, you're in deep shit.

It would have been simpler to just cancel the whole thing...
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In other news, have been sneezing head off. Sneezing to the point where the back of the throat emits blood is not always a good sign; on the other hand, I know and love allergies, and would far rather that karma points be taken out on me through allergy-misery and guilt over perhaps having said the wrong thing to certain clueless parties than through more direct, and painful, ways.

Allergies are direct and painful enough as it is.
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Karma, and the covering of ass

In light of certain readings, and recent events, the formal all-out Prank for the First upon Darkside is, if not entirely called off, at least toned down. The original idea had too much potential to blow up in the face.
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Went to sleep this afternoon, and had a dream where Marx was leaving for something, and he'd done a Tarot reading with some yellow cards to see if it would be OK to go, and he'd just left and I found the card that had been dropped, and it was the Tower -- not Death, but the Tower --

-- and I was trying to run to the parking lot to tell him to stay, but I couldn't move...

Told him about it when I woke up.
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Dreams (worse)

First, dreamed that I flushed the toilet in votania's room, and water began pouring out of a hole in the corner of the bathtub, filling the room at least two feet deep. Water began doing the same in my bathroom.

I told people about it, and tried to call Maintainence, but the number wasn't there, and I couldn't call, and no one was helping me.

Then digitalambience came over and pointed it out, and I furiously told him that we KNEW already.

Then I was using the bathroom in the third bathroom at the end of the house, the one that looks out over the parking lot, with red and grey and striped brick tiles on the wall of the platform, and then votania's relatives began showing up at the house, and coming in because they thought it was a coat closet, and they couldn't seem to grasp that I was on the toilet, and I began screaming at them to just fucking LEAVE, and fucking CLOSE THE DOOR...

Then I was a guy, and this girl was seducing me, and she was making it look casual and artless from my point of view, and incredibly contrived when I would have to present it as evidence to other people so they wouldn't believe me, and I was really uncomfortable... I mean, who would roll around in a bath with cucumber seeds and have a romantic dinner prepared?

And then I was me again, and some people (somebody, perhaps iroshi or sithjawa, and definitely sionainn) and I were in FatherSir's blue truck, in Alaska, and FatherSir was driving, and we were going over the dangerous bridge between the experimental farm and the turnoff for Miller Hill on Sheep Creek Road (wtf? No bridge there!) just about coming up to the curve, and there was a truck next to us, one that was higher than us, and had stuff hanging off the top so it was over us, and we were right under it as well as on the bridge and fighting the wind. And someone was saying "Steady as she goes" as FatherSir fought the wind, and I closed my eyes to Focus, but I felt us drifting and my eyes came open and we were in the other lane, and he tried to drift back into one of the correct lanes (it was a righthand drive now)

And suddenly, around the steep corner, where the road was angled, came some cars oncoming, and we were terrified and being very quiet, but they weren't in their lane either, it was some very light racecars, and we were hoping they would zoom between the blue truck and the big truck, but as we struggled to pull ahead of the big truck, some of the racecars collided with it, and FatherSir managed to lose control of the blue truck in a controlled enough fashion that he landed her in the swampy bog right at the turnoff to Miller Hill Road, which was a dark and unpromising lake.

We bailed.

Rather, we tried to. There was no danger of the truck sinking all the way: shallow, but the front doors were too waterdeep to open, as the truck was frontheavy and was nosefirst sunk, so we were all climbing out the back, and I remembered the trick with the door to open it (IRL that was the trick with the back doors on the outside; the inside trick was different, but I remembered the trick that worked for what was there...) and FatherSir got out, and I dragged the truck over to the bank so everybody else could get themselves and as much of the stuff we needed as they could out.

We were all scared because of the possibility of explosion with the fuel and all, and the propane tank, and FatherSir said in a tone of alarm, "That's the fuel pump!" when he saw that drifting free in the pond, and we bailed then, and he advised, "If I were you I'd go in that ditch over there," so we scrambled across the road and tried to get down deep enough in the ditch on the west side of the bottom of Miller Hill road.

And then I woke up.
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Chicken Pox Update:

One spot, on his right cheek.

Previous action: Teacher told him not to itch them if he got them because it would leave scars. So far, I don't think he has been.

Current action: toothpaste dabbed on it, him told to clench his fists to help distract him from thinking about itching, and playing as much in the way of videogames as he wants.

Future actions: Caladryl lotion, trim nails.
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Do you like books? I should hope so.

Do you like fantasy?

Do you like fantasy that involves the heavy use of magic?

Do you like to read very strong characters? Very strong characters who are incidentally female? With not a gratuitous man-bashing in sight?

Can you read .rtf documents?

Women On Fire.
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I dreamed all my teeth were falling out, that there were splinters of them in my mouth, that one replacement tooth, the one that I thought had been good, had fallen out when the one next to it fell out.

That was last night too, with all the other things.


I was picking the splinters of my teeth out of my mouth.

Usually my dreams have a sense of unreality to them, but these...
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I'm going to be a little leery about strange cats after this...