March 31st, 2003

running, bomb tech

(I'm crashing right after this) Date Summary

Went with yaksha42 to Metro, and watched Agent Cody Banks. Actor who plays Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle as a CIA agent. The teenage variety. Kind of a James Bond Jr. thing going on.

Cute movie. Very fluff. Does not say anything about the world that we did not already expect to hear. Room for a sequel. There probably will be one.

There was hand-holding, rather too much caffiene, and popcorn. He was tired, so we took a taxi home.

After that, I decided to be evil and pluck his eyebrows, and then, after that, some more fun was had.
running, bomb tech


More dreams. Didn't capture them when I woke up, so they're lost.

School now.

Am feeling hungover without having had the alcohol the night before. Suspect dehydration. Fucking Arizona.
running, bomb tech


Binder with lab book in was in lost and found. Used my one "get out of jail free" pass with instructor and turned in lab today.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


Marx realized today that what he's been doing has been babysitting, and parenting is completely different.

Shared how hurt I had been when he'd been explicitly declared to have the same authority as votania, which formal declaration never really happened with me, thus giving him a higher authority than me, and then he began comparing his parenting style against mine with mine losing every time, despite my having had more experience parenting Little Fayoumis than he's had.

Narrowed it down that one of the reasons Little Fayoumis does not respect his authority is because he does not crack down on first offenses. He gives a few more chances with no consequences before cracking down. Rather, used to.

I will begin taking a more active role in parenting when Marx is around, versus my earlier defensive strategy of just letting him handle it by himself, since I couldn't do anything right.
running, bomb tech

Parenting, continued

Shared some of the progress Little Fayoumis has made. From before, when he and his Mommy lived with Grandma, he came to the Temple ducking, flinching, and covering his ears whenever he was disciplined. He still occasionally does that, but he has no reason to, anymore. We want him to be self-disciplined, and well-behaved, even when he doesn't want to be, but not cowed and frightened.

(This fall, when we all went to the Open House, he demonstrated to me that he was better-behaved than his fellow kindergarteners, relatively if not absolutely, and had more strong parental influence over what was acceptable behavior and what was not. )

Marx was enlightened to know that the ducking, flinching, and covering ears is a holdover from it previously being worse, and not something in itself that we should be worried about. It's generally limited to flinching if someone's voice gets harsher than normal (that is to say, if anyone starts sounding like Grandma in a bad mood), or putting hands near ears as if to cover them if someone's saying something and he doesn't want to listen (doesn't happen often either).

Expounded more on greenhouse/cryochamber. Growing up is rough on everyone.
loud fayoumis

Oh dear. (Lead us not into temptation, for we will be expelled, o Lord...)

So Echo calls, and I chat with him. He asks how everything's going around here. I mention the brush with pseudo-chickenpox, and how good SQL is better than bad sex. Or even mediocre sex.

We get into talking about computers, some. He had an interesting run-in with his college. Seems he's got Mandrake 9.something on his blueberry iBook, and he was merrily poking about inside their network. Seems also that someone was monitoring the network, saw him come online, and then marched up to him in the library and yanked the cable out of the floor, and marched him into the Dean's office. He was told that he would be best continuing his education ... elsewhere.

He'd called to check up on the general state of the Temple.

There's a business park near Metro looking for a few good computer people with experience with vi. Cool. He wanted to know if anyone was still running Linux here. Neo is. I really need to get him onto the network... Hm.

It would be fun if I had Neo running the network... Hm, I wonder if there are any windows emulators good enough to let him run the modem without the modem knowing it wasn't on a Windows machine? That could be interesting.

But we talked kids and computers for almost ten minutes(!) and then his daughter was being screechy so he had to go.
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