April 2nd, 2003

running, bomb tech


The post that sounded very much like Darkside calling me and telling me he liked me Like That and/or asking me out on a date?

April Fools.

running, bomb tech

Yessssss. (the Darkside)

Mmm. Called him, perhaps a bit too early. Talked about random fluffy stuff. He was half-asleep and so was I.

Cats. the bachelor party. Crowbars. Mr. Burns. My lost (and then found) wallet. Mosquito landing lights. The faux-chickenpox. The cool bookstore I found.

He had to find himself some breakfast. I do get away with calling him "bee vomit".
running, bomb tech

*sigh* I'm really a completely fucked-up creature.

<suspicion>He's got a girlfriend, doesn't he.</suspicion>

Really, Marah. Just because he does his normal thing of not giving out details of what's up with him, you immediately think that he is not giving you details that he doesn't feel we have a need to know, because he's in a bit of a rush?

Yes, he did answer the phone coolly. Yes, he did say he was leaving somewhere. Do, darling, try to trust him enough to hope that he might do us the courtesy of telling us when there has been another girl entering into his life?

...If he thinks we'd care. He tends to hide himself away from us when he wouldn't think we'd care. He might hide something from us if he thought it would hurt us. Like his religion.

Does he hide important stuff from us? He didn't hide anything when we asked. He sometimes doesn't tell us stuff, but he lets us know he's not telling. He never hides.

But we don't ask if he has a girlfriend.

Then let's.

And if he does? If he does...

If he does, he'll tell us, and we'll cry. And we'll know.

I don't want to know. I don't want to have to deal with that.

Remember Shawn?


That's what our beloved thinks of him too. And he was. Remember when he started dating our sister? They told us. And then they held us.

He does do that. ...Because it's him. Because it's him, we can ask.