April 3rd, 2003

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...Whatever is going on, I know that Darkside would never harm me.

Most likely, it's Marah being Marah.
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I'm just afraid that I'm trusting my own senses and that I'm right.
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My allergies hate me.

I had to bring my staff to school with me last night. I was wobbling around, attempting to not fall over. My back was mad at me, likely because of my bra.
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Figured out....

Gah. Inanna and I have been having Issues, said Issues mostly consisting of me wanting her to sync and her not wanting to. Her date book, especially.

Traced it down to something nasty happening between her and the yahoo sync-up thing. I have to ignore the stupid conflicts, or it won't work. Fuckin' ... fuck.

By "won't work", I do mean that she sits there for twenty minutes trying to get it done, until it says, "Um... no. Couldn't Sorry," or until I get pissed and stop the operation myself -- and even interrupting it by taking her off the cradle will make her notice it on her end, but Tigereye will run the other end for literally hours -- I left around three one day and asked Tigereye to take care of that -- I got back past seven and it was STILL running -- I had to shut it down manually with ctrl+alt+del, which everyone loves...

So yeah.


Between me, my computer, and my palmtop.
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Test in web class. 10 minutes. Go, me.
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I woke up from my dream convinced that I had some form of Plan, and that I would have to tell people, including an LJ user "bearmage" about it... even though I didn't know him...

There is no LJ user bearmage.

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Oh gods.

Guess who said the S word at school? Yep, Little Fayoumis. He's already grounded from games for first ignoring, then breaking his promise to go to the cafeteria, and then calling another kid the A word. Now he's grounded from TV and movies.

Next up on the catalogue of punishments: grounded from watching other people play games.

We've informed him of this.


Another idea: having him repeat, 20 to 50 times, what he's not supposed to do.
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Organized tupperware closet. Cleaned cat boxes. Put dishes in dish washer. Swept floor; I see that someone had mopped it: yay!

Need to vacuum, do laundry, wash coffee table, and so forth.
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Jesus spoke in parables, even to His own disciples, especially when they asked Him not to. Why? Because some of this stuff, you just can't say outright. Not because it's a profanation, but because it just has to be talked around...
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More W*ber: Echoes of Honor. H*rrington recruits help from the prison planet she's stranded on, and endeavors to make herself unstranded. Oh, did we mention that it was a fearsomely armed prison planet in enemy territory, and she's short an eye and an arm? On the home front, a bad tactical situation is getting shittier, and even the Good Guys on the Bad Side are having their problems. The tac witch learns to shut up.

Light fluffy read, though honesty forces me to admit that yes, I was involve enough with the characters to leak a few tears at the ending.
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Yay! Grandma!

Grandma called just now. She got my e-mail from a month or so ago about the arrival of eris_raven into the household. She tried to send e-mail back, but the computer ate it. (She's getting far less certain with her fingers, and from the way she described how the letters kept jumbling together on her, I'm not surprised...) So she decided to call instead.

I told her what Mama and FatherSir were up to, and she was pleased to hear that.

It was a short call, as I think she was tired, but I was so happy to hear from her.
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I have such a hard time when I just want to be alone, and someone's upset me, and is trying to make it all better...
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One of my all-time favorite books is LMB's Memory. Our hero finds himself in the middle of a very interesting situation involving his former boss, the Head of Imperial Security. While the two men are relaxing together at one of the less stressful moments in the tale, the ImpSec head spins a tale about the motivations of men.

He used to think it was just the standard things: money, sex, power. He had dealings with all of these things, in the bribe-giving portions of security.

But once, he was looking to sweeten a deal with an ambassador, and inquired, delicately, as to what might be the thing. It turned out that the ambassador had always wanted an elephant.

So, even though the ImpSec fellow suspected that he was being had, an elephant was obtained, and duly presented to the Ambassador, with the Emperor's compliments. And, judging from the delight of the ambassador in question, he really had wanted an elephant...


Money, sex, power... and elephants.

Now, ever after, when instructors speak of "motivate your team", I cannot help but think of ... elephants.