April 4th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Laundry! Yay!

Did a lot of house-things today. Scrubbed out the oven a bit, as well as the microwave. Need to unload dishes at some point. Then, did laundry.

Gave both shammash and eris_raven baths. She's a lot less scratchy if the water's not running. He tried to hide in the folds of the curtain inside the bathtub, thinking in his catty little brain that if I could not hold him, then he would not get washed. Um, hon? You're still in the bathtub...

Cats. I swear.

I feel very good about being able to accomplish working out and donating plasma in the same day. I just have to be careful with the timing (work out first, then give plasma). I am also pleased with my ability to focus on the book I was reading rather than on the movie they were playing.

In less than good news, my allergies are really giving it to me. It is that point of the year where I am dehydrated and miserable. Have set up humidifier in room to combat this unfortunate turn of events.
running, bomb tech

Ah yes.

Part I of the "This is adolescence. Welcome to hell." discussion has already happened.

Little Fayoumis asked me, while I was working out, what the black dots under my arm there were. (I was wearing a tank top.) Told him that it was hair, really short hair, and when your body decides it's going to start being a grown-up, it starts growing hair in your armpits and stuff.
running, bomb tech


I am hoping that by erasing all my yahoo calendar data, I will be able to make things work with Inanna syncing again. And I found the "delete all" function.
running, bomb tech


Got my checks deposited in the bank like a good little grown-up. Got some meat for the family. Should do more household chores... after I relax some. Hot out there.
running, bomb tech

Ahhh, good workout.

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I have figured out how to not push myself too hard on the exercise bike. I can't remember where I read that if you couldn't carry on a conversation while exercising, you were doing it too hard, but I heard that somewhere.

So, I decided I'd sing while I worked out...
horny, Divine Oscillations

Oh, and?


I rule.


*does the happy vibrator dance*