April 5th, 2003

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Mail, and spam

Got pissed. Am calling Verizon to have them please remove our name from their lists.
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*sigh* Sucks.

Went to visit Bald Guy in the hospital with reichiere, hinoai, votania, and another friend of reichiere and hinoai who lacks an LJ.

He wasn't up to having visitors, and his mom was understandably a little stressed. He's out of ICU. He had been in rehab, but he wound up back in the hospital, and likely won't be seeing anyone for a month or so. I left the message that Jeri had conveyed her best wishes too.

running, bomb tech

Take II

First attempt at giving plasma today failed. Trying again.

They couldn't find my file, and then I had to leave, because, you know, visiting Bald Guy and all.

But, now I head off to return there.

And I have a book to read.

Yay, me.
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'Eww' moments

Somehow, a discussion about Something Positive and Sexy Losers turned into me and votania relating the very, very, very sanitized (and still ever so gross) version of 'the lobster story' to reichiere, hinoai, and the other chick.

It was a news story that was archived at one of those sites that exists to archive the just plain gross, as well as darkly funny. Basically...

Collapse )

Needless to say, this pushed the squick buttons of all present.

We certainly make excellent first impressions.
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I think I love a certain tac witch.