April 6th, 2003

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Really must sing more. As it stands, the only times I feel I can sing are when I'm alone or when I'm with Darkside.

I do have at least a half-decent voice.

It's just that people (Little Fayoumis, these days) get all grouchy and tell me to stop it when I'm singing. Which makes me mad. And makes me shut down. A six-year-old shouldn't be able to do that to me, dammit!
running, bomb tech

Administrative: addbacks, housecleaning.

Left customers_suck. Too high-volume, so I defriended it a while back, and... eh. Maybe Dagger should join.

Friended kidarrian back. 'cause, you know. Resonance.
Friended thrames back.
And tigergladys.

Also wandering around some of the journals I don't read on a daily basis and saying hi.

Warning to all new: I am very high-volume. Look at my calendar for an idea. A handful of those posts are chat logs on private, but many are not.

Yeesh. My friends list really will be Doom soon.
running, bomb tech

Inanna's drama

Nope, Inanna is still not working well with Yahoo.

I shall have to go and hax0r things to see if they will work better. Hm.

Reinstallation-fu sounds good to me.

Also, target="_blank" is being breaky with IE, very often. I am angered.
running, bomb tech

The Master Plan:

redshoeson arrives, ~= 40 minutes after she drops her sisters off at 10:30. We meet, we begin the getting-to-know-you-in-person, we perhaps wave a quick hello to the household.

We depart with all due haste to be back in time to retrieve her sisters by 12:30.

We do stuff. Fun stuff.

I return home in plenty of time for her to return home before it becomes dark.

Yay! Much good.
running, bomb tech


This evening, trimmed my trailing split ends.

My hair's not so ragged now, when it pours down my back; it won't tangle so badly. The ends have been fragged for too long. It's been years, and too much bleach, too much hairdye.

Symbolic, also: cutting away broken and unneeded and irreprairable parts. Cutting away the woman I was when we were with BJ.
running, bomb tech


That bit of green yarn that I tied around my wrist is still there.

It's still some sort of earth/fire binding, but there's less fire in it now than there was.
high energy magic

Hm. (crossposted to boredmage)


If spells like "Write something on a sheet of paper, then light a [specific color] candle and burn the paper in the flame" are the magical equivalent of 4th or 5th generation computer languages, I wonder what magical assembler code looks like?
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Dim sum fun. Mina fun. Yay girltalk gossip fun!!
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Dim sum & fun

redshoeson showed up, and we went for dim sum. Fun and good and girltalk gossip. Much with the Harry Potter talk too. And Shawn. And Darkside. And her Boy. Girl talk is good. Very good.

We shall have to go shopping some time together.
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Mina's cat was sick today. She said hi anyway. She was leaning over and sniffing me when she was being held up near me, and then when we came back after dim sum, I knelt down in the hallway and she came up and sniffed me and allowed me to pet her face and scritch her ears a little.

Girl Talk

Stayed up far too late last night talking to votania about Darkside, and stuff. Needed to datadump at someone who knew him too, and shared plans for Communicating With Exes, because some reassurance in that sector would do him a world of good. Honestly, of all her exes, I think she gets along with him the best... her only reason for not keeping contact with him is that he's Way Over There, and he almost never stops by...

Dawn called this morning, when I was still fuzzyheaded and bleary-eyed. Woke up, chatted with her about stuff. Told her about Bald Guy's run-in with the semi. She sends her best wishes.

Called Darkside at 9:30-ish. He was still asleep. Oops. I have abysmal timing with him.

redshoeson IMed me that she was on her way, then called me when she was right out front. She got here a little earlier than she'd anticipated; she was later than she might have been due to the getting lost factor. We datadumped at each other for a while, and made names and definitions clear. Shared some old stuff. Good ol' Shawn.

Having girl talks is good.
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I know who "bearmage" is now.

Who's my huggable fuzzy big bro?
Azzcalm, Quiet

Joy and loot!

Went shopping for air freshener.

Came back with six pairs of black cotton knit shorts (to replace the few shredded pairs that were not going to last me out the month, much less the summer), one black broomstick skirt that I can share with votania, enough air freshener for this month, next month, and the month after that, some icky chocolate diet shit, some drill bits, some headbands that won't slip off or disintegrate in the usual fashion, 18 votive candles (1/3 hazelnut for Happy Household, 2/3 black cherry to feed my Muse), and a shower-head-on-a-hose for my bathtub, because I deserve it (kittens shall be ever so much less safe!).... and that's about it.

At least this time I didn't go out for a loaf of bread and come back with a hundred candles this time.

Did I mention that I'm a Gemini?
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Combinations of things involving alcohol:

Peach wine, strawberry soda.

Very fruity and not bad.

I think I shall try blackberry wine and strawberry soda at some point, perhaps the next time I feel like a glass of something (which'll be in a week or more, most likely...)
horny, Divine Oscillations

Who's mother%ing McGuyver?

Part 1: Denied!

So. New shower on hose.

Happy loony.

This is Attempt 2 at getting me my shower on a hose, I'll have you know. Attempt #1 was going just fine, until it proved that the old shower head was impossible to unscrew from the pipe in the wall, as it had been put on very securely, probably to prevent people from either stealing the shower heads or putting unauthorized contraptions of their own on, or both.

After the failure of the duct tape to satisfy anyone, I put the brand new shower head in the back of my bathroom cupboard and grumped to myself extensively.

So. I bought another variety, this sort purporting to attach to the bathtub faucet, slipping on over the faucet and providing instant showerhead-on-hose for great justice and maximum joy.

It said on the package that it might not fit. I was not discouraged. Surely the second time would be the charm. I depackaged it, and, smirking, brought it into the bathroom, where I procceeded to jam it at the bathtub faucet. So, what does it not do?

You got it. Fit. That's what it doesn't do.


I tried, undaunted, jamming it on from several different angles. No soap. I tried turning on the water, to see how badly it did not fit. Four perfectly matched fountains spurted out each place where the rubber did not meet chrome. I cursed quietly to myself.

Part 2: q'pla!

I looked carefully at the part that was purported to fit over most bathtub spouts. I made faces at it. I even blew it a raspberry (but I did not give it the finger: I save that for special things, like schoolboard meetings over the radio ((Mama scolded me no end for that)), the woman marrying the guy I thought I would marry as she walked down the aisle, or Fox News captioning the bombing of Iraq as "The War on Terror").

Then I looked at the shower head. Not the one that I was about to hit something with, but the one protruding from my wall.

"Hmm," I thought.

Thought was soon action, as I debated whether or not to take off my socks to better suit my cunning plan. I decided to leave them on, and stand on the edge of the bathtub rather than brave the wet bottom in my nice dry socks. Sure enough, the shower thing fit over the shower head.

I turned on the water.

No explosions. No leaks. Just water, coming out of the shower head on the end of the hose like the gods intended.

Ahhhh yes.

My precioussssss....
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

'ey Sir Yakkalot...

votania has errands to run tomorrow morning, so she'll pick Little Fayoumis up from school, run the errands, then come back to templeravenmoon with Little Fayoumis to hand him off to whoever's there to watch him, before she heads off to work as scheduled.

So, if no one's home when you show up to watch Little Fayoumis, hang tight (chair on patio, comfy) and we will be home, and you are due some hugs from me when I get home...

Little Fayoumis is GROUNDED from the PS2 tomorrow.