April 7th, 2003

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It's nice when two people's desires flow in the same direction.

I desire to have someone adore me with all their heart, just as I adore them. I desire to have someone want me, just as I want them. Love, caring, tenderness...

Darkside desires for me to have that mutual adoration, want, love, caring, tenderness, and so forth.

I desire for him to have the same.

Even if we don't wind up together, I don't think either of us will be easy about the whole romance issue until the other is settled happily, with delight and rightness that we can feel with all our senses....
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Oh yeah. Ritual & stuff.

Have a Happy Household candle burning.

The prayer, "Through our hard work, may we have a happy household" goes with it.
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Little Fayoumis is now calling himself "Strong Good". After Strongbad, of course.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Math! Yay!

Little Fayoumis is working on math. He's been working on that in some of the activity books that Mommy got for him, so he is down with the concepts. He's just learning to put them together right.

He tried using plus to line the numbers up together, and seeing what that made; I told him to not think of the numbers, but to think of things. Like, when you have one plus zero, think if you had one bead, and you put zero beads next to it, how many would you have? One! Yay!

And if you had zero beads, and you put zero beads next to it, you still have zero.

I think he will do all right with math, because I'm good at it, and the reason I hated it for so long was because I didn't get some of my fundamental concepts down. We can get this, and get it very well.
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Little Fayoumis is still working on his homework. It was a color by numbers math worksheet, where you do the math problems first, then color the shapes based on what answer you got. He's having trouble focusing for the coloring bit.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


Little Fayoumis had a neutral day at school today. He hit another kid, and consequently went to time out. The rest of the day was good, though.

I asked him about what had happened. I seem to have developed a technique for probing into those endless loops that kids get into. I can't exactly explain how it works, but it seems to... I ask around the question, different ways, just like I'd do with a search engine.

Evidently, what was going on, was he was not paying attention, the other kid was paying attention, LF's feelings were mad, and he hit the other kid. He had been frustrated about something. It may have involved the bathroom's energy. It may (exceptionally tenuously) may have involved black guys not at school smoking.

Asked him if he'd told Teacher when he was frustrated. Nope. He knows it doesn't help him when he doesn't tell Teacher when he's frustrated, and it does help him when he does tell Teacher that he's frustrated. He knows that when he's mad and he hits someone he gets time out.

Advised him that when he knows he's mad and going to get time out, to stop and count to himself and that can be his time out before he hits someone. He's been doing fairly well with the counting at home...
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Organization, clothing, and the lack of initiative that powers it

The influx of new clothes meant that I had to go and organize my closet a little more, and ditch some of the stuff that I Do Not Wear. Since I got new shorts, I shredded to rags the one pair of shorts that had the obscene holes, and put them in the laundry basket. (Shredding things down for rags first before washing them has the excellent effect that they do not get put away as still usable after they're washed. Witness what happens with socks.) I then looked through my shorts drawer, and found two pairs shorts that are the wrong size, and relegated them to the shelfspace of votania, as she may be a little short on shorts.

I got six pairs of black cotton shorts, the nice sturdy and comfy knit variety. I do not need that many pairs of shorts at once. I especially do not need that many new pairs at once. They will all wear out at the same time. But when they are on sale, they are on sale, and when I do need them, they do not generally tend to be available.

So, I hung five pairs up on their handy store hangers, and put them at the end of my closet where all the new clothing is stored. I put one of the new pairs in the shorts drawer, giving me my two old navy blue pairs of shorts, my two somewhat good grey pairs of shorts, and the new black pair.

This way, I have five pairs of shorts, which will see me happily through any week, and when each pair of shorts wears out, I'll have a new pair of shorts to replace it with. I already have a lot of sturdy shirts. Right now, the shirts in my "thrashed" category are getting the most wear, because I don't tend to have very many days at home when I should be wearing shirts that I don't want to get beat to hell.

I need to start wearing the black long-sleeved shirts some more, because they're very nice, and they do need to get worn.

I'm silly in that I need to make rules for the wearing of clothing. I'd be excellently happy with uniforms, I think, because they're simple, you never have to choose what to wear, and when one bit gets too worn, you replace it with an identical bit, and no one gets flustered until you can't find a replacement.

Garments that are Unusual for me rarely get worn. These days, I'm wearing shorts and t-shirts, or jeans and t-shirts, depending on how much fuss I feel like making. When I dress up, I tend to wear long skirt or pants, tank top, and good overshirt. I am not very imaginative with my daily styles.

It's that underlying "I just don't want to be bothered with it" that drives my wardrobe. If I have an outfit I like, I will wear it every day. Since I don't do my laundry more than twice a week, I must have duplicates if I wear that every day. I do not want to be surprised by not being able to wear that every day. So, I buy enough for every day, and backups. This would lead to massive disorganization if not for the tight regimentation that I keep my closet in.
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Cleaning Up

Today is a day for housework and taking care of stuff. So far, scrubbing out votania's bathroom a little was accomplished, as was cleaning some windows, putting a few dishes away, getting the refrigerator straightened out (and the menu decided for part of tonight -- vegetable beef soup or barbecue beef strips, with leftover mixed veg and rice), cleaning the cat box, getting my laundry put away...

Another Happy Household candle is burning.
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Development, childhood

Little Fayoumis is still having troubles finding things when they are not where they usually are, and does not have good "looking for things" skills. His eyes will brush over the object in question when it is not in its accustomed place, and will often not see it until it is pointed out.
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It's windy out there.

I seem to be in the middle of an energetic triangle. My beloved, my pretty, and Mr. Shallow are the three points. Yakky's the ground. Thank gods for the ground.

's interesting.

Was lovely, walking home in the wind.

I have things to shout-sing at it.