April 8th, 2003

Azzcalm, Quiet

*perk* ... or not.

Woke up with allergy/sleepdep/dehydration hangover-thing. Grrr.

The rest of the family slept in, resulting in Little Fayoumis not winding up in school. Woops.

Dragged my ass to school. Sat through Database. I will get in trouble one of these days for inappropriate giggling. This time, I giggled, and was called on it, because network traffic is funny.
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running, bomb tech


Water brothers are Very Good things to have. Yep.
running, bomb tech

*sigh* Need-to-do:

Scan photos.
Post photos in petridish.net.
Haul out tax info.
Do taxes.
Reschedule dentist. Schedule filling. Re-filling, rather.
File papers from box.
Haul up group paper and hack on it.

I'm so tired.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

*sigh* A Mommy's Work is Never Dumb

Asked Little Fayoumis want he wanted to do for work when he grew up. Talked about what I was going to do, what my mom did, what his mom did, what Marx was going to do, what Darkside did...

He wants to be Strongbad. Or in Spyhunter.

At least I got him thinking about it.

Later, we'll read together; he has a phonics book from school.

Meanwhile, he had part of lunch, then wasn't hungry, and played his game for 20 minutes, then got hungry again, and was presented with the plate of lunch he hadn't finished the first time. Told him that I was getting annoyed with how he would not eat all his lunch at first, then would be hungry later.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


"Your snack is for you to eat, not for me to look at."
running, bomb tech

Asses We'd Like to Kick

Prank callers preying on the general paranoia surrounding the war should be arrested as terrorists or accomplices to terrorists.

If the system's going to get abused anyway, let's abuse this fucker for all it's worth.

Little Fayoumis, Nephew

*sigh* The Corner, and other Places of Doom

Little Fayoumis has been having a spurt of Not Listening, or Not Remembering, or whatever you care to call it.

He'd gotten grounded from my room a while ago, for picking up stuff that shouldn't have been touched, much less moved; today I decided to allow him to come back in.

He's in that stage where he's all into rules, but only the rules that he comes up with, and not the rules that other people have. He knows he's not supposed to open my door, or come in my room without permission. Today, he opened my door (the door was shut to keep Eris in) to talk to me. I told him he was supposed to always knock.

Then, after asking me to vacuum, he not only opened my door, but barged right into my room without asking permission to retrieve the vacuum cleaner.

For that, he got grounded from my room, and grounded from vacuuming; he had to stay on the bed while I vacuumed the house. He loves vacuuming, or racing around shooting at me while I vacuum. Told him that if he broke the rules trying to do something he wanted to do, he did not get to do what he wanted to do while he was breaking the rules in order to do it.

I thought that was going to be all. Vacuuming with me was going to be a treat after he finished reading his book (which he did very well; he still does need to work on identifying Y and y, but he's picked up the trick I've been teaching him about going through the whole alphabet to find out which letter something is; he's still inserting phantom T, D, N, and L sounds, and mixing up t and l in words) but he broke the rules and he didn't get that treat.

The board with the schedule of Stuff to Get Done has been working well. Little Fayoumis suggested the standard that black writing is for stuff that needs to get done that is for chores, and red could be for stuff to do that is fun. We've embraced that, and it is all good.

After he and I finished reading the book together, he wrote "V" up on the board with a checkbox. "It says video here," he said. "I need to watch another video."

"Little Fayoumis, you only get one video a day," I told him. "That is the Rule. No matter what is written on the board. Erase that now."

And he did.

Earlier, he and I had gone to the Fitness Center, and I'd worked out and he'd done a few stretches, while busily attempting to boss me around. (If he'd had weaker-minded parents, they'd be wrapped around his finger by now, and he'd be a spoiled brat. As it is, he's just very high-energy, but relatively cooperative. At least for me.) The apartment manager stopped in and asked me if I was going to be home later, as they were going to come and install the blinds in the west bedroom.

Little Fayoumis and I had been planning on going swimming, but that changed those plans, and I told him so.

Then he asked me about something else that we could do outside. I repeated that no, we were going to stay here until the lady came to put in the blinds.

Next, he came to me to help him put his helmet on. I figured out the clasp, and asked him what he was going to do when he had his helmet on. "Go outside and play skateboard!"

This time, I told him that I was getting mad about him asking to go outside, since we had already discussed how we were NOT going to go outside until the lady came and put in the blinds.

I retreated to my room and closed the door.

Knock knock knock. At least he's got that part down.

"What is it?" (I have learned that phrase, with that tone of voice, from Darkside.)

"I was wondering... could we maybe go... groceries?"

"You have NOT been listening. We are NOT going outside. Corner."

When he came out of the corner (after a suitable amount of crying), I asked him if he knew why he had been sent to the corner.

"Because I asked you... groceries?"

"That's not quite it. Because going to get groceries is GOING OUTSIDE, and I TOLD you, we are NOT going outside until the lady comes and puts in the new blind!"

I began ticking the points off on my fingers. "Until she comes, we are not going to go swimming, we are not going to have a picnic, we are not going to play with your skateboard outside, we are not going to go get groceries, we are not going to go visit ralmathon, we are not going to go visit yaksha42, we are not going to school, we are not going to visit Darkside... ...Do I make myself clear?"

He nodded.

"Now. It is your turn to go in there" (I indicated his room) "and play with your toys quietly until it is time for dinner."

So far, quiet. Peace and quiet.
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

*sigh* Baby/Mama2 Drama Trauma

So marxdarx arrives on the homefront, and I go back into my room.

It's about 7:30, and I pop out, notice that the TV is on, and the boys are looking to be settling down in front of it. I point out that Little Fayoumis has not yet had supper.

TV goes off. "Are you hungry?" "No."

BIG sighs from both of the present parents, and the TV remains off. Sure enough, a minute later, Little Fayoumis is in the kitchen with a request for food. Why are we not surprised? A cheese sandwich is issued, I issue a notice five minutes later that the next time I see him with his feet on the bottom rungs of the coffee table like that leaning back in his chair like that, he is going straight to the corner.

And I sail back into my room.

A reasonable length of time to scarf a cheese sandwich later, from the living room, I hear a muffled exchange about it being too late for a movie. I pop out of my room, send Little Fayoumis straight to the corner, and explain to a bemused marxdarx that, in fact, he'd already had his movie for the day, and he'd asked me for another and I'd said no, and he was therefore in trouble.

And I explained to Little Fayoumis, after the crying had chilled out, that asking Marx for a movie wasn't the thing that was bad; he could ask Marx for movies, but, the thing that was bad was trying to trick marxdarx into giving him two movies where he is only supposed to have one.

And I sent him to bed. It was time, anyway.
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Oh yeah.

Little Fayoumis is grounded from movies tomorrow for trying to trick marxdarx into letting him have two movies today.