April 9th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Allergies suck.

Sweet lovin' with boyfriend delayed thanks to bad attack of sneezing. I get a nasty instinctive "Don't touch me" reaction to people when I'm sick. Only a few people can get around that, and I'm not dating one of them. So he went home.
high energy magic


My darling familiar:

a) you need your claws clipped.

b) my bra strap, while I am putting it on, is not a cat toy.

running, bomb tech


I really, truly need to get a glow stick, dangle it on a string, and photograph eris_raven batting at it, convert it into one of her userpics, and caption it "Eris Raver".
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Baths! Baths for fayoumi!

Little Fayoumis asked for a bath. So, a bath he got.

We are working on the "not naked in front of an open window" thing. He held his shorts up in front of him to go get the toy he was going to play with in the bath, and backed back into the bathroom area. Go, Little Fayoumis!
running, bomb tech

Must be PMS week or something...

Notice, to everyone who reads this: I am brittle, sharp, and stressed today. If you push me, my outer layer of defenses will NOT bounce back; it will likely break, explosively, outwards, in your face. In sharp fragments.
running, bomb tech


Well, I got my lab turned in. Three minutes late, and with some of the stuff not done right, but oh bloody well.

We are currently on track for getting the Requirements paper together.

This is not the best-organized of groups, but we pull together. Pretty much.
running, bomb tech

Right on target...

More work. More stress. At least this is more handleable.


I hope Marx can find us. Right now I'm in the upstairs computer lab.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Called Darkside. Got him, this time. Chatted. The usual pleasantries: local events, Little Fayoumis exploits, school stress, him rehashing movies for me.

Asked him if he had a girlfriend, prefacing it with the mandatory "This is somewhat of a personal question; you don't have to answer it." Requested that if -- when -- he got a girlfriend, I would like to meet her. He cautioned me to not have an emotional breakdown saying that. He sounded touched that I would care.

Asked about visiting Saturday. Nope: he's got a wedding to attend: the wedding of the friend whose bachelor party he went to.

He had a meeting tomorrow morning, so he needed sleep. I wished him to have fun with the meeting.

That, evidently, was unlikely. He is meeting with the Air Force.

His father is evidently putting on the pressure, and agreeing to at least meet with the Air Force to talk takes some of the pressure off. I made incoherent noise, and he did verbal petting of me, briefly, before signing off.


I have the deep reaction to not let him go into any variety of military without marrying him. Something very small and very loud inside me is shouting, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" about the whole concept of my Darkside in the Air Force. No. No.