April 10th, 2003

trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


I shall soon make known to Darkside my position on the thought of his going into the Air Force.

Namely, my inner five-year-old and my inner sixteen-year-old have both affixed themselves firmly to him, one wrapped around either leg, yelling "No no no no no no nono no no no!!!" at the top of their respective lungs.

I, on the other hand, have a more liberal stance. I'd let him go into the Air Force only if he married me first.


I remain attached.

I've not yet shared any of these mental images with him. I likely will. Even so, he took the time to peel me off the ceiling and reassure me that he didn't plan to go into the Air Force; it just bought him more time with his dad.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


If my beloved Darkside thought that it were truly his duty and his place to be in the Air Force, I would have a long and sober talk with him, and he would likely join.

As it is, he's being pressured in that direction by his father, without any desire to do so on his own, and I will not stand for that.
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Had dreams.

Much traveling. And the song "Country Roads" was stuck in my head upon waking up.
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Held forth with McGuirk in class about color today. I paint. I recommended a few things for her, color-wise, after class.

Reminder to self:

Web page with these colors:
Dark red
orange-yellow, more on the yellow

I seem to be the one in my class most experienced with color.
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Kid stuff

You have to pretty much stand over him to keep him focused and on task about stuff like homework. He's not good at making decisions about things like what to do next. You give him a sheet with simple math problems that he just races through... and he sits there for what seems like hours, because he doesn't know which one to do next.

I have heard him repeating the alphabet quietly to himself when he's trying to figure out which letter is which, though. I taught him that trick by asking him, "Is this A? Is it B? C? D? E? ..."

Next up: teaching him to read ALL the directions first.
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Well, I went to class. That was all right. Then we waited around for the maintainence witch to install the blinds, which she did around one. Meanwhile, I vegged at the computer and evaded all adult responsibilities, except for supervising homework. votania informed me that, OK, we could switch to 2% milk from whole, as she was the only one who minded it in the first place, and she'd gotten used to it from work. Hee! I prevail!

Following the successful completion of most tasks, we (votania, Little Fayoumis, and I) headed for Metrocenter. We milled around in there, getting fayoumis-shoes (Hot Wheels) and introducing votania to Torrid. (Rainbow Brite shirts in actual human sizes don't seem to occur in Hot Topic.)

I departed midway through the excursion to give plasma, and wound up at home a few minutes before votania and her entourage of one and a grocery cart bearing ice cream and other dinner-type yummies showed up. Little Fayoumis wound up cornered to break him of his new habit of banging on the door and commanding, "Open up!!!"

Next on my schedule: calling Blondie. Who objects about the true color of his hair every time I call him that.

Also: apartment-hunting. If we're to offer Sanctuary to my best friend, we'll need another place. Eeep.
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Guess who decided to sit in my chair and keep it warm for me?

I guess she sees Mommy sitting there enough that she wants to sit there too.
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More Shopping

Went to Trader Joe's with my plasma money. Chocolate. Cat treats. Altoids. Rice crackers and sesame crackers. Yay!