April 16th, 2003

Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Day so far:

Woke up at the usual early morning thirsty/bathroom hour. Exerted an Act of Will to go back to bed and not check my e-mail. Succeeded.

Went to school. No actual class this morning, just lab time. Yay Burns!

Came home. Note: I believe in angels now.

Much car stress followed. votania is a nervous wreck this week. Therefore, I am picking up on that when she's around. Ow. Hurts the brain.

Worked Little Fayoumis through his homework. Am patiently and quietly reminding him to apply the skills he's learning, and I am hoping that they will soon become automatic. He's whizzing through the math things. I need to make up a chart of simple math problems so that he can start memorizing them. Checked them before he colored them, and checked them again after he colored them.

Then he had lunch, and dessert, and now he's playing Spyhunter. Again.

Evidently today was a good day at school.
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Belated, belated.

Happy birthday to boojum, as of Monday. Ooops.

My fiancee and I always used to remember your birthday; she snidely called you "Daddy's little tax exemption" for the timing.
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HTML or not?

Poll #124904 Format

On your primary journal, do you recieve email notifications of comments:

in full HTML (picture, original text, comment text, form for reply)
no HTML (plaintext original text, with plaintext reply, all raw html visible and not interpreted)
I don't get email notifications of comments

How computer-smart (geeky, 1337) do you consider yourself? 0 = not at all, 10 = I am Linus Torvalds

Mean: 5.92 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.23

And why do you choose to view your comments like that? Discuss in comments.
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Usage rant:

Populous: having a lot of people living there. New York is a very populous city.

Populace: the people in general. The populace seems to find American Idol entertaining.

These words are not the same. They are homophones. They sound the same (at least in my accent). They are not spelled the same, and they should not be used the same.


Thou: archaic intimate form of "you". Thou art my beloved. Thy eyes are the sky reflected in smoky quartz. When I see thee, my heart explodes.

Though: short form of "although". Though the weather was bad, we still managed to enjoy the game.

Both used properly together: Though my father was Quaker, he did not insist that we use "thou" and "thee" instead of "you", though he did insist that we always say "yes" instead of "yeah".
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Little Fayoumis and I went outside for a while. He played with his skateboard, and I wobbled around on my rollerblades. After my feet started hurting, I put on some shoes and taped the cracks in the rear window panel of the convertible top with clear packing tape, as a rig du jour until it can be replaced.

Go, me!
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boojum has a good point.

The difference between laissez-faire government and lazy-fare is this:

The first consciously maintains a hands-off stance, while the second can't be bothered to pay to intervene.

Store run instructions:

Must, on next thrift store run, look for an old lunch box. The plastic sort, that's usually got a foul-smelling thermos and missing accessories, with the picture on the front all beat-up and nasty.

Mama used to employ fabric and contact paper to cover up the nasty picture (though we got ours new) and after the school year was over, we would use them to hold art supplies, snacks, and toys for car trips and trips here and there.

I think it's a tradition worth continuing, and much better than having Little Fayoumis haul his backpack everywhere.
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N% panics when there is a miscommunication going on and she knows how to resolve it but no one will allow her to speak.
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2's complement
bitwise and
bitwise or
open in C++

Demland's freaking that we haven't been taught all of this shit.
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Demland is cussing up a blue streak here. Interesting.

We have not had the connection between the bits and bytes and how it applies.