April 17th, 2003

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I am not, not, not their target market.

If I see that spam advertising the "Iraq's Most Wanted card deck, only $5.99" one more time, I get very, very grumpy. Maybe even hit something. Like... damn. Can't hit the spammers. Or their marketing people. I'd like to hit their marketing people.


It should be open season on them.
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Cats: paper.

The latest epithet for Eris is "You little bitch!" upon discovering a new piece of shredded paper.

That little bitch.

(Yes, she's still my little meep and I love her, but... that little bitch!)
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Heh, heh.

FROM pets
WHERE pets.location <= lunatic.footlocation;
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(no subject)

Woke up several times to find that the green yarn about my left wrist had almost slipped all the way off.
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Trouble in Convertible City

B has a problem. He did not pass the emissions inspection thanks to a gas tank leak. Woops. Bad B.

More shit shall be taken care of. I am hoping this will all work out for the best.
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You *know* you're a geek when you go back and edit the joke select statement no fewer than four times so that it will actually run, should those tables and columns be created.
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*snerk* I may just do that.

I have a bunch of very short silly screenplay-bunnies in my head.

I should write a few of them up, like the silly Phantom of the Cafeteria thing. It's a common theme, but if it was funny at West, it should still be funny at DeVry, right? Nick would be ideal for some role.
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Well, I *never*.

I have never seen that much fur come off one animal in one sitting but for the ever-popular shedding Alaskan sled dogs.

eris_raven has been combed. The fur removed, once balled up, is probably a large volume than her brain.

My nightgown is in the wash.

The scratches, being as I got them after I clipped her claws, will be red today, and less so tomorrow, and probably invisible by Saturday, not that anyone will see them, as they are where they would not be seen by many.
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An Open Letter

To the former roommate who thought it would be excellent to remove one door from my closet:

Fuck you.
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Spring-cleaning, it looks like.

My bed is back in the corner where it had been, the missing door is back on the closet (after two years), more of the floor is vacuumed, things are coming to light from the depths of the closet, and... interesting things are in the air.

B's gas tank has to be welded, but he'll be out of the shop on Monday.
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91 minutes, we talked.

He called me back.

...So close. Still that wall I bash my head against.

His father's deadline for him is his birthday.