April 18th, 2003

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Obligations, fulfilled oddly

So lacking the proper Seder, and an observant household, and lacking the bringing up in same myself, I contented myself with explaining the tradition behind the holiday to Little Fayoumis, over blue jello with marshmellows.

Now I have the glass of wine, with the open door.

I'm mostly a Gentile, and was raised Gentile, but there are a few things that got very strongly into me, and I suspect I may revert to those roots more as I grow older.
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Fluff, of the ABAB CDCD EFGEFG form. I take that back. Not fluff: crap.

'Tis poor the romance spawns no verse,
Or so the proverb reads;
But logorrhea is my curse;
My pen, my mouth exceeds.

But though I babble to my friends
In sight of you, I quail
My love for you knows no ends
In its expression I do fail.

My platonic love, you do not doubt
In this, you know I'm true
Never fear its end
The one I can't be without
I spend my time with you
You are my closest friend.
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Not said

Made it abundantly clear to Darkside that I care for him a great deal. Have figured out how to say those three dangerous words without saying them. Even when I just tell him that he knows what I am not saying, it still rings loudly.

It is not something deniable. It is a truth. You can't say "No, thank you," to it. He doesn't try.
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Mmmm, flies.

A fly got in yesterday while the screen door was open while votania was chatting cars with the neighbor who lets his little yapdog poop without scooping it up.

eris_raven is chasing it.

She is enjoying the fact that I haven't put sheets on the futon yet, and is skidding all over it, claws out, because it's fun to zoom on.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

And then I thought...

...he has brought me to such a position of strength: I can see his weakness now.

It is time for me to allow him to move himself towards my strength by merely doing quietly. I shall explain myself to him, and I shall explain what he has done for me, and perhaps that will allow him to learn from what he has already done, that has been priceless to me.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Family Math Night

After votania got home from taking B to get worked on (walking and bus), she had a horriffic sunburn and went to sleep after I put aloe goo on her. So I took Little Fayoumis to Family Math Night at his school alone.

There were some math-related games there, but no fractals. I was disappointed, and will, if I am included on the planning group for the next one, make sure to have a computer set up with one of those simple fractal programs that you can find at least ten of with a simple Google for them, so the kids can play with it.

But they had math bingo, and a game with one of those wooden tile sets, and computers doing flashcards. Little Fayoumis is still counting on fingers for math problems (kindergarten), so I set it up so he would get problems with combinations of numbers no greater than five on each side. They had estimating, and he estimated that there were 200 ounces of blue stuff in the jar, and wrote his name, his grade, and his estimate on the sheet of paper.

Bingo was a bit of a bust, because it was higher-level math than the Fayoumis gets, and too fast, AND he didn't understand the rules of the game. So he got frustrated and mad, and we moved on.

I decided, after we did some of the other things, to play some more addition bingo myself; Little Fayoumis raced around some, although I kept my eye on him; he had far too many wiggles. He had milk and a cookie, and we walked home around 7:30.

While we were walking home, he said something about being afraid the sky would fall, and I told him how that was impossible. Then I got to talking about meteors, and rockets, and how people got to walk on the moon. First they shot up little rockets, and they saw what made those work or not work, then they shot up bigger rockets, then they started sending up animals in rockets, and finally Russia sent up a rocket with a guy in it! And Russia said "Nyah-nyah" to the United States, because they were mad at us and we were mad at them. So the the President wanted to send guys to the moon. So, they sent guys to the moon. And Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Aldrin landed on the moon, and Mr. Collins flew in the spaceship, and Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Aldrin walked on the moon, and they got to talk to the President, and then they flew back up to meet the spaceship with Mr. Collins, and then they came back to Earth and landed SPLASH in the ocean and then they got to come home and hug their families.

And Little Fayoumis talked about his spy hunter.

And that was our story for the walk home.
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Baby-sitting myself

How the *hell* do I manage to keep N% supervised while she's programming?

Coding, sure, that's easy. Have her out, and have a trace monitor out so "I" can snap back when we're interrupted.

But when working in a group? And trying to explain our thought-processes to them while we haven't quite got it yet?


There's a reason I hit the whiteboard so much: I can draw what they're talking about, and not have to use the words.
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Faces you thought you'd never see again

I saw Shrimpy on the bus today. For those of us new to this channel, Shrimpy is a former schoolmate, and a real pest. Not only does he not get a clue about what is and what is not acceptable social behavior (i.e., hugging Votania without permission isn't), he had the nerve to do this while in Darkside's class group -- sharing Darkside's first name.

They were, of course, mortal enemies, though Shrimpy seemed not to notice this.

I saw him on the bus and we chatted. He was overdoing it on the cologne. Bleh. He looked better, though: he'd lost weight, and he was wearing a loud gay pride type necklace. He needs work. He was heading down to Van Buren.

(Well, actually, that's where his bank was, and he was taking care of some stuff there, but I pointed out the connection between the two statements.)

He occasionally sees someone who resembles Darkside on the bus. It's not him, though; Darkside is elsewhere. I refrained from giving details; Shrimpy does not Need to Know. I further refrained from giving details about where I was headed, which annoyed him no end. My stop came, and he joked about not letting me out of the seat. "I lift weights, Flores."

"You can't lift a hundred thirty pounds."

Wanker. Informed him that I can lift a 200 lb guy. Departed.
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Crash, tinkle.

Everyone who didn't see this coming, raise your hands.

Yakky and I broke up. Still friends.