April 20th, 2003

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Hot damn, was that ever fun!

So redshoeson showed up with bunyorchid in his jeep around 5:30, and we headed off to soundsoft_elvy's.

There was plenty of soda, and there was a collection for pizza. bunyorchid was stricken by a sneeze, while he was still holding a ten in his hand. He handed it to soundsoft_elvy, which caused much in the way of giggles. He's not going to live that one down for a while.

Many good animes were watched, some sillier than others. There was this one that seemed to be Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, except with an all-female, all-hot cast. There was much counting of panty shots. And then there was... GTO? And Hunter X Hunter, and some psycho one about this chick who was perfect at school, and not perfect at home, and put far too much time and effort into maintaining her image. And fun.

Yummy pizza. Hilarious company. I need a girls' night out more often. I may wind up hosting an anime night here at some point. w00t for parties.
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Oh yeah.

The pajamas.

See, it was one of those giggle-moments, where an imaginary tape recorder was used to record said note to self by someone. So I whipped out Inanna and took down the note and posted-for-sync. Much amusement had by all.

And there was much discussion of fic and RPing and so forth.


I really need to do this sometime. It's fun having chickfriends. I haven't had massive amounts of chickfriends in a while.
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Oh, yeah.

And Strongbad!

I crocheted. reichiere somehow found that the scissors that I had stashed in my sock for the crocheting had fallen out. Sadly, she discovered this with her leg, as she was flopping over to make soundsoft_elvy's videogame stop making that noise. Drama ensued, but she was not actually leaking blood.

I got to pet soundsoft_elvy's psycho cat Cricket, who was evidently being good for me and allowing me to pet. Other people got hissed at. I guess I am a cat person.

It seems that eris_raven is in fact a diluted calico, being as she has grey, cinnamon, and a few patches of white, just little dots, rather than being a straight tortiseshell like reichiere originally thought she was.

Cool. A calico.
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Ethics (gleaned from a session of advice)

When one runs into a business with poor business practices, ethically speaking, it is not wise to assume that they do anything ethically.

When said business has shown any expertise in matters spiritual, do not assume that they practice their spiritual thing with particularly good ethics either.
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Gotta love Phoenix.

I think I'll be calling this one in.

Cop car 1815D, traveling on the 60 West at 12:09 pm, flicked a cigarette butt out the window.

BAD cop.
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IM snippets

azurelunatic: *waterspew snerk* ...wonder what it would do to my love life if I suddenly got Darkside as a roommate.
azurelunatic: I could just *see* that.
azurelunatic: "Joan! Could you *manage* to stop *fucking* so I could get to *SLEEP*? Some of us have to *work*, you know!!!"
sithjawa: *I* wonder what it would do to your *coherency* :P
azurelunatic: Um.
azurelunatic: Heh.
sithjawa: "Can't... think... pretty... overload!" :D
azurelunatic: Mmm, accidental nude Darkside.
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Emergency info for babysitters: we'll need to do this and, like, post it on fridge.

LF's full name, birthday, SSN, weight (~60 lbs), height, school, immunizations, current meds if any.
Parents' names & so forth. (just votania at moment but also us as we are, you know, Family.)
Doctor info -- name, phone number, address.
Hospital name, phone numbers, address.
Parents' medical preferences for kid
Allergies, phobias, etc.
Parents' medical info.
Pets' medical info (like if shammash or eris_raven gets badly hurt while a babysitter was on watch)

Edit: This is because I was thinking that my household needs to collect all this info and put it in a prominent place where a babysitter can find it. Heck, where *I* can find it, because I don't know all that stuff.

'Cause last night, amberfox's son had to go to the ER because he got one of his grandma's blood pressure pills instead of his own meds. His mom was the one who had to call Poison Control, because she was the only one who knew what meds he was on, what he weighed, and so forth -- and there are like 3 other adults in that household. What if she hadn't been there?
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Mmm, awake.

My clock's getting reset, staying up so late. Bad Lunatic. I should probably head out shopping tonight: hit TJ's up for a few little things, then come back and get real groceries.

I was out for most of the day, and then I hit the shower. Harrington put me to sleep. My fandom's cats can talk back!
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Must get myself some KareKano. That anime rocks.
loud fayoumis


ralmathon has shorn his lovely long locks! GHAAAA! You are not supposed to do that when you are a huggable teddy bear big bro. No!
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OK, seriously now.

I'm going to go get something to drink, then I'm so seriously wandering out the door.
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Avacadoes. Mmm. They are my friends.

Although they do not mix well with chocolate evil shake thingies.

Mmmm. I need to put my shoes on. There is something little and furry pestering my ankles.
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Sparkle, kaboom.

Been posting a lot more in glamourbombs. My latest three ideas have been the glamourbomb kit to carry around with, putting temp tattoos on drunk people who won't remember it in the morning, and now the leaving of interesting fairy-blessing type anonymous comments in random (hit random search) journals.

I've already hit a couple journals.


I think I should print out a bunch of my little random phrases, and stick them in my purse with a roll of tape.