April 21st, 2003

Santa Lucia, Ritual, _schools16931


Sandalwood, gossamer candles, sunshine and cherry... lotus and rose and love and musk.

I am loved, I am adored, I love, I adore, and I have a very happy family.

If my beloved best friend chooses to join our family, he will be a part of the family, cherished and cared for, and he will be excellent and caring in return.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

This feels better.

But there's something still missing.

We have the Temple prepared.

Will he enter?
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Santa Lucia, Ritual, _schools16931

Shifting balances...

If this works... Darkside is a major balance point in my life. He's one of the major forces keeping me sane, and ... sunshine. A delightful, dark, cynical, sarcastic ray of sunshine.
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votania decided to clean out the the incense drawer. I think she's insane.

I found lots of nifty incense, though.

*facepalm* What are the odds?

So I scooped up my little Raven to see what was up with her, and I looked at her little dots of white, and I cuddled her and called her my silly Calico...


What are the odds of having the same spirit as a familiar twice in the same lifetime?
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Am wearing a smudge of lotus ash on my forehead, a smug smirk, and rose water all over, to bed.
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Top o' the morning: and spam.

No, there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to increasing the size on those. I've already passed that.

No, if capturing these fellows were in my job description, and I needed a fast way to memorize their faces, I would love a deck of cards like that. Since it isn't, I can do without.

I would love some cash now, but not by doing what you're proposing, since it involves me paying far more to you in the long run.

I am not a homeowner, yo.

I am female, and single. Somehow, I doubt that's going to be worth my while, but you're right, 120% of 0 is still 0.
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Burns' class. PL/SQL.

"Oh, we're following the syllabus?" -- the blonde
guess who forgot paper?

.......executable statement(s)
.......error handling

comments, w00t.
"Slashes which way? backward or forward?" --Burns
"whichever way makes it turn green." --forgetful student

-- single line comment
/* multiple
comment */
/*still legal*/

SQL*PLUS does not turn comments green.

"Comments will adhere to American Standard English as taught at DeVry."

Conditional Control in PL/SQL

ELSIF /*Burns makes us adhere to American standard English, but he never said Oracle had to.*/

/*"What, do we leave out the D?" --smartass who's not me

EIF "...I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" --Burns*/

END /*space*/ IF;


class = 'over'
go home!
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's a pretty. A pettable pretty. And my hair randomly stands on end thinking of. I desire late nights and long, lazy afternoons, both talking and touching. I'm shy in person, and was afraid to talk lest I ruin the moment...

...and this is something that I think has potential to last a long, long time.
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Hello to soundsoft_elvy, hostess of the excellent anime party.

Hello to pggmilltn, who read about said party in note_to_self and started chatting.

Farewell to absentmammoth, who's likely to stay on my list of journals that I'm reading.

Hello to aussie_nyc, a casualty of my takeover of the friends list of shadesong, and the wonders that are nude rites with plush cthulus as displayed in nude4peace.

Hello to shesinparties, who's found me from.... eh, gods know where, as we have a few interests in common, but no shared friends that I know of. Warning: this is a high-volume journal. You're always welcome to drop by if you don't want to clog up your friends page.
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Well, votania told me it was Working this morning, as rainstorm13 already had last night. Heh.

I'm feeding the ends of the candles the wax that had to be pulled out last night.
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Day so far:

Woke up early for the obligatory early-morning argument between Little Fayoumis and marxdarx. Those two are sounding more like father and son every day. Including the sniping. This makes me happy, though the sniping doesn't.

Woke up again at alarm clock. Stumbled off to school, minus notebook for taking notes. Woops. Came back home. Welcomed in first yaksha42, then the Viking, after votania had headed off to take care of business. The boys played while I helped the Viking get set up on the computer to try and check e-mail. Enki was a dick.

Fed people, and then decided to catch up on e-mail, et cetera.

Am still working on last night's project.
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*giggle* She's my Calico!

Yep. I called her by name: "Here, chick chick chick chick chick, Calico chick chick chick..." and she came. She came to get the treat I tossed down for her. Shammash sniffed at it, but didn't eat it, because it wasn't for him. But my little Calico, eris_raven... she ate her cat treat.

How delightful.
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Those who have been reading my Kittenhate logs will be surprised to note that I consider my discussions of sex in this journal fairly prudish.

I don't give a good accounting of what, exactly, I do long for.
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Put the two spiral candles into the same jar, their threads pretty much interlacing.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


The two spiral candles have burned down into the glass they're in, and the flames are interlaced and dancing together, a flare like burning free oil puffing out of the glass. Had to put it inside another container lest its heat scorch the desk...
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I think we have now figured out what kind of music N% likes.
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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy


The chocolate sacred to Ishtar is on sale. I must therefore go seek some.
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