April 22nd, 2003

sad, greensad

Two quick things:

I now have $50 worth of chocolate, gathered for $15. Mmm. Yum.

I never thought I'd see my Calico again until we met up in Timeheart.
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running, bomb tech

Details with Qwest

To move: 6 business days notice, you specify the day you want it to switch; switches from Location A to Location B some time during that day.

$27.50 to move for Qwest
to keep same number, switch people, called "change of responsibility", need both of us on the line at the same time
There is a record fee to change responsibility, $7.50.
but keep same phone number

New accounts are $27.50
but with a new phone number.

We currently have:
(package) custom choice: 32.95/mo
3 way calling
caller ID
last call return (*69)
continuous redial
call rejection
call waiting
Long distance alert
anonymous call rejection (automatically turned off)

We are now getting:
Value Choice package @24.99
caller id
call waiting
call wait id
3 way
anon rejection (default to off)
call forwarding
running, bomb tech


Checking what it entails to switch. Guy says that we may have to just have a new turn-on in your name; is checking with a supervisor. Yep: new turn-on in your name. Which we might as well wait for the new place to do if possible.

Same-day turn on: 48+ tax
One business-day notice: 28+ tax.
running, bomb tech

Go, me.

Successfully picked up Little Fayoumis from school. Worked on time with him, and got his homework all done. He may almost get what "one hour later" means, now. I hope. We took the clock down from the wall and worked with that.

Got a box and a half from school. Go, me.

Called the place where Darkside works and left a message with the Personnel person's voicemail.

Called Qwest, reduced our phone bill by $8/month, and figured out how much it'll cost to change stuff.

Called SRP and got change information.

Have not yet retrieved information from the office about our lease.
running, bomb tech

Go, me (continued)

Hit the office.

Our lease is up at the end of April; we can go month-to-month after that. W00t.
running, bomb tech

Housecleaning? What's that?

Went through the toy box of Little Fayoumis with him. Much stuff inside. I want to get him a container to put all his guys in, and a container to put his beanie babies in. That would simplify cleaning up so very much.

Went through some of the papers on the table, and discovered a notice that his class had been exposed to yet another of the kindergarten germs. Oh, joy.

Also, there had been a lockdown drill on the 16th...

...It's not like I'm his mom or anything. Gods. I wish there were a better way of passing kid-related messages from school...

Today I told him about the future move. He is psyched about the idea of having his own room. I told him a bit about how moving goes: you pack stuff up in boxes, and you try and make sure that the stuff you pack is the stuff you want to keep, so if there's stuff you don't need, you give it away or throw it out if it's really trashed. And you pack the stuff you don't use much first, and the stuff you use a lot last, and then you take it all to the new house. And then you unpack it all.

He wants a room between my room and Mommy's room.

We also sent e-mail from his account to Darkside (it's just as coherent as a pre-reading six-year-old's stream-of-consciousness, which is to say, I understand it perfectly). He also wrote his first HTML: he made the background color in a cell of one of my tables green. It will be so cool when he learns how to type instead of just hunt & peck. (Yep. Kid. Typing.) Did some administrative things on his account, like adding Darkside, and adding people to his Safe list, ensuring that their mail doesn't wind up in the junk mail folder. Stupid Hotmail thought that, heh, the e-mail from his mom about her jewelry thing was spam, even though she was in his address book, because it was addressed to multiple recipients. Um... dumbass. Hotmail == dumbass.

Also, why do they not have a feature to automatically put people in address book on the Safe list? Idiots.

Mkay. Must get on with the vacuuming. But first: food.
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