April 25th, 2003

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When I'm depressed, the worst thing that can happen, almost, is that I get chilled.

When I get cold, my brain and body go into shutdown, which makes any depression far more intense. The more intense the depression, the more my body and mind shut down.

If it's a sharp cold that my body loudly notices, I start shivering and acting, you know, cold, and I know to warm my fool self up.

But it it's a more subtle cold, as of a room or vehicle being too chilly for comfort, I may not take action, and may sink deeper and deeper...


The Floyd song with the line "Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way"... I need to look at those lyrics more closely.

They speak to a situation very close to hand.
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More OK

yaksha42 came over to borrow some disks, and he gave me long hugs.

Though his hair still does look funny.

He is Pedro's blonder half!!
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Friday Five (for once)

1. What was the last TV show you watched?
Probably "The Pitts" the weekend before last. I don't watch the thing much.

2. What was the last thing you complained about and what was the problem?
A comment that was supposed to be helpful was made. However, it was not. I detailed the reasons why.

3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say?
Probably sithjawa. Probably something regarding her appearance.

4. What was the last thing you threw away?
Either I cleaned out my ears this morning and tossed the swab, or it was that bag of trash that gathered in the car last night.

5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited?
I was thinking it had to have been one of the Americans for Purity things, but it turned out to have been those Pink Floyd lyrics that tiel dug up for me. Mmm, Floyd. Though that song *hurts*.
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Just so y'all know:

If you get spam from silenceshadow@yahoo.com, I mean active spam, my address has been snagged by a spammer as their "from".
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No, McGuirk, you told me "peanut butter jelly" as the password. It is actually "8pb&jsandwich".
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Grrr, hsss.

Stupid fucking son of a microsoft product.

I typed in the fucking HTML.

To the wrong window, it seems.

It converted my beautiful clean html to *displaying*, literally, my beautiful clean html.

This was a Bad Thing.

I went outside and cussed.

I managed to fix it.
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Sigh no more.

As per the instructions of the opening song in the movie I found on DVD for $9.44 at Target yesterday, I shall translate my peevish whining about what happens when you're asleep and working on a webpage with Visual InterDev.

Hey, nonny nonny. Hey? Heyyyyy...

Non-ny. <pause> N. O. N. N. Y. Hey? Hey??!

<hiss>nonny nonny nonny-non-nonny nonny neep</hiss>



Nonny, nonny.
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This is going better.

Decided to make it childishly easy for myself by overcommenting my table. Am happy.
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    Someone's laptop playing "Lose Yourself" quietly (I swear!!)
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Just contacted e-automercato.net with the following message: One of your affiliates is illegally forging my email address into the headers of messages advertising your business. Please do not allow this to continue.

I hope that'll help...
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Go, me!

I have completed the Octarine pendant for the eight-chain tassel of my future staff. A photo will go up on Petridish at some point, and I may swap out one of my old usericons for a good version of this...


But it's pretty. It's composed of parts from four different bits of broken jewelery: the fancy wirework from an earring that had no mate, the rose crystal dangly from a broken earring my mother gave me, four lapis lazuli beads from the neclace and bracelet that Guide Dog Aunt gave me long ago (I still have the photos of me wearing my necklace with Nutty Brownie wearing the bracelet as a necklace), and the metal feather from the dreamcatcher earring pair (one broken) that ...my, I think it was Galadriel's mother... someone gave me once. I borrowed back my round-nosed pliers, and borrowed the blunt-tipped pliers and the wire cutters. I strung some random chains together in a tassel, and I attached the beads to the wire with four pins, sharp tips cut off, shafts curled and locked around the other wires.

Together, of course, it is a delicate tracery of wires, with a brightsparkling pink teardrop crystal catching the eye, with four blue spheres and a feather dangling from the loops of wire. The design has strength and order, as well as random loopy interconnectedness, and interesting bits hanging off. It's very much my style, as well it should be. There will follow other charms, each appropriate to their Color... but this is a good start.
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D batteries.
Chocolate orange sticks.
Jelly beans.
Lip balm.
Interesting and bright soap.

I think I need to take a long bath or something.
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I'm having another cold day.

I want to be hugged and warm.

Don't think I'll get that today, not unless ralmathon comes over.
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To do:

Get more D batteries for flashlights. My bonky flashlight is currently without bonk. That is undesirable, as I am without lead pipe to put inside said flashlight to make it bonk.

I need to make my bed. This means pulling sheets around, flipping blankets, and so forth.

I need, tomorrow, to make sure all tangles are gone from my hair, and of course that whole thing with the running water. (Or maybe later tonight, with a book and so forth.)

I need to celebrate the fact that Mama sent me my Calvin & Hobbes collection. I am stoked.

I need to work out. (Haven't for a while.)

I must vacuum, and make sure that cats and fish are fed.
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What a silly.

Yakky is thinking about the use of Nair to remove his groinal hair.

What a bad idea.