April 26th, 2003

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Quizzy! And France, your stack of kittens is now only as tall as mine.

You're OOC yaoi. If the charachter doesn't fit the
form, don't change the form, change the
character! You can mold Vegeta into a weeping
maiden and Hiei into a cuddly kitten. Everyone
loves you! Well, they better, or you'll make

What kind of yaoi are you?
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*laughs like maniac*
*examines self closely*
*realizes that she is not Darkside, as Darkside is the maniac*
*laughs like Lunatic*
Ahh, there, that's better.
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Hello, 9thmoon. I've seen you around too, but probably not as much as you've seen me. Oddly enough, you were tagged as "One of those interesting and mature people who probably wouldn't be interested in my whiny post-teen self."

Hello, retch. Now we can talk without taking up so much space in the other Joan's journal!
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People envy my connection with Darkside.

Things like that, though, take a lot of work.

For the better part of two years, he and I spent ten or more hours a week together. That adds up after a while. He's rarely seen me at my best. I've rarely seen him at his best. We've seen each other sleep-depped and grumpy in the morning, and we've watched each other wake up, we've shared the caffiene, I've given him leftover pizza...

He's seen me heartbroken and crying. He's seen me the morning after dealing with demon kitties from hell. He's seen me in the glow of NRE. He's seen me fall asleep face-down on the table. He's seen me traumatized from a phone-sex moron at the job that didn't work out. I've come to school three hours early, operating on sleep-dep, to spend time with him. He's bitched me out for not getting enough sleep. He's settled me down on the couches in the TV pit to nap, and sat by me and stroked my hair when he thought I was asleep.

I've seen him worried, I've seen him angry, I've seen him sad... I've seen him stressed. I've helped him study. I've distracted him from studying. We've read together, we've planned RPGs together... we've been silent together.

Random passersby in the cafeteria have seen us sparring. Usually it looks like someone's about to die. We've said that if we'd been trying to kill each other, one or both of us would be seriously dead or hurt. Simultaneously.

I know what he thinks he can't do. I know some of the things he knows he can do. I know what he can do that he thinks he can't. I know how to tell when he's afraid and trying not to show it.

He knows me, and I know him. And we care about each other. So of course we have a connection that most would envy. It's not easy, but with us, there's no other choice. We are together.
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OK guys...

reichiere, I'm headed out of the house for a couple hours. I should be back by 4 or 5. I think. Mina has my number; it starts with (602), and ends with the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

See you laters...
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No regrets, hon. Friends-with-negotiable-benefits are good.
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Rough week

votania was going to work overtime Thursday. She stayed home sick instead.

Today she had a jewelry sale -- but Little Fayoumis was there, and hadn't seen much of her for a while, and was bored out of his mind: so bad things happened.

So it's been a stressful week on all of us.

Hopefully, the weekend will improve...

Marx wandered in and gave me a big hug and shared how much they appreciated me.