April 28th, 2003

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Came down off an intense session of Truth and was drained. Realized, somewhere in there, that I was hungry: this was notable, as I'd had something approximating breakfast (a few chips and chocolate), and lunch (fries and salad), but nothing really else except for peanuts.


When votania and marxdarx came home, turtle tanks were done stuff with. And then we were all hungry. I donated cash to the cause, and we went for pizza. I was a little low then, and became excessively so upon getting home. It seems that whenever I am that low, I'm like a poorly programmed computer, which crashes the computer upon asking a yes or no question and getting an input that is not yes or no.

So I sat down, and waited for my pizza. Mmm, pizza.

Then we chilled and chatted. Clover came over, yay.

And Little Fayoumis sassed marxdarx (again), and was sent to bed without a story.

(Evidently he will sit still and listen to me. Like, really listen. I am not surprised, as I know how to talk to him. But he won't sit still and listen very well for Marx.)

And votania and marxdarx and I bonded. More. Over Dew.

And then I came in here, taunted Yakky over webcam with Aina watching, then went and took a bath.

A virginity I'd never known I had...

Back in January of 2001, something odd happened to me.

It was one of those days, and there was stuff going on, and for whatever reason, I remember, but it wasn't really relevant... for that reason, he and I clasped hands, and we worked magic for the first time together.

If you never have, it's...

I didn't know I had that virginity to lose. I would never take that experience back. It's one thing working with someone, and you're both doing the same thing. It's entirely another when you can feel their power and yours smoothly melding, melting. Chocolate. Corn syrup into maple syrup. Soft. Strong. Near-infinite moment. Near-absolute match. No ripples, just the interlacing, the combined strength...

I fell in love that day. We'd already been friends, I'd already had my initial crush on him, the minor one... but I fell in love that day.

Perfect love, and perfect trust.
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I love Mama.

She called Saturday morning, to find out how I was doing. We got the box of Calvin and Hobbes books, yay.

She found my spare glasses in the glasses drawer, the ones with the evil pink plastic frames. She'll be sending them. I will be able to SEE again!!
running, bomb tech

Whee, test!

Had a test in Burns' class. Yay, me! Finished in 15 minutes. Very easy. Very easy. I loved it. I adore happy test-taking, especially when it means we don't have to do anything.
running, bomb tech


Plan for the day:

Wake up (done)
Read LJ (mostly done)
Eat something (done)
Brush teeth (done)
Wash face (done)
Get dressed (done)
Go to school (done, bonus for on time)
Wank about in lab (doing)
Modify photo for userpic for aina42 (done)
Go to IEEE meeting (not yet)
Get bus pass for May (not yet)
Bake cake for my wonderful big bro (when I get home)
Clean house (when I get home)
Do laundry (when I get home... sensing a pattern here?)
Make sure Little Fayoumis gets his homework done (when I get home)

Oh yeah. And LF is GROUNDED from damn near everything.
running, bomb tech

Plans, updated.

Test in Oracle (done, hopefully aced)
Book sale at library (attended, spoils: a Physics test and an Electronics-math one, damage: $2)
IEEE meeting (cancelled)
Bus pass (later, bookstore closed for inventory)
Cake (not done yet)
Housecleaning (not yet)

  • vacuum

  • Clean west bathroom

    • scrub toilet

    • scrub tub

    • wash rugs

    • tidy and scrub counter

    • empty trash

    • wash mirror

  • dishes

  • wash windows

  • dust

  • take out trash

  • make bed

Laundry (not yet)
LF Homework (done)


Visit a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop for their Free Cone Day event.
Oracle Lab.
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My family had some pretty good ones that I think I'll emulate.

The unbirthday present was one of them.

When there's a birthday, and there's a non-birthday kid in the family of the birthday person, the tradition is to have a very small gift for the non-birthday kids, so they don't feel painfully left out, while having an obviously special gift for the birthday kid.
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My lips are tingling again.

Called Darkside's cellphone to let him know that today's ralmathon's birthday, and that there may be celebration.

"I'll still be at work at this rate," his dark comment was.

But he wasn't mad at me. I could feel that. It was just One of Those Days at work. I'd meant to leave a voicemail...

This is the first time I've called his cellphone.
loud fayoumis

*pant* *pant*


That bathroom is about clean, now.

Decided to hit votania's bathroom. Started off at the worst end of the scale: the trash can. Scrubbed that out with Orange Glo, put a new bag in, and scooped the random gravel out of the bathtub, then sprayed that down with Orange Glo. Scooped up the bathtub anti-slip mat and mopped up the by-the-gods-puddle that had been in the corner under said mat and the trash can. ...eeew.

Scrubbed out toilet. Scrubbed floor. Scrubbed sink and countertop in the other section of the bathroom. Washed the mirror. Scrubbed bathtub again. Had Little Fayoumis take some of the stuff out of the way.

Scrubbed the floor in the sink area of the bathroom.

Now it should be all sparkly-clean.
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Sweetness now

Unless I completely misperceive, Darkside was touched that I, or anyone, would invite him to someone's birthday party. Even at the last minute, even knowing he wouldn't be likely able to come.

He didn't have the angry/annoyed note in his voice at all.

...I care. ...and he likes it.

My lips are still tingling. Feels like his energy.
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I love Narcissa.

I will leave you with an important piece of advice. "Remember: you've got two ass cheeks. One on this side, one on the other side. Think about that sometimes."

She was arguing in favor of capitalism, the Devil's Advocate position. You can be equally an ass on either side of the argument, and those who want to stick to the argument are usually pieces of shit...
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Azzcalm, Quiet

Well, well.

The kitchen floor is swept and mopped, the catboxes have been sifted, the first batch of laundry has been put away, and things have been tidied a litte more -- and with help from Little Fayoumis.

We shall indeed see how today turns out. He's been good all day. I don't think it occurs to him that he can be persistently and actively bad around me, some days. I just don't let it happen. (Of course, some days, he manages to completely mangle the entire day...)
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*sigh* Bad comparisons

Love is not a concept that should be measured in inches, Led. Just so you know.
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More things.

Vacuuming is accomplished. Ideally, I should put away all laundry, make my bed, read out of the Oracle book, and dust. Oh, yes, and wash some cats.

A year ago, I was so very sad. I decided to read over last April today. This entry does not say good things about my then-current mental state...

Marx is home, and is managing bedtime. He's managed to find a style of speaking to Little Fayoumis that works to get the little booger's attention, even though it involves getting two inches from his face and speaking firmly at him. Little Fayoumis doesn't like it a bit. They'll have to fight it out, I fear.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Sure enough, there was a package pickup slip in the mailbox, and the box was of my glasses. There were my intact glasses, then three partial pairs, each with something different awry.

The intact glasses are huge, with pink transparent plastic frames. I wore glasses much like these for the first few years I wore glasses, and then upgraded to frames much like the ones I had been wearing.

It takes me very far back.
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