April 29th, 2003

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Blondie doesn't have many day-to-day friends. I guess it means a lot to him that people would call him up randomly and invite him to spur-of-the-moment events, even when he can hardly ever make it...

ralmathon is still MIA. Ah well. Silly big brothers.
running, bomb tech


As I finished off my microflask of butterscotch schnapps last night, I was hungover this morning, in the delicate and ladylike way that I am. Feeling asleep, and only slightly more than normally thirsty. Also, I was woken up no less than three times by eris_raven sitting on me and purring...

Went to class. Burns reviewed the test. Of the test, I got a 93%: the PL/SQL engine could be on either client or server, and I put the comments in the wrong spots in the written sections. Not fair that I got -2 for misplaced, but complete, comments, and the guy next to me got the same amount of point loss for NO COMMENTS AT ALL.

Ah well. Burns is nitpicky because he wants to prepare us for the Real World, and more on target, wants us to not write Evil Mean Code...

Then I sat around for the better part of an hour, reading LJ. One of the other guys in the lab was reading LJ too; I peeked at his username and I didn't know him. So, like, hi, if you're reading this, which I expect you won't be, since you didn't really know my LJ name...

USAA was in the courtyard, courting students. I have my resumé online, so I just printed out a copy and wandered over when votania and Little Fayoumis came in. I would be perfect for it, and it pulls $13/hour (depending on experience) ... but there are no buses in that area as yet. Damn. And it's too iffy a market for votania to go into, despite the pay being damn good versus her current job.

Went to Web class, LF in tow. He was quiet; I was sleepy. We both did well. Evidently "God Da" is "Good Day." Hooray for him! When he's left on his own with paper and pen, he'll write now, instead of just drawing. And he's drawing stick figures, too. w00t!

We came home. He did his homework. He really is reading. Not everything in sight, but really really reading. I am so stoked, and so is he.


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... which is so true these days.
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According to rainstorm13, I have a following.

shadesong has a posse. Everybody knows that. So I asked what I had.

Hm. A following. Hm.

Though I really don't think I do much leading...
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high energy magic

Oh, yeah.

Lit another Happy Household candle last night, before Marx got home, and put it in that glass holder that seems to be reserved for those, right on top of the solidified remains of the Communication As Long As We Both Want It candles.

Yesterday also released the energy bound into the wax from that job thing by crumbling it into the Recycle Wax bucket.
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There are few things better to do with an afternoon than explain to the Little Fayoumis who has been curled up sleeping in the closet like a cat that "fayoumis" by itself refers to a variety of chicken, and cat-fayoumis means I'm being silly with the cats, and [name]-fayoumis means I'm being silly with him.

And then talking about how eris_raven had been an Egyptian Fayoumis named Calico before she came back from the Summerlands as a cat...

And then Little Fayoumis using shammash as a pillow, and talking delightedly about how he could hear him breathing... "Breathing or purring?" "Purring! I want to purr too!"

Advised him that using the phrase, "Speak of the devil" was probably a bad idea. Told him that the devil was a bad guy from somebody else's religion.

Topping it off with some The Substitute... delicious. [WIP, beware.]
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


Little Fayoumis just complained that Colshin (I have no idea how he would spell it if he were spelling well yet) was cheating.

To him.

And then "Colshin" replied, in a deeper voice, "Okay, okay, I'll try not to cheat."

*sigh* *giggle*

Today's activity seems to be car racing, with that car that you move backwards to charge up a good zoom, and then having it zoom off into the nether regions of the kitchen.

Once, it disappeared, and I had to ask him where it had been going when it did disappear. I finally extracted from him that it had gone behind the catbox, so I moved the trash can, moved the cat box... and lo and behold, there was the car!

Had to advise him against letting the car drive where it could crash into the fish tank.

The shiny grill on the front came off (no surprise, as it was smacking hard into things), and I had him throw that part out, as it didn't contribute to the car's actual performance, and wouldn't go back on neatly or easily (superglue, mess, and ugliness). *sigh* Damn cheap imported cars... *giggle*
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Happy things

Little Fayoumis saw me cleaning out the box of markers, crayons, and so forth, and asked me if he could paint. (There were paint brushes in the mess.) I said that he could, and coached him through the process of getting the whole affair set up -- outside.

He painted the yellow bad-guy dragon Smaug breathing blue fire, with red lava near by, and red blood on Smaug as he got shot by the hobbit in the red shirt. The hobbit's red shirt was red, with no blood.

Bogart came and visited the hummingbird feeder, which has blue sugar water in it now. We watched him.

I coached LF through the process of putting away his paint stuff, including washing the apron. (He did it all by himself!)

After that, he went back to zooming the blue racecar over the jump rope. The race car occasionally turned upside down. I started teaching him how one uses degrees to measure how things turn in a circle. 360 degrees is around in a whole circle, 180 degrees is halfway around, like if the car flips over from being right-side-up to being upside-down. He'll slowly but surely get it; he has been saying that the car has turned a thousand degrees, or one hundred sixty three degrees, and things of that nature.

Today when walking home, he was trying to name the cars that he saw. I saw some that he'd called wrong, and I showed him on some of the cars in our parking lot that the company and model name was usually written on the cars. It was cool.

Amusing moments: You are petting the cat, and then the kid starts blowing at the somewhat bemused, but still purring, feline. "I like blowing the cat!" the six-year-old proudly announces.

You, quietly, stress the phrasing "blowing on the cat", without ever referring to "blowing the cat" as being in any way inappropriate.
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Ravens, time machines, and dating.

Little Fayoumis' latest ambition is to visit the future. I told him that he may. He wants to make a time machine. The design for this time machine involves a big machine, with electricity and a pumpkin. And the electricity zaps the pumpkin, and then you push the button and you go, and then the pumpkin explodes.

He told me this while playing with Huggin, the soapstone raven in the mini-garden.

Then he told me that in the future, if I wanted, I could be a boy. "But I like being a girl," I said.

"Or you could be a boy if you wanted to, or a girl if you wanted to," he said, though he clearly thought that being a boy was better.

"I want to be a girl because Darkside doesn't date boys," I said.

"I could date Darkside," he said.

"Kids aren't allowed to date grownups," I said. "Grownups can only date other grownups, and kids can only date other kids."

"But when I'm a grown-up kid," he said, "I could date grown-ups."

"All grown-ups are grown-up kids," I told him, and figured it was about time to rescue the raven, as he'd stopped making it fly, and had started using it as a steering wheel on a racetrack.