April 30th, 2003

running, bomb tech


Waking up at 5 am when you don't want to or have to wake up until 8 is not necessarily a bad thing.

Waking up at said time, and unable to go back to sleep because of allergies? Bad.
running, bomb tech


The instructions for the homework, I swear...


First, Burns tells us to include myself as one of the staff. Fine, fine. No problem.

In requirement 2e, I am supposed to change my last name in the staff database to the last name of my best friend.

If Darkside ever sees that database, he's going to *kill* me.
running, bomb tech

OK, good.

Homework at least mostly done.

Now to snag something that looks like lunch, finish reading /friends, and then go get groceries with Little Fayoumis.
running, bomb tech

Hey, grifyn...

You know of any Kid Stories communities out there? I mean, there have got to be *some* ... where proud/irritated parents/guardians post stories/links to stories in their own journals about their kids?

I mean, we two aren't the only ones out there who want to brag or bitch about little ones, right? And we love sharing stories, and reading about the things other little brats/angels do...
running, bomb tech

Day plans:

  1. Head out to go to store with LF.

  2. Go to store.

  3. Get stuff.

    • Bread

    • milk

    • bologna (beef only)

    • Lettuce

  4. Come back home

  5. Put away groceries

  6. Do constructive things

    • feed cats

    • do laundry

    • housework

      • vacuum

      • sweep

      • dishes

      • dust

    • reading for school

    • put away laundry

    • Bake cake for ralmathon

    • sync palmtop and add new book

  7. Go to DeVry with LF

  8. Do in-lab portion of lab

  9. turn in same

  10. go to class

  11. Hand off LF to marxdarx

  12. Finish class

  13. Come home

running, bomb tech


I get good behaviour out of Little Fayoumis in the store by keeping my other eye on him at all times, and not holding his hand. He is told that this is not a store for touching things in, or he is asked if this is a place where he should be touching things. He has started (with me) sticking his hands in his pockets to remind himself that he's not supposed to touch, on his own.

He got to see another little kid yelled at by her mom in the store for wandering off and almost getting lost.

He sticks with me pretty closely on his own, and he doesn't tend to wander off, and he's getting better about knowing where to stand in relation to the cart. It's when there are multiple people and a cart that he gets confused about where to stand in relation to the cart. He gets far squirmier when someone's got a hand on him and he wants to be doing stuff.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Ooooh, titles!

shadesong got some titles.

I thought that sounded like fun.

For starters: Tutor-in-Chief of the Little Fayoumis, Guardian Gatekeeper of Darkside's Human Side, Lady Provider of Far Too Much Personal Information

...anybody have more ideas?
running, bomb tech


Oh,gods, I'm beat.



I really need a good soak in the hot tub, then a good fuck.
running, bomb tech


What's a CRC card again?

2/5 of my group is missing. Physically. Looks like 100% of the group is missing, brainwise. I'm only half here, and I haven't the foggiest who's out...
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


elorie and grifyn's sons would be a dangerous combination, even if the moms in question don't hit it off immediately. But they might.
running, bomb tech

Group work, how fun.

Understatements, polite: "What a dynamic combination." K* and T* do very little other than debate, with varying degrees of heat. There is usually little communication accomplished without a mediator.

N% is RAM: all right now, no save.

Object model; class diagram. Same thing.

I really just wanna go home and sleep.
running, bomb tech


Brain hurts. Broken. Am not processing well. Should be able to work with group, though.

But ow.

... 10: 07, much later...

OK, working.