May 4th, 2003

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Domestic Again (why, gods, why?)

After my busy day giving the blood from my body to complete strangers, I conked out, household duties largely undone.

I'm awake and buzzing about now, getting things taken care of.

The last of the care box has been put away, and the care boxes themselves have joined the queue of boxes waiting for stuff to be packed in them.

I'm having a good evening.
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Finance, decadence

It feels so sinfully luxurious to have an approximate 64 completed bits of sushi either in the refrigerator, or already consumed, for far less than from a store.

Item Price
50 lb bag of rice from Sam's ~$4.00
10 sheets nori $2.50
4 large avacadoes $3.30
1 cucumber $1.00
Large salmon steak $3.77
Cream cheese $2.50
small bottle Kikkoman soy sauce $1.00
1 gallon White vinegar $2.00
Brown sugar $2.00
More sushi than you should shake a chopstick at, with leftover ingredients for next time ~$22.07

Sushi rocks my world.
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This is from this past Wednesday night.

I was half-tranced out of my usual personality, mostly in N%, and I was putting what we'd been talking about the last time we were working on this up on the board, since no one had taken notes, and I was hacking on how to structure the classes.

The two present team members were sitting at the computers, looking somewhat bemusedly up at the board, and commenting, as I scribbled, that they could see me in a position of power someday. With Microsoft, maybe... or no. With the government, giving ol' Bill a run for his money. Doing high-tech government computer work.

I was bemused. Can't everyone do things like this? It was only a student project, and I'm only a student...
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Doing it by hand the easy way

Duh. Save it as a bitmap, go through with a highlighter color, and point off the boundary coordinates that you want, then write the list down.
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"Okay, you two, stop moshing...."

Every morning when eris_raven spends the night in my room, she skreeees at me to let her out in the morning as soon as my bladder wakes me up in the morning for the first time. If it doesn't, she sits on me and wakes me up anyway.

And when I let her out, she and shammash mosh into things. Like the door to my room.

So I have to insist that she come back in again, and that he stay out, if I'm still trying to sleep.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Meow? Meeyoooowww?

Little Fayoumis was down on all fours on the floor in the hall, miaowing outside Mommy's closed door.

I asked him if he wanted me to give him his breakfast by opening a can of cat food, and giving it to him on a plate on the kitchen floor. He reassured me that he'd had his breakfast already, a bowl of cereal while he was a kid.
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Fuzzy Modem and the Pan of Beans

Once upon a time, I had a high school best friend. His current online nickname is Fuzzy Modem, and he hangs out at this spacebattles board a lot.

One day, he and I were on the phone. This happened a lot. He got hungry, and decided to make himself something to eat. Mindful of the past debacle with a can of beans, I made sure that he'd cooked it correctly (open can, put in frying pan).

He walked into the living room with the pan of beans and sat down at the table to eat it.

Somewhere in there, he stood at the door for a long time, calling the dog in. He was barefoot.

He ate until he was full, and then reflected that his feet were cold. He noticed that the substantial leftovers from his lunch were warm, even hot.

The only logical thing to do was, of course, stick his feet in the pan of beans to warm them up. Not surprisingly, it worked.

We chatted for a while. He mentioned how nice and warm the beans were between his toes. He noticed that they were growing cold, and decided it was probably a good time to get his feet out of the beans and go into the kitchen and... shit.

His feet were all covered with beans. He was sitting in the carpeted living room.

He decided to take care of things. He called the dog. When she finally wandered over, sled-dog ears perking at him, he pointed her to his bean-covered feet and ordered her to lick. She gave his feet a few swipes with her tongue, which made him giggle at the tickling, but she found the beans not interesting, and wandered off about her own business.

He eventually crawled into the kitchen, washed his feet off, and retrieved the pan of beans, now with footprints. He seriously considered finishing it off. Disgusted, I hung up on him.
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That's odd.

Evidently, two missing </TR>s severely fucked up an entry of mine last night, making, on some friends page layouts, it look as if comments were in disabled from that entry, when in fact they were not.


Fixed it.
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You know, I feel very much the same way when dishes aren't done for three days in a row, and the kitchen floor never gets swept, and no one vacuums, and the refrigerator becomes a dangerous trap, and the other bathroom's counter becomes a grungepit and the toilet area smells foul.
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I think that the LJ communities that are for "Oh, look at me, I'm gorgeous, and if you're ugly, you can't be in this community" are terribly shallow.

However, if the only thing I had going for me was my looks, and nothing else -- not brain, not personality, not being friendly, not any useful skills -- not anything -- I'd probably be shallow too.
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My Kittenhate log is recommended reading? *boggles*
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Cream cheese & lox is kosher because salmon don't suckle their young!!

On the other hand, by the interpretations, caviar and fish served together would be really, really iffy.
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I must be insane or something.

I made... sushi.


I must be insane.

It's going to be good, though. Even though I made a little more than last time.

Did I mention that I love sushi?
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Rule of Thumb:

When you pick up your little cat-girl, and you notice, while petting her, that there are little chunks of something in her fur...'s bathtime.

eris_raven did not appreciate this.
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*snicker* Censorship

I can *just* see a censored, kids version of the Lord of the Rings books.

Everything intact, except for most of the pipeweed. Smoking sucks, kids!
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General Announcement

Anyone on my friends list who wants in the Witchy filter, give a holler. There's been activity in there lately.