May 5th, 2003

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Men. (IM snippet)

azurelunatic (3:05:36 PM): Evidently something I said to him Thursday got through that stubborn skull of his, and it finally hit him that he was my Best Friend.
iroshi (3:07:07 PM): Coolness!
iroshi (3:07:11 PM): You mean he didn't realize that before?
iroshi (3:07:13 PM): Wow. He's dense.
azurelunatic (3:07:14 PM): No.
azurelunatic (3:07:19 PM): *snicker*
azurelunatic (3:07:25 PM): Yeah.
iroshi (3:07:36 PM): I mean, I *knew* he was dense...but he's DENSE.
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According to (wonderful site, I love it), LJ's having Serious Issues getting pages to load.

Which means no friends list for me, evidently. Joy!! (not)

I can, however, reply to comments, just not open up individual entries from my journal to read, though I can page through my journal one entry at a time to get to the cut-tagged private entry I needed to read....
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There was this dream, and it was my grandpa (not my IRL grandpa, some other guy), and he'd been killed -- murdered before I'd been alive -- and put in storage for a while.

But I knew about this, and there were some photos, and I was trying to hunt down the evidence that the bad guys had been doing what they were doing.

And the bad guys had decided that now was the time to cremate my grandfather's body, and the bodies of the other people. So they put the old bodies in the documents kilns around the facility, and we'd gotten the keys from grandma (again, not my grandma -- it may have been another LJer's grandma, though) and we had to go and run to the kilns and unlock the doors to get to them and unlock the kilns and prove that yes, there had been bodies in there.

And since this was a big facility, and there were a lot of kids around, one of the kids got a paranoid hair up their ass all the time about bodies in the kilns (there were two kilns, one on the West Valley campus, and one on the UAF campus in the admin building by the lecture hall that was up on the hill where the museum is IRL, the same universe as that dream where we went into the lecture hall...) and no one would believe us. And no one would show us the kilns just to ease our paranoid little brains, either. It wasn't so much a conspiracy of the bad guys, it was the collective horrified disbelief that we could be right, and the underknowledge that perhaps we were, and they just didn't want to know.

So we ran around. I was running around Hutch so I could get to the building the kiln was in, and I was setting off the bells under the sidewalk that the staff used to monitor where the kids were, and I vaulted over the roots that were in the lake that guarded the door to the first kiln building. Ron and Harry were with me. And we unlocked it, and sure enough... ashes. The admins were horrified.

We had to get up to the UAF kiln now that the first objective was complete. They hadn't heard yet, and they didn't think that this was appropriate. I had all the keys (though there was a bad moment about almost losing them; someone, I think perhaps frameacloud, since it may have been their grandma [and I still think of you as a "her", even in dreams] handed the keys to me, and they fell each on the floor, and I had to grab them all and make sure I knew which was which) ... fortunately, the keys were the same for all of them. Two door keys, and then the kiln key.

The UAF facility staff was not happy. It was about closing time, and they'd been informed of our wild goose chase, and the pretty lady at the desk rose up and told us that she really didn't think this was appropriate. We slipped through the closing doors, and I ran down the hall. The few remaining staff members inside (young women all, as this was an office and a place of brain work) had been instructed to delay us, and they chose tactics like standing in the way, spilling water, et cetera.

I dodged them, sometimes a little rudely, but never violently.

There were paintings on the walls, and the place was dreadfully twisty and turny, and the offices all had windows. They were on the outer layer of the building, I remember thinking. It was ground floor. I found the kiln (perhaps that had been on an earlier trip?) but was blocked and had to leave.... and then I found myself running for it again, and this time I was not blocked, and I got in there, it was a room with shelves of archives, and we opened it up. Everyone was running after me, but I had gotten there first. By everyone, this included the office staff too, including the lovely black lady from the front desk (she was the Queen Bee around there, I knew) (and for some reason, everyone was wearing votania's jewelery...odd).

There was a folder with documents in there, kiln-developed bloodstained photos, and then ash. I mentally performed the ritual Granite Kiss of Final Death that one does just so to the bodies of the dear departed to indicate the depth of the bond that had been between, or some such thing. I remembered that when they had stacked the bricks on top of the body in the loading of the kiln (even though it hadn't been me doing it, I had experienced it through the body of the one who actually did as if it had been my hands) that we had thought that this was good, that they would be only ash when we opened the kiln again, and then that could be done properly.

And everyone was shocked, and looked over the photos, and was awed because We had been Right. And they were horrified, because This Shouldn't Happen.
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Ah yes. What a day.

Went to database class. Fun. Let Burns know that I wouldn't be in tomorrow, as I'm shepherding votania to her operation.

Came back home. Said hi to yaksha42 and told him about the second part of my dream -- the one where there was something going on with trying to cross an intersection, and somehow he and I wound up horizontal, and yep, his fingers are just as talented in dreams as they are waking. It probably counts as a kitten...

After that, went with the whole family to drop Marx off at school, then we went to AZ Mills mall and hit Black Market Minerals. Got some stuff: a pair of silver and garnet earrings, a string of garnet beads, some hematite beads in a necklace (which will be deconstructed for a special project), and some fluorite. We got lunch, and after that, I practiced driving in B.

B's a good car, and we got along well. I took a spin around the parking lot, then practiced parking. We drove towards home on the freeway after that. I was a little slow at first, but worked up just fine. We got off at the 19th Ave exit, and I proceeded with all due caution down 19th and headed for home.

No worries. No worries at all. I'll be fine tomorrow.
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"It's not like we're staying together forever."

Talk about left field. votania and I were chatting, and gods know how, but we may wind up parting ways sooner rather than later.

She'd been thinking about the practicality of me and Darkside getting a place together. Me moving out, and moving in with him.

I'd never really entertained that idea.

Gods. Wow.


She thinks it's a great idea.
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This is the second time.

I came home to the delightful sight of a frozen computer. Second time today.

That means, if anyone left me any IMs, I didn't get them...
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Consensus. (Not filtering this one, because it's important.)

At certain points in a Practitioner's career...

If you deal, as I do, with the esoteric senses at all, and notice things that aren't noticeable by the physical senses, the five that all Muggles have, then there's a good chance you may be hallucinating.

Or, you may not be.

Sanity lies in the ability to tell the difference between things that are Muggle-consensus-reality, things that are mage-consensus-reality, and things that are very real... within the bounds of one's mind.

Distinguishing those three levels of reality takes practice.

Doubting that one actually sees these things is a good road to insanity. Knowing that one sees them, and periodically checking with other people to see if they see them too, both mages and muggles, helps one sort out the differences. With practice, much practice, one can distinguish relatively well between things that muggles can see, things that mages can sense, and things that the psyche tosses up for reasons of its own.
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Cult techniques

Have recently seen a cult in action, confusing and scaring a colleague to the point where they shut off all contact from friends, afraid there was something wrong with them.

I have the idea that this works only when people don't have close friends, who know the secret triggers to snap the person back to themselves and take a good close look at what's going on. If a person has no close friends who really know and love them, and a cult moves in to be that close friend, all non-close friends are going to get shut out...

...Thank gods they didn't get sucked in.
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Perchance to dream, I should hustle my weary ass bedward.

votania has no doubts about my ability to drive, now that she's seen me behind the wheel. My ability to park is still in question.