May 8th, 2003

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Almost two years ago, I made some cherry vodka.

I tried some the other night, after letting it age for a while. I've had sips here and there, and it's been good, but now...

Mmmm. That stuff kicks ass. Lovely and smooth, and very much with the fruit.
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Bad, Good

Little Fayoumis has been having exceptional days lately. He's been good for me, and has been acting completely out for votania and marxdarx.

He did ask for lettuce in his sandwich, today, which is an interesting step. I have marxdarx to thank!

He's grounded from everything until next Thursday. He can't even watch anyone play games.

Today, he did earn his first real money: he helped me do a survey (it was for adult and kid opinion), and since it was $5, he got half.
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Heh. Goth test.

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You are simply goth. You absolutely shriek elegance and you are very comfortable with who you are.

I just wear black, is all. Which was more a reminder to myself of my potentially deadly bent towards depression than a fashion statement, when I started it; now, it suits my style, and it's certainly simpler than matching other colors.
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Keep things cool with m'love.

Do not take on any extra boyfriends.
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Morning. Woke up. Showered. Checked my e-mail. Posting something popular in shadesong_nexus fills the inbox quite well.

Had a very surreal moment or ten when I checked Inanna for my schedule, read room 108, went there, had a completely different class in there, didn't notice, only noticed when the teacher arrived, and had to search around to find my actual class, where there was evidently an exam.


Colors flying, though.

Odd -- I think something along this way happened last tri.

Things are happening in lab now.
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More things:

Sort fabric from all big broken boxes into smaller more easily manipulated boxes. Sort tools and beads and so forth out from fabric.

Clean out storage shed, and put some things in there.

Get Neo set up properly.

Sort and read books.
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So my friend who I refer to as "Skippy" is hanging over my shoulder, as he's in lab and McGuirk is boooooooring. He was wanting yesterday to be allowed to watch if I were getting it on with my Pretty. I snickered at him. I'm fairly sure he's mono; I'd be hitting on him if he were poly. The things that come out of my mouth when I'm working on code. Evidently N% is apt to tell the absolute truth without filtering it.

Evidently Skippy was not aware of all the happy personalities in my head. An introduction to us:
Azz: me, the one that most people interact with on a day-to-day basis.
garnetdagger: the Warrior bitch, who takes names and kicks ass as needed.
N%: The shy programmer. Not good with personal interactions. Her full name remains private, generally; she's insisted that calling her N* is not appropriate, as she prefers % as the multicharacter wildcard rather than *.
Marah: As the name suggests, bitter. ("Cute," Skippy comments.)

Am explaining LJ to him. Have invited him to join if he wishes; I have codes. Mwa-ha-ha. He doesn't have to even keep up his own journal, but having an LJ account will allow him to log in and get e-mail replies to the comments he leaves, and have him have a cool user picture instead of posting anonymously. I'm typing this and he's reading over my shoulder; I'm trying not to talk and interrupt McGuirk, who's holding forth at some length about style sheets. (He doesn't care if he interrupts her: he'll get it on the second or third repetition. Second or third repetition. Repetition.)

He left to go back to class. He's lots of fun. He's a friend of ralmathon.
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I don't curse often.

I don't believe it's good for me to want to visit pain and agony on others in the interests of making them hurt.

I do believe that those who have hurt me should grow and learn, and I am not averse to them suffering pain in the proccess of doing so; I don't wish to take that pain away. (For those I love, I wish it were possible for me to take away the pain of learning, but I can't; I can just try and make sure that they learn as effectively as possible.)

Occasionally, though, I will express myself, and it will be a curse.
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Cats, and raw food

Interesting article.

votania mentioned that feeding cooked food to cats was toxic to them. She'd found some resources suggesting this. I got curious, because I know that the canned cat food that we give them has been cooked, and decided to look it up at some point.

I was spurred to actually do this today because I commented in nalidoll's journal that I was teasing her, because I thought that any diet that was strictly exclusive of something was a bit silly; I hold that it should be possible to have a good balance of different types of food, cooked, raw, and so forth. (I think that insisting that all your food be cooked is equally silly, if not sillier. Who wants to cook apples? Or bananas? Or oranges? Or peas?)

The article seems to maintain that there are benefits and disadvantages to both raw and cooked foods, and moderation is the key. That's my position as well.

Furthermore, the cats in the Pottenger study look to have been suffering from a taurine deficiency, which produces all of the effects of the ills that the cats fed with cooked food were suffering. This was before people knew how crucial taurine was to cats. shammash and eris_raven are doing well with their cooked canned cat food... I don't see the problem with giving my Eris, at least, cooked scraps of meat (and rice, if she really wants it).
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After a pointless afternoon at home, I headed out to the plasma place. Finished a book while there; need to also log the kitten from beforehand.

Came back. Marx was home. LF had been good. We put him to bed with little trouble.

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Men, taken

yaksha42 feels far too taken anymore.

He's very clearly Someone Else's Man, and the Someone Else isn't very poly.

Never mind that this may take years to develop, if ever -- but I feel it. I'm probably the only one who does feel it. But I do.