May 10th, 2003

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Ha, ha.

The way to effectively to go bed is not involving the cat, where she noses the blinds, with the lightsaber gets tapped, goes and whines by the door while scratching the carpet, and finally gets hissed at extensively and tossed OUT.
running, bomb tech

Giant Boogers/Cabbage Armpits

foxtrot_feed is a lot of fun. Today's episode: brussels sprouts. "Giant boogers are the best!"

Mama served brussels sprouts. Narcissa and I ate them, when they were served. I can't remember if FatherSir ate them or not. I do remember that he did call them "cabbage armpits", because they looked like little cabbages, or something that you'd find in a cabbage's armpit... or it was something about how they grew. I think Mama grew them in the garden a few times.
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As if I didn't have enough already, I added vidicon, in this case because of good presence in the journal of rainstorm13, though it seems that he's another inhabitant of the Nexus.
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Got it bad.

You know you've got it bad when you sleepily contemplate that "'Til death do us part" would be a bad choice, as it would be shortening your association with them.

Blondie moments

Called. 9:30, and he was already at work. Guess who got called in early today?

My poor love.
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Leave a message at the beep...

redshoeson, I'll probably be free sometime this evening if you want to do something. I'm headed out for a few hours. Phone number's area code is 602. Still don't have your cell number.

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Hey, [votania's_real_name - last_two_letters], yo momma called...

I'm so incredibly happy that Grandma has started addressing votania by the name that the gods decreed was a good idea, rather than the name that was tagged upon her at birth by a mother whose sensitivity to her kids has historically been indifferent at best until the past few years.

That being said, the lady called. And given that votania is out doing arcane things to the Chronos/Red/Enki patchwork monsterbox with Chonch's wife, she wasn't in to take the call.

Grandma will be calling back.
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Ahh. (Crossposted to boredmage)

There are few sounds more satisfying than that of glass shattering.

Especially when you're the one doing the shattering, with a nice big hammer, and the glass in question is from the seven-day candle involved in a particularly juicy rite.
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Um. Right.

WHY would I want to see a "gorgeous megaslut"... and that is not the first time in her life she's masturbated. Good gods.

In other news, would doll, dolli, dotty, debbie, dana, diana, diane, and ALL YOU OTHER ASSHOLES stop sending me that spam with all the random gibberish after the sexy bit in the subject line? I swear, I must have gotten 20 messages from your camguzzling company alone.
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Isn't it just when you need, desperately, some time to relax and unwind by your fucking self when everything hits?

The phone rings.

The phone rings.

I get what feels like 20 instant messages.

Everybody comes home while I'm on the phone with one of the few people I do want to talk to, making her hang up.

I knock books over.

I need an orgasm and sleep so badly that I'm about to cry.

I've been trying to get both since 7, and have gotten neither.
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Called. Talked for a few minutes. He got to decompress at me a little. He says try and talk Tuesday.

I shall.

Ten hours. Oh, my poor love.
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LJ name meme (courtesy shywickedpixie, who started it)

sionainn asks:

1. What does your LJ nickname mean? (Or, if it's a word or phrase, what does it mean to you?)

Azure Lunatic. Blue, crazy. It represents the integration of all my selves together, my empowerment through my mental organization, and it's just a cool name.

2. How did you choose this name to represent you?

There was this random punk band name generator. This became a Vampire: the Masquerade LARP character, a Malkavian. She became a multiple. Then we merged.

3. Why does it "fit" you?

I'm more Malkavian than most people I know. I like the color blue. I like the moon.

4. (optional) What other online nicks do you have now or have had in the past?

shadow rose and silenceshadow. Also, briefly, starrose. And I was Scullys_cellphone in the X-files chat where I used to hang out.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew


...I've been formally wished Happy Mother's Day, by shadesong.

...that means a lot to me. He's not mine biologically, he's not mine legally, and I won't always be here for him, but ... I've spent two years so far with Little Fayoumis, and he's grown up strong and tall and healthy and happy... and yes, a holy terror, but aren't most boys? I think he's better than most.

But then, he's ours.