May 15th, 2003

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A general "Welcome to the insanity" to all newcomers, and hello to lurkers. Feel free to comment & so forth. I'm having one of *those* weeks, so... hehe.
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You know what's sad?

I was so boggled by the duck penis that I failed to notice that it was discovered.... home.

UAF is *home*. ...Whenever Fairbanks makes the news, I get somewhat sniffly. That's where my father used to work. That's where I used to hang out. Hell, that's where I let Shawn borrow my virginity. (He promptly lost it.) ...Home.

...The home of 42.5 cm duck penii, too, evidently.
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Administrative: (just so I can keep track of things!)

Farewell, kingchiron, retch, raven.

Hello to : faecat, jeni, kyoki_tenchi, fiddle_dragon, chiara607, kestral_laveau, powerhand, faelad. Quite the crowd. I know that some of you have showed up from the mass pimping effort over at 'Song's; I'll eventually wind up looking up what exactly we do have in common. For now, a slightly-frazzled "Hi!" and show of disclaimers.

High-volume. My entertainment and records, and incidentally the enlightenment/amusement of passers-by. Communication with friends. Nonstandard unrequited-love situations. Geekage and magic. The usual. High-volume friends list as well, so I may not add back, and may well do some pruning. If I do prune, or don't add back, there's not much other than heavy candlegeeking that gets regularly friends-locked, and that's just so the repeated spammish candle-magic posts don't clog up pages too badly.
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N%'s an introverted concrete thinker. I think. Odd.
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Ooooh, happy dizzy fun.

Working on webpage at school. Not my darkbright page, but my Actual DeVry Web Student Webpage (URL not available except to people who should know my full name & full IRL contact info). Nice and dizzy. Am spiffing up page with .css and happy tables for prettiness.
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Day so far:

Woke up. Got dressed. Did household stuff. Wandered to school. Worked on web page (lab 9).

Got dizzy. Finished, as much as it's going to be. Things were broken, but it was *almost* up to spec.

Came home. Fed cats, cleaned litter box in my bathroom.

Must eat, then go forth and bleed.
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Fic. Gods. Kill me now?

Challenge: Josh: Okay, maybe the question should be: is anything not a metaphor for fucking?
Cassie: Being in a coma, maybe?
Josh: Okay, I can see that.
Josh: Maybe being in a coma. I once proposed in Armchair that someone should write comatose!Harry/comatose!Draco, but no one took me up on it.

Title: (untitled)
Author name: azurelunatic
Category: Romance
Sub Category: Just Plain Wrong, hurt/comfort, PWP
Keywords: Harry, Draco, coma
WARNINGS: non-consensual (unconsciousness), underage (implied), slash
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Pairings: Harry/comatose!Draco, Draco/comatose!Harry
Summary: After a particularly nasty Quidditch game, goings-on in the infirmary.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, nevertheless I play with them if I have a bright idea (or, in most cases, if someone shares an idea that's Just Plain Wrong, and I have to write it). This would never happen in the official universe. Ever.

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Hello, trillian42, zonereyrie. Friends list is a mess, lab due tomorrow, apartment's a mess.... welcome in. I'll stop by your journals (and all of the rest of you, too) and check you out at some point.

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