May 17th, 2003

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Everything's usually better in the morning, though I'm still a little irked.

I see every reason for me to be irked. I see no reason for me to have had a nice little panic attack. No logical reason relating to the situation, that is. Yes, he's phobic of housework and careless of his responsibilities relating to it, largely because his responsibilities with housework are so loosely defined. Now that he's getting less phobic about it, it's probably time to make the definitions better. But all of those are Known Issues, and he and I have been living together, with those issues known, for quite some time.

And even while the issues are known, they are also not my responsibility. If anyone is going to be delivering an ass-kicking over housework, it is votania.

Nope. I fear that our friend PMS had something to do with this. It's well-documented that I have a loooovely meltdown about something that's been bothering me, the night before Bitchy Witchy Week hits full-force with the bleeding, and I go all bats over it. It's never something that actually doesn't bother me. It's something that bothers me deep-down. I just don't need to react that badly about it.
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Morning, Adam, plasma, and homeless guys smelling of vomit

Woke up. Decided to procrastinate about going out, and therefore read email and LJ until I was done with my breakfast, leaving the house at 8:45, instead of when I'd woken up an hour earlier. The plasma place opens at 8:00.

On my way to the bus stop, I saw the familar body, but unfamiliar stumbling step of none other than our own digitalambience, who was, as he told me, still half drunk. I started to hug him before I noticed his shirt. Fortunately, the barf was mostly on the back and all dried. Suggested that he put his broken glasses in his pocket.

Gave plasma. Crowded. The movies of the day were the last half of Con Air, Batman & Robin, and then they started up with Mortal Kombat: Annihilation right before I left. I finished up Memory and started in on Komarr.

At the bus stop for home, there was a guy, really skinny, rather dirty, looked homeless, passed out on the sidewalk in the shade. I set a pack of gum that I dug up from the bottom of my purse next to him, not having anything more appropriate. Another guy, seeing me, put some money by him, under the gum.

The bus came, and we all got on -- including the homeless guy. He smelled, and was incoherent. When I say "he smelled", this is the smell of Collapse ). The bus was overfull; I was standing propped against the wall up front. He was standing by the driver. My stomach was unhappy; I was fine. He waves the pack of gum around, then chucks it into a corner of the bus (not even aiming for the rather obvious trash can right in front of him). People got off; I sat down.

Then this guy starts with the profanity. The bus driver asks him to not swear, please. (covert eyeroll on my part) He keeps up with it, and he is ejected at the next stop.

The rent-a-cop picks up the pack of gum and hands it to me. "Nice try," he says. The loud woman who's sat down next to me dissects the situation with far more gusto than pity. I make polite conversation on other subjects.

Welcome to Phoenix.
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Tech Support Daze

Some advice, given to a friend, that bears repeating:

"NEVER, NEVER delete something with that many tentacles by just hitting the delete button."

This referred to Internet Explorer on Windows XP.
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Must be that time of year again.

For whatever reason, I like bacon. Now, this does not go over well with the rest of my household, as votania and marxdarx do not do well with pork. As far as I can figure, he just doesn't like it, whereas she actually barfs after eating it.

So, we're a relatively pork-free household. This is generally not a problem for me, as my parents didn't use much pork when I was growing up. The exceptions were the rare instances of salami, pork fried rice, and bacon, and the fairly regular happiness of pepperoni (pizza is good).

There is enough in the way of processed lunch-type sausage meat that excludes pork to make me happy. Pork fried rice is a rare luxury that I indulge myself in (though I do miss making it at home). We have found turkey pepperoni that works for all of us.

Bacon, on the other hand...

I like it. I can live without it. However, when it comes to a choice between have it, or not have it, I tend to have it.

The usual compromise is pre-cooked bacon from Sam's. We get a package of it for about the same amount of money as the same amount of raw. Saves me time, and saves her nausea. Every now and then, someone gets a package of raw bacon and sticks it in the freezer. I usually fry up the whole lot at once, and stick it in a container in the refrigerator, to save her poor nose/stomach.

Dug the package out of the freezer last night. Yum.
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Well, that was interesting.

Big storm, in which I had PMS but bad, votania had sleep-dep, and everybody was roundly terrified and angry, simultaneously.

Yelling, crying, and after that, drawing up of an equitable chore schedule.