May 19th, 2003

running, bomb tech

Had weird dreams.

In scoil, having to count beads in a rosary (how many beads had actually been used, and it was a lot), shaving a cat under water and having to give it mouth-to-mouth until it started breating, at the neighboring college to Redmond and stealing their oranges...
high energy magic

Free Lunch

Today's free lunch came with some other packaging. The Campus Crusade for Christ was having a guest speaker, so I decided to show up. Show the colors and all that. (Black, in case you were wondering. Long pants, long-sleeved shirt. Visible silver star.)

The guest speaker was a former LDS lady, and she spoke on the differences between LDS and Biblical Christianity. I felt moved (in the words of my father's religion) to clarify some of the positions, and thus was order maintained. (There was quite a panel of current LDS students, most of them male, who showed up. En masse.)

All in all, educational.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

You mean... he expects it?

Granted, Darkside and I are good friends. Granted, he knows that not only do I love him, I adore him.

...I have never mentioned to him the fact that I do have more than a few kittens piled up with his name on them. It's something that I secretly suspect he'd ask me to not do if he knew about it.

The idea that Ro tried to hammer through my head is this: he expects it. He knows I like him, He expects that no few kittens will go down in his name.

...I wonder if he has any kittens with my name on them?
running, bomb tech

Silence, happiness.

I'm happy and I'm loved. What else do I need?

...Well, more frequent communication would be nice.
running, bomb tech

My silly Calico.

eris_raven discovered the random half of a purple plastic Ostara egg. She grabbed it, and sat on it.

Reminded her that she should probably be batting it around in this lifetime.

She proceeded to do so.