May 20th, 2003

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Went shopping with votania, for groceries.

Wound up with STUFF. Had checked balance of card, and was therefore able to be affording stuffs.


The Dew is God. 'Specially their new orange shit. I get, and I store in fucking closet, I am so serious.


I've missed shopping with Votania. She offered to marry me. Told her that she'd already said she would. We just have to convince the groom to cooperate.

This is a little slice of forever. I've gotta love it while it lasts.

Picking out corn. Sweet, white corn. Yellow means overripe. Pick 'em long and fat, like cocks.

Got fish for her. She needs it. Checked catfood prices. Giggled about Darkside. I'm still this giggly over him, even though he doesn't want to marry me and have my children. 'Cause I love him. And he cares about me. That's enough.

Started out with a headache. "Is a migraine the one that feels like an ice pick through your forehead?" I inquired casually, hand clapped to forehead, trying not to double over, looking at the world through my non-dominant eye as my dominant eye had kinda gone out.

"Yeah," votania said.

"Well, that's what I have, then," I said cheerily, and we continued shopping.

Then my feet, the bottoms of my feet, started to itch. Evil! Evil! The headache went away. We picked out our ice-cream, looked for milk, cat food, and ketchup. We found pie. We replaced pie with cheesecake after some debate.

It's just such a beautiful, wonderful, delightful, creamy, star-studded evening.
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My furious journal entry at a certain man got lost in the LJ update. Perhaps that's better.

But he WILL be smacked with his errors. Tenfold. And he will bitterly regret them.
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It bothers me when I think I know how something is catagorized, something that affects me, and then I go to look at it, and I find that it has been completely randomized, and I do not know where to find things.

I do not know how to deal with this.

I have issues with things that I consider important getting stored in a way that I have no idea what is.

I have "ownership" issues with photos. If they were taken with my camera, and my film, then I consider them to be at least in part mine. If they get scrambled, jumbled, torn, or even put somewhere that I can't find, I have issues.

It has to do with my fear of memory loss.
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Memories: mnemonic system, Darkside.

Darkside saved something to my mnemonic system, once.

Mentioned it to myself a little bit ago. Linking back.


It doesn't feel quite as odd, now, that he was able to do that, considering the timing. He's very securely threaded through a lot of different areas of my mind, and he's getting to be able to affect them.

There are a lot of things buzzing through my mind right now. Lunch is good, I need to hear some Duran Duran, I want to wire the house to have lots of happy sound, so you can have output from any playback device heard throughout the house... one of those things.

I'm silly.

But it makes more sense for him to have been able to add things to my head at that point, rather than earlier.
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*snerk* d8, d20+

Despite the subject line, this is not a gaming post. I am not a gamer.

I am, however, at least somewhat of a mage, and today, it was recommended to me that I re-do my shields, something that periodically has to be done.

So I did.

The outermost layer of my shields is the exact shape of one of those lovely fluorite crystals. It's the shape that's most popularly known among gamers as a d8.

This is not news to me. I've known that my shields have been this shape pretty much since beginning the LBRP and thinking about it. Those are the corners, and the shape forms itself around that. It's tidy.

Perhaps two years ago, I had a vision. It was a strange shape: a multisided shape, three-dimensional, like a many-sided die, d20 or more. It was connected by a broad tube to a d8.

I wasn't thinking about that vision. I was just focusing on what I was doing, namely reinforcing my own shields. I made sure that the link to Darkside was still functional, then took a "glance" to see what kind of shape his shields were. After all, his and mine interlace...

His shields, the outer layer of which somewhat overlapped with mine, looked like a large, faceted sphere.

Connected to my shields by a large tube, which would be the outer layer of shielding on our link.

Sudden Realization. No. Yes. Oy. Yep, him all along.
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Stood in bed.

Taking sage advice, and betaking myself, and Komarr, bedwards. Mmm. Books.

Also, just received the second Women on Fire book from the author. Good. Inquire with plaidder if interested; check out her website.