May 21st, 2003

loud fayoumis


It is officially Too Hot.

I'm scheming about the anti-heat robe I always start planning at this time of year. Maybe someday I'll actually make it. It goes down to my feet, has long sleeves, is of light white cloth, closes with frogs, and has pockets in which I can put ice packs.

Couldn't sleep last night, it was so hot. Cranked the A/C down to 70 rather than in the 75/77 range, since it's just soooo hooooooooooooot outside.
running, bomb tech

P'reeep. Nap. Dream

Dreamed it was someone-or-other's birthday, and there was something going on about swimming pools, crane flies, and dogs. Oh, and jewels.

But anyway, the party was getting started after we'd barricaded it so the puppies wouldn't get out, and everyone from Fairbanks was starting to show up, and the band had gotten together, and they were playing one of my favorite songs, and I was dashing off to find a drum so I could join in...

...and then I woke up.
running, bomb tech


Washed dishes. The unloading of dishes is not part of my chore list, and so I can feel at least marginally OK about not doing that. The new batch of dishes to be washed are ready for me to load in as soon as the dishwasher becomes unloaded.

The kitchen floor is swept.

Vacuuming is Someone Else's Responsibility today.

The catboxes I'll likely get later tonight.

I may go around the house with the bottle of glasscleaner, as Tuesday and Thursday were swapped out thanks to votania's days off being swapped, and this would put me on glasscleaner duty two days in a row; Wednesday/Friday's a better spread. Still have yet to figure out what all the things that require glasscleaner are.
running, bomb tech


He already knows he can hurt you. He's seen it.

Now, you not only need to tell him where and when he hurts you, but where and when and how he heals you, better than anyone else can.

referring back...
running, bomb tech


Komarr has taken to making me purr. The budding romance is so sweet.
running, bomb tech


Someone, about the right height, just that skinny, paused at the door to the lab. My breath caught.

Of course it wasn't him.