May 22nd, 2003

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Wow. Job.

Kazam! votania sprung it on me. Basically, Chonch's wife needs a web designer. Now.



I guess I'm employed, then.
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I called it love.
Some called it obsession.
Retroactively, I also call it Assignment.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Coming up on the end

Next week is the Little Fayoumis' last week of Kindergarten.


How's he getting to be so big, so fast?

We'll have to work with him on his name and address over the summer. He keeps forgetting the area code, and he can't spit the whole address out in one chunk. The information's there, the retrieval's just hard. I shudder to think how a police officer upon finding him, were he lost, would have to ask him so many bazillion different ways in order to find out where he lived to bring him safely home.

He knows his first name, and his last name. He knows his phone number, and the area code, but won't say them together. He knows the address... but won't say it all in one chunk. Aaaaaaagh, quoth the parents. He's supposed to know this. We've been over it with him. Again. And Again. Just, evidently, not enough. Auuugh.

But he's still a good Little Fayoumis.
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Bad Cat!

Small bathing emergency last night, as eris_raven had helpfully shredded votania's scrubby thing. votania got mine; I took the offending cat-fayoumis this morning, and whapped her on the little pink-and-grey nose with the scrubby thing (more soft than a newspaper!) a few times.

She's off sulking.
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Chakra test

Actually, this more or less backs up what I notice in myself.

Root: under-active (-19%)
Sacral: open (56%)
Navel: open (13%)
Heart: open (44%)
Throat: open (63%)
Third Eye: open (56%)
Crown: open (63%)

Take the Test
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Love Languages (and how it applies to my own relationship)

Ro has an entry.

I reproduce the quoted material that she dug up.

Gary Chapman's theory of the five love languages is as follows: each of us has a "love tank" that needs to be filled. If our love tanks are full, we are happy, fulfilled, and have a positive view of our marriages/spouses. If our love tanks are not full, we feel empty, unhappy, and have a less positive view of our marriages and spouses. Each of us has a primary "language" of love, which we both speak when we give love, and in which we expect to receive love. The five languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Gift Giving, and Physical Touch.

The theory behind these five love languages is, in order to completely fill your spouse's love tank, you need to figure out which language they respond to most, and then begin expressing love to them in that way, even if it isn't your natural inclination to express love that way. When you do this, they will automatically feel much more loved, and they will reciprocate, thus, your marriage will stay much more fulfilling, and you will be able to share love much more effectively.

Citation: The Five Love Languages


Blondie seems to be very much expressing his affections through touch. I noticed this when he was with his girlfriend. This is excellent, as I take affection that way. I seem to also do very well with Quality Time. ...This seems to be one of his blind spots. It would be very nice if someone would grab him by both ears and let him know that one of the best ways to make me know that he cares about me would be to spend time with me, even if we don't have time to do anything. I am not so overwhelmed with the whole gift thing; I like gifts well enough, but the fact of giving me a gift is not going to knock me over and make me go, "Awwwww..." ...unless the gift demonstrates, perfectly, that he knows me to the degree that he does (which the gift of X did). Words... words are good, but words without time and touch do very little. Acts of service... I require that anyone with me is able to take care of themselves, and while it would be mildly pleasing for someone to do the breakfast in bed thing for me, it doesn't make me go "Awww" and feel all warm & snuggly & loved. No. My "I am excellently and thoroughly loved" trigger is when someone proves to me that they know me.
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Nice, nice.

Called Darkside. Talked for almost an hour. Vented about stuff. He was appropriately irritated at the idea that someone should not know me sufficiently to mention that other people less understanding would wish to institutionalize me if I were having little breakdowns like this, in the middle of the breakdown. In fact, he was downright angry. He had the words I needed, and listened relatively quietly while I laid my pain where he could see it.

Talked about his reputation. He was evidently unaware that he is regarded as one of those rare genius-type programmers. He was suitably amused at the idea of me being group leader, while N% was head programmer, in my group.

He hadn't known about my job back home. Shared a few details. As I had been the muffin queen, he said, I surely would have known the muffin man...

He's a sweetie, and a treasure forever. Mentioned that my mother was sending his birthday gift to me, and he cringed. Mentioned that I had asked his mother what would be good to get him for his birthday, and she hadn't the foggiest, as they usually gave him car repairs. He was a little surprised, but then not-surprised. Talked about disappointing holidays, and the consequent development of my wish list. Pointed out that my birthday was the day after his father's, and his birthday was the 22nd, and I really want to see him some time.

Gotta love my Blondie.
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Fridge-cleaning day == pizza night.

So, I was assigned to clean the kitchen. This means refrigerator, as well as stuff. So, clean it I did.

I identified some things that needed to be used: to wit, the shredded mozzerella, the red sauce, and wasn't that turkey pepperoni getting a little elderly? Well, no, but actually it would go well with the other two...

Heh, heh.

This is the sound of me leaving for half an hour or more to go get more mozzerella, as the faux mozzerella that I thought would be good was too dried-out and old.

Good pizza, though.

I made a triple batch and substituted one cup of whole wheat flour for the usual. Mmm.

It kneaded nicely too, today. Yum.
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Ph34r him. He shall be 1337.

Guess who started studying algebra today?

None other than our Little Fayoumis.

He tried to add numbers and sharks, you see.

So we played with this for a while. One shark plus one is one shark and one! One shark plus two sharks and one is three sharks and one!!

One shark plus a shark and an octopus is two sharks and an octopus.


I told him that he was learning a really cool kind of math, and its name was algebra, and furthermore, that he was learning it a lot sooner than I was, since I had started learning it at twelve.

He rocks. He really does.
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The big dark blue candle for the healing of me ran down sometime this morning.
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Seven plagues

We got the shipment of locusts yesterday. I think they were supposed to have been delivered to E's father, but they got all over the general Phoenix area instead.

Hop. Hop. Hop.

All over.

You can't walk three paces down the sidewalk without disturbing at least one, sometimes more. Poor Little Fayoumis is not used to this.