May 23rd, 2003

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Taking Requests

What would you like me to write about?

Respond in comments so I have half a chance of seeing it, as I would actually have to go back and expend *effort* to get the results out of a poll. (Writing, you will note, is not effort.)
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Our network, such as it isn't, was almost taken down by Eris.


Electrical cords.

When the one chews on the other, bad things may happen if someone (i.e., me) does not yell, "CAT! BAD!" at 1:28 in the morning.
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Well, that was interesting.

It's one thing to have a nice combative marriage. It's entirely another thing to have a Serious Problem with it and to expect your friends to step in as mediators at 11:30 at night, with cellphones on two sides of the locked front door.
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Altogether good. Got up, went to class, learned some more things about Javascript.

Prepared my list of things I need to discuss, which is a nice 24k of plain text.

Came home. Got pizza and a nap.

Went and gave plasma. Finished reading My Enemy, My Ally. I love the spirituality in those books. Continued reading Harp of Winds, Maggie Furey. Um... if you're taking my reading as a suggestion list... don't bother with that one. I may or may not get sick of it before I finish reading it; I am moved to find a store taking used books and disposing of it that way. You know how McCaffrey occasionally prompts one to say, "Show, Not Tell!!"? Well, this is a very similar style to McCaffrey's worst. It could be a good yarn with proper treatment, but it's very... um.

Well, I could imagine a troupe of gamers of medium experience with a DM who is high on the bodice-ripping RPing this.

Came home. Learned that I need to go shopping tonight for Dew and other essentials. Yay! 5 for 10, thanks for telling me, Yakky!

Was traumatized by this link from Kas of the SA. Eeek. Not work-safe. Very not work safe. Also, very bad erotica. VERY bad. mctabby might have fun with it, or she might run screaming.

Allergies, sensitivities

Ever since I can remember, I've had this problem with walnuts and bananas. Walnuts and bananas, if the bananas aren't 100% softripeyellow, will take off the inside of my mouth.

I don't know what the exact problem is. I am guessing that it's some chemical in them. Raw broccoli and slightly underripe tomatoes and dark chocolate in large enough amounts will do the same thing. In fact, I took a glance at the list my father had of foods to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, and glared, since that seemed to be composed of entirely foods that could do that to me...

What happens when I eat something that's not quite right, like too many walnuts, or a greenish banana, is that the upper layer of the inside of my mouth peels off, leaving my mouth somewhat sore and raw. This is irritating and painful, but not life-threatening. Nothing swells up, and there are no digestive aftereffects. Just -- raw mouth. No fun.

My father was skeptical of my claims, since it didn't appear to be an allergy or anything. Since I couldn't claim allergy, and since it was so subtle, I started claiming to just not like walnuts and bananas (those being the foods with the greatest effect that way).

One day my father tried to make bread with ground-up walnuts mixed in. He is very good at the making of assorted breads, and was startled when the bread became a soggy, inelastic lump. It should have been sticking to itself. He decided that perhaps my comments about walnuts taking off the inside of my mouth had more merit than just bratty kid-whining.
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Stomachache pending

Made milkshake. Evil. Appx. 1 1/2 cups milk, some random whipped topping (the rest of the container), some caramel topping, and rather a lot of chocolate chocolate-chip ice cream.


I had a rather large glass (with the appropriate milk-friendly capsules). Marx had a smaller one, and it hit him like a hammer composed of caffeine and sugar.

yaksha42 shall be subjected to the rest.