May 25th, 2003

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That was a nice long workday. Darkside only worked ten hours today. I felt him get home on time.

I got there around 1:00 or so, and I worked for quite a bit of the time. Eh, maybe I only got ten hours in.

Felt like longer, though.

N% doesn't get to be introduced.
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My pretty needs a collar.

A studded collar.

And that collar needs *jumpers*.

Also, I know of no overwhelming spiritual reason why someone should have sex with an iguana, nor why I should advise someone so, nor why they would agree with me. Um. Yeah.
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One of those memes.

Fill out, put in comments.

Reason for lj username:
Aim sn:
Reason for aim sn:
Do you enjoy reading my lj:
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about you:
Will you post this in your lj:
If you saw me out in the streets would you say hi:

My answers, generally....

Name: azurelunatic
Age: 22, 23 in a few weeks
Why that name: Ex-nun vampire; former personality.
AIM handle: Same as LJ.
Why? I like having the same online handle. There's one other AzureLunatic online, and they seem to be inactive.
Do I enjoy reading my friends journals: Sure do.
Why: a variety of reasons
Interesting: I lose most of my English when I code.
Weird: In someone else's dream, I advised them to have sex with an iguana for spiritual advantage. (They dreamed it. I didn't.)
A quote: "And how was I supposed to figure out that the iguana was consenting?!?!!?!?!!!"
Will I post this in my LJ? Definitely.
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I know how the jumper's set, because I know who's at the other end of my ribbon cable.
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Much silliness with sithjawa. We talked for over an hour. We are synchronized, again, somehow.

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...probably IDE. ATA is more elegant, using only one jumper, but the one has no jumpers, which would make the joke far too subtle.
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The pale blue one burned out sometime after midnight, around one-ish. Was for appropriate job for m'love.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Fayoumis Lessons

I seem to be the one who owns the words that make the Little Fayoumis behave himself as he's expected to behave. I sent him off to bed last night without a fuss. This, at Chonch's house.

Evidently he still does that thing where he doesn't listen to marxdarx. Often, we say the same things, even close to the same way... and he listens to me.

I have been telling him that it is important for him to listen to Marx the same way he listens to me. (It took me a long time for me to get him to listen like this.)

The trigger this time: playing game, and brushing off something Marx said with, "I need to focus on this!" or something like that. It translated to, "I'm playing this now!" with the expectation that nothing Marx had to say would be as important as getting the game done.

I asked him which was more important, listening to Marx or playing the game. This, he evidently did not hear.

He immediately lost all gaming privelages for the day. Fuss followed, with him starting up the fire engine wail, and he was sent to go sit down in his room until he could calm down. Two minutes of wailing and furious, "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!" later, I shut the door. He continued screaming. A good ten to fifteen minutes. Opened the door, told him he should take a nap now. He jumped, startled, when I intruded; evidently he'd gotten quite into his misery and was happily crying his eyes out. He kept with the crying, a little less enthusiastically, and climbed into bed. Silence followed.

When Marx went in to retrieve something, he sat up and opened his eyes, so he wasn't actually napping. Marx came out; this was followed by reasonable-sounding pleas for adult review of the time-out; Marx was on it. This evidently meant lecture-time.

They came out, and I inadvertently repeated the same lecture, likely with almost the same words. This time, instead of looking everywhere but Marx, Little Fayoumis looked at me and listened. Oy.

Mommy demonstrated what it is like when you don't listen to someone; LF started telling her something, and she turned her face away deliberately the whole time he was talking. That rattled him some. Explained to him that his habit of bringing up totally irrelevant stuff while we were talking about serious stuff was not quite appropriate; that would be like me talking about how pretty the weather was today right after him telling me about someone who had been a meanie at school, instead of me saying that I was sorry someone at school had been a meanie. That seemed to be a relevant example.

Oy. Oyyyyy.

And it's going to be like this until he leaves for college? I feel for Carol.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

TV @ Chonch & Boss's.

LF was watching TV last night, and started to make with the fussy. I could feel that what votania had just said wasn't quite making the impact it needed to; I told him that getting to watch this much TV was something special; if he started making a fuss about it, he was going straight to bed; it was his job to prove that he was being grown-up about the whole affair.

He became much with the quiet and far less with the squirmy. He's used to me meaning exactly what I say, and backing it up, and having good reasons for things, and explaining them where appropriate.

We need to start having him bring his trip-backpack with us when we go to Boss & Chonch's.
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Candles: relationship

The relationship candle burned itself out sometime in the past hour or two. Lots of pink wax left on the sides. Been burning cleaner. The dark blue me-candle of this round was the one the burned the cleanest. The not-for-me job-candle left wax on the sides, but not as clumpy.
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Not a dead iguana. A live, consenting iguana. Though how I could determine that the iguana was consenting is beyond everyone in the waking world.

Not a frozen iguana. Not a lesbian iguana.

I must soon tell the story of Fuzzy and the Iguana on the Airplane.
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I love Darkside for being Darkside. I cannot help but do that, and he knows that, and he cares about me just as fiercely.

I adore my pretty because she's just.... yeah. And she needs hugs. And rope. And I have both. And there is the potential for so incredibly much, there.

I love my water brother, because he is him. Despite it not working out for us.

I would resent any relationship that barred me from exploring the potentials in any one of my friendships, the potentials that could safely go deeper.
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Leftovers, and what to do with them

There's been a jar of maraschino cherry juice in the refrigerator for ages. Still good, of course.

There's been a large bag of frozen strawberries.

Time to make with the refrigerator and freezer cleaning. I combined all the cherry juice and a few of the strawberries in the blender.

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Names (crossposted)

When I was somewhat younger, my father bought a new computer, a fancy, top-of-the-line one. I was so excited when he brought in those big black-and-white-spotted boxes. Some years later, he set up a network, and wondered what he was going to call that computer.

"Guardian!" I said.

He looked at me, curious.

"Well, in The City on the Edge of Forever, the Guardian of Forever says, 'Let me be your gateway'..."