May 29th, 2003

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Gemini Horoscope for week of May 29, 2003

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
When the bearded dragon lizard sits upright and cocks its head towards the heavens, Australian Aborigines know that rain will fall the next day. And when massive buds appear on the queen wattle plants, even the youngest members of the tribe can prophesy with confidence that brushfires will break out soon. I have a different system of signs, just as reliable, that tells me how to read your moods and trends, Gemini. For instance, last night I dreamed my oldest Gemini friend told me, "The bee fertilizes the flower it robs." Because I have had the very same dream other times over the years, usually late in the month of May, I have come to understand its predictive meaning: Many Geminis all over the world will soon commit a benevolent "theft."

Cancer Horoscope for week of May 29, 2003

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Soon the planet Saturn will enter the sign of Cancer, where it will remain until July of 2005. During that time you will have excellent opportunities to become more skilled in finishing what you start. You'll find it easier to calm your restless heart and commit yourself to a single choice out of the hundreds of options that interest you. Say goodbye to mediocre pleasures and misaligned priorities, my fellow Crab! In the next two years, you will attract unexpected help any time you stop fiddling around on the peripheries and head straight to the core of the matter. Best of all, you'll finally figure out beyond a doubt where you truly belong -- as opposed to being half-sure of where you sort of belong.
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Bees with itches, tragedy & crisis, and so forth. Who gives a flip? I got to talk with my Darkside for three minutes.

I'll call back in two hours, as he'll be done with lunch by then. :-P
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I've noticed, with some people who have been abused in the past, that their "Get the hell away from me" "This is Not Good" triggers are hypersensitive, and things that a "normal" person wouldn't pick up on set them off.

Some people dismiss this as overreacting.

I'm wondering if some people's senses aren't undersensitive, underdeveloped, and things that would be screaming out warning signals to anyone who knew what was happening just don't get noticed. Some people escape without realizing what a close call they had. Some people don't.
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Reading A Civil Campaign again.

I noted, a while ago, that it seems to follow the idea of marriage in a conservative society, and a woman's role, from a number of different angles. Even though much of the series follows the adventures of men, there are many strong female characters, and this book follows some of them.

Not all of them take the traditional paths that are typically open to Barrayaran women.

Word of caution: while a comedy, it is also a romantic comedy. Yes, the dinner party did leave me stuffing my wrist in my mouth lest I disturb the rest of the household too badly. (My first read-through woke up my father, who was Most Mispleased. I still laugh, five years later.) My first readthrough of the ending, while it is a happy ending, wound up with me almost in too much agony to cry. I don't recommend this book for anyone who's just suffered massive romantic betrayal.


Out of context (and out of order) references do not count as spoiler. Very much.

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Forgot to filter something, so everyone just reload, mkay?
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Happy Loony

Spent 128 minutes on the phone with Darkside. Most of this was him reading the highlights from one of the gaming bulletin boards that he lurks on to me over the phone.

Was delighted to hear his warm voice, and especially delighted to hear him happy.

Read him the sonnet. He made no comment. I don't know if it even registered with him that I must have written it.

He's not sure what my chances on seeing a movie with him any time soon is. It depends on how things work out, jobwise. (hope hope hope)...

I love him.

He's so warm...

I don't think it really registers with him how long he spends on the phone with me until he's reminded of it. His mother came home at the end of our conversation, and started chewing him up one side and down the other about still being in his pajamas. I teased him.

I now suppose I am seeing the side of her that votania got to see directed at her. Odd: she's always been very sweet to me.
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Chatted with Dawn for an hour. She'd said that she'd call me back sixish; sixish, I was still on the phone with Darkside. I checked the caller ID, and called her back after I was done. He's a lot more elusive than she is; she understands.
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Name change

A while ago, I switched my LJ name to "The light in my eyes is the light at your heart". Now I'm swapping it out again.

This new one, "A Metaphor Gone Metastatic" is actually no relation to metaphorge. Geekpoints to those who can name the reference.