May 30th, 2003

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Woke up. Went to class: Web. Listened to McGuirk lecture, and had separate thoughts, which I took down in my blue fuzzy journal.

Picked up the Little Fayoumis from yaksha42, and took him with me to the computer lab, where we commenced the Forms test.

I am, quite clearly, a slacker. I hadn't looked at the Forms stuff until that day. Managed to ace the test in less time than it took most to finish it. The major sticking-point was the mouse, which refused to select properly. McGuirk and I both cussed at it a bit, I more vocally than she.

I'm good like that.

After that, we went out in the courtyard, where this guy was doing wax hands. I duly dipped my hand in ice water for fifteen seconds, and eight times in the wax. Then the guy shimmied the wax off my Vulcan-hand, and chilled it into position, and waxed it blue. I went around again and got my hand done in the Spiderman web-slinging position, for the Little Fayoumis. He wore that home happily. Meanwhile, my Vulcan hand had gotten more than somewhat melty.

It was a fun thing, though.

votania worked today, and marxdarx had class. Little Fayoumis and I chilled around the house. I called Darkside, and wound up talking for two hours.

After marxdarx and votania came home, they had discussion of whether or not to go out and see The Matrix: Reloaded or not. It turned out to be not, as they were both too tired and too stressed. Suggested the alternative of hot tub, which they jumped on. marxdarx had downloaded Donnie Darko for me, which would have been a good movie choice for at home.

While they were in the hot tub, I decided it was Burger Night, and snagged the roll of hamburger out of the bottom of the refrigerator. Mmmm. Shooed the cats into the west bedroom, opened the back door, front door, and my window, turned off the chiller, and lit far too many sticks of lotus incense. Proceeded to make burgers (3 lbs 80/20 hamburger, 1 packet onion dip/soup mix, some parsley, an egg, and a little garlic salt, and a dash of pepper) and fry up the bacon (this being the reason for the heavy airing of the house).

It's wonderful to have the wind blowing through the house. While the censer is not very useful for the intended function, it still makes a great place to shove burning sticks of incense, thus making function adhere to form after all. We got rather too much of a lemon batch of lotus boquet incense, and so I like to leave a bazillion sticks of that in there. This time, all the sticks were good, and burned up quickly in the high wind zipping through the house.

The soggy wonder children returned, following their noses. Evidently it's that time of the year when votania does have a certain small amount of pork, for the bacon smelled good to her. While they were showering, I slipped out to restock on certain key hamburger elements such as tomatoes and Jewish Rye.
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The LJ guys tend to think I'm cute.

Even some of the LJ chicks think I'm cute.

Why, then, does that stubborn fool Darkside not???
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I am picking up the feeling that it's the N%/Marah combo who took most of the damage.

N%'s still very brittle. She's coming out of hiding from where she went when she was ...

...damaged by Shawn.


She was just coming out, just taking that high school programming class, that C++ class summer in college.

And she curled up and went back in. She broke.
high energy magic

Good vs. Evil: my views

There's definitely such a thing as confused, and less confused, and varyingly joyous and furious in service of beliefs. I'm fairly sure it was from my science fiction reading that I came across the idea that it was best to have a good understanding of things; that people commonly labeled as Bad Guys were often really really screwed up.

It's interesting to watch Good Guys vs. Bad Guys movies (the latest movie like that I saw was Batman & Robin) and take note of what things were considered important by which side.


Darkside was reading to me some highlights from one of the boards he lurks on. At one particular one, even though I'm not a gamer, I giggled delightedly, and said, "I want to do that!"

"I'm not that good," he said, almost whining.

"I don't care how good you are," I returned fiercely. "I just want to spend time with you."


(He greets a lot of these things with silence.)
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There must be an unseen fifth: the 'I' that directs all this. Because whoever's doing it, it's still 'I', while I'm doing it. The integrator?

We're fine as a multiplicity. Safest that way, for now.
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Woke. Decided against that course of action. Corrected it. Dreamed vague foggy things that made sense at the time. Woke. Explained to marxdarx that my purse hung on the inside of the doorknob made it counterfeit as locked.

Took a leisurely read of my friends page and several fics. Went to the ATM to retrieve the remainder of rent.


Am beglittered, belipsticked, and ready to meet the day when marxdarx returns from dropping off rent.

Burgers are still good in the morning.
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Computer in the office was down. Instead of writing a manual receipt, the officechick (not sure which one) Xeroxed the money and initialed each page.


The bizarre ways one has of making a day brighter.
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A delicious treat for the whole family (well, the ones who can take sugar)

A large number of frozen babies' hearts
A liberal amount of sugar
Some cherry lemon-lime soda (cherry 7up works)


Strawberries, duh.
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Fatalistic bitching

What's the point of a system like the whiteboard system if people don't even look at it?

He didn't vacuum Wednesday. The Little Fayoumis, happily, got quite a bit of the living room before his arm strength gave out.

He didn't vacuum today.


What are the odds no one will be available for a family meeting tonight?
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After far too much time spent doing little or nothing, went to give plasma. Their printer was down for a bit. Read more of A Civil Campaign. They were playing Mortal Kombat, and then another one in the series. I have a dreadful time sitting still for that.

Didn't hit the bank or the bookstore. For shame, loony. Came home and had a nice thick burger, left-over. Yum. Must do things with contents of refrigerator.

Was disappointed last night to see bowls with a substantial amount of uneaten Knee Deep In Chocolate ice cream in them in the sink. That stuff's special, and really ought not to be wasted.

Made strawberry goop. Is good. There's a rather large pitcher of it in the refrigerator.

Am feeling lightly blue, and again like I'm the only one doing housework. 's just that... yeah. I'm trying to let there be things for others to do, but... oy.


Much with the unhappy Lunatic.

I did clean the catboxes, sweep the kitchen floor, and deploy the window-washing fluid. Next up: dishes, now that it sounds like marxdarx has cleared out the dishwasher.
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