June 5th, 2003

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Poly silliness...

Telling someone you have to break up with them, 'cause they just lost their Primary, and you refuse to be put in a position where you might accidentally turn into someone's Primary: you can't stand to be a one-and-only.
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When geeks dream... (crossposted)

This is the first time I've seen *that* symbolism, in all the dreams-of-other-people that I've analyzed.

Specifically, something standing, in a dream, for a firewall (and probably other security software) on a network.

I mean. There was this zombie worm, and then it kept getting bigger, and our protagonist was getting very worried about it. Our protagonist tried to isolate it, and called for backup. The backup calling everybody around over to her so she could pull out her CD player, put headphones on all of them (she had an audio splitter), and have them listen to the CD. It was evidently a very powerful shielding spell on the CD.

A worm, a network, and a shield-on-a-CD -- a firewall.
Dreams are pretty cool.
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To go to bed, perchance to FUCKING SLEEP!!!!

Crashed out around 1:30, 2-ish, as my Pretty's phone had done that thing where it cuts out after perhaps more than two hours of stimulating, amusing and delightful conversation. (Damn batteries/signal/whatever-it-was-this-time!)

Attempted to sleep.

First, the bed was falling apart. Then, it was far too hot. Then, eris_raven and shammash had to declare it Mosh Night, with the intervening door between them declared the target to mosh into. I shooed her out with ill grace. I woke up to the sound of screeching from the living room; evidently she was getting fought with in a way that either did not appeal to her, or appealed to her too much. With cussing and hissing, I shooed her into my room.

There was, then, more moshing, and I let her out, even less happily. Gasping tearless, frantic sobs, I turned on the fan. Why couldn't I sleep? Why were they not letting me? This was horrible!

And, of course, I fell asleep, only to be awakened at an unseemly hour by someone with a jackhammer, right outside my window.

This had to have been 7:00.

I looked.

Sure enough, a fucking jackhammer. Removing a lamp post. Right outside my window.


I went back to sleep despite the noise.

When the phone rang two hours later, that was just the icing, and the little cherry-with-coconut-sprinkles on that was the fact that there was no one at the other end, and it was unknown name/number on the caller ID...
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It's really really interesting. (Words, multiples.)

I'm the one with all the words. Sometimes, though, something just has to be said with the words that are there, the ones that may not necessarily be the right or beautiful ones.

I'm the wordsmith.

garnetdagger doesn't care what words she uses as long as they get the job done.

N% doesn't use much in the way of words. Mostly, I think, because of that interesting feedback effect between FatherSir, Shawn, and the way a classful of people less brilliant Not Getting It can make you feel and sound really fucking stupid.
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Housecleaning Day

votania, having been awake far longer than I have, is busily Cleaning House. Things are being torn apart, disrupted, and generally happy for all.

I now have a riding crop (not for horses), and there is a belt that may be making a new appearance as a fashion statement on a certain young gentleman of the extraordinary variety.


Called Darkside. I guess the first time I called he must have been asleep. Calling him in the late afternoon/early evening seems to work. We chatted for a while. I told him a bit about the silly sidekicks thing going on. He was tolerably amused, and we discussed that. N% decided that she wanted him as her sidekick. Told him that in the context, he was my best friend and working partner.

We discussed sidekick uniforms. We discussed music. We discussed how I seem to think he is, and he seems to think he isn't, seducing me into gaming. (He says he's no good at seduction.)

We talked about books. He recommended a few.

Dragonlance Chronicles:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Winter Night

Dragons of Spring Dawning

The Legends Trilogy:

The Time of the Twins

War of the Twins

Test of the Twins

He's a sweetheart. We kidded around. He does prefer it when I say "buffer error" to "I love you"; he's not comfortable hearing those words. We talked for 132 minutes. It surprises him that he can spend this much time on the phone with anyone.

"I'm afraid I'll have to cut this short." "I think it's a little too late for that."

He's wonderful. And he's ... my best friend.
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Two half-asleep geeks should not be talking to each other.

So you get this old Mac, right, and you figure that what they hey, you'll have it run Linux. Now, this is not much of a machine, and you can only do a very few things at a time, only have a few things installed. But you can get online with it, and while you can't do much there, you can collect your e-mail and read it text-only.

What do you have?

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Peace, warmth, comfort.

Darkside's sounding happier lately. I didn't have to coax him into merriment. I haven't the foggiest what-all we talked about those two hours. I just know that we were spending time together, and it delighted me.

We talked about books, movies, music. We played word games. I turned the tables on him and shot back some of his own usual jokes at him. Let him know that the reason I put up with him summarizing movies at him is because I love him.

We're a good team. Let him know the eclectic force driving the Sidekick Gathering Meme, locally. Discussed the likelihood of getting him into a white suit (not likely at all), and dressing up like the Twins (he hates dreadlocks). Teased him about his work uniform.

I love him.

He was still in his pajamas and on the phone when his mom got home. Again. I said hi. "Hi, Darkside's mom!" "Is that Joanie?"


Talked about how my parents do like him. Compared him to some of my last friends/loves, with favorable results. River's the one that they really liked. They're quietly in favor of Darkside. They don't know him, but he sounds nice, and that's said with the warmth that means that they like him, and they're probably judging that from the way I glow.

votania came in a few times while I was on the phone. I wasn't very responsive, as I was focused on m'love.

*happysigh* Love him.

His net connection's been down for two days. Gave him the lecture, with full name, that he COULD come over here, y'know...

Silly man.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Bobbit, blender.

Today the subject of BJ came up. I mentioned that day at the little magic store. BJ came away from that encounter believing that Darkside was at least a few inches taller than BJ's own 6'2".

Darkside is a slight and slender 5'7".

I told him this today, outright, and he laughed, sunnily amused. How odd. He had just been acting normal that day, too...

Later, the topic of what my parents thought of various of my friends came up. My parents had put up with BJ, somewhat dubiously, because he evidently made me happy, at that point. Somehow, the idea of me speaking to BJ again came up, and I was somewhat firm about not liking the idea.

"Maybe you could Bobbitize him," Darkside suggested. After confirming that yes, that was what he'd actually said, I gleefully agreed, and suggested involving a blender. Darkside approved of this refinement. "So they couldn't sew it back on," he said, with anticipatory schadenfreude.

Beg pardon if I'm wrong, but... don't men usually wince at the thought of someone's privates getting mangled? Even the privates of an enemy?
rainstorm13 commented, "I'd definitely never expect that out of a man. Maybe a wincing reluctant agreement after you laid out your case for it, but never for one to volunteer the idea." Which was about what I'd thought.

This is definitely... odd.
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Donnie Darko

No spoilers yet.

votania and marxdarx just watched that, and she is all tripped out.

I haven't seen it yet.

I'm glad to have been a small force of change.