June 6th, 2003

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Admin (been a long time)

Hello to gaelfling, by any other name. Glad I could be of service, Sir -- don't forget to re-apply for any filters you want into.

Hello and goodbye to laughafterwords, the poetry journal that blipped in and out within what must have been half an hour or something.

Hello to snowgrouse, an old Sith Academy person who finally noticed me on her friends list. *waves* Not to be blaming her for not spending much time around LJ or anything, no...

Hello to wibbble, fiancé of the one and only E.

Hello to chickwithwings, chown_me, and madvenu, all names I'm not familiar with. Hi?

For those of you I'm adding back, feel free to sign up for any of the opt-in filters (that is to say, BDSM and Witchy/magicgeeking). These filters are for the comfort of my readers, lest I accidentally expose tender eyes to something they'd just as rather not see.

I am a high-volume journal, as I babble. This journal is for me, first and primarily, and only incidentally left public so that others may be amused/enlightened, but feel free to leave notes, even if I don't friend you back immediately. My reading-list is up to 200 now, and it's a zoo. So... yeah.

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Miles bloody Vorkosigan has more sense than to raise a giant spider.
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Crafts update

Working on rag rug. So far, have a yarmulke-sized circle, and some more braid to sew up.

I think I'm going to like these, though my finger is sore. I need to get some nipple armor.
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Running gags include "Shrimp on a barbie" (Shrimpy, the seafood, a grill, and the doll), the time when A.K. hit Shrimpy over the head, and the fact that Shrimpy's given name and Darkside's are one and the same.

Put all together, this can provide for hours of evil giggling amusement between me and Darkside, especially when votania has threatened to take a doll, light her on fire, and roast a skewered shrimp over the flames.

Also, the mental image of Shrimpy (or Professor the Take-it-apart-and-put-it-together-again Guru) clad only in a silver G-string and a Santa hat is traumatizing. I suggested the latter to m'love; he countered with the former. Scary! (Sheldon. The name is Sheldon.)

...Darkside and I have intensely fractal conversations, each part unfolding into more and more minute spirals, with hooks left for further developments in unexplored sections.
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Well, the preliminary phase of my cross design is done. I worked out what the knot needs to look like. There should be four knots, actually, one for each arm. Not complex ones, simple ones, to match my pentacle.
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Peeves (things I have generally managed to avoid)

The one thing that I could not stand when I was a kid was parents lying to their kids. I was not, as a rule, lied to. I was told an age-appropriate truth, always with the knowledge that it was not the complete truth, and I would learn more about things as I got older.

My parents tried the tooth fairy thing, and it worked -- until my mother gave me a quarter she had found lying on the floor. It was my quarter, and there was a spot on it so I knew it was mine, and the tooth fairy had given me my own quarter.

I angrily confronted my mother (I was five or younger at this point) and she admitted that yes, she was the tooth fairy, and that there was no physical little fairy that came around and did the tooth thing. I was mad at her for lying to me.

It's one thing to tell a kid that the stove is dangerous and they should not touch it until they are trained in its proper use. It is another thing to tell a kid that the stove has a monster that will hurt them if they go near it.

It may be frustrating as all get-out to tell a kid that they can't understand some of these things yet. Better that a kid be frustrated and try to learn more than intimidated or scared by a deliberately flawed understanding of how the world works.
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In light of some recent familial difficulties that some of our readers have had...

...I present a charming story from votania's youth.

Now, votania's parents have another daughter, That Woman. And at a certain phase in That Woman's youth, she found it pleasant to join a social group of the stereotypical White-Supremacist skinhead bigot assholes.

votania noticed, and then cheerfully reminded That Woman of their mutual Cherokee heritage, in front of said asshats.

votania, being as she could run faster and had the head start, escaped getting beaten up.
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Interview questions from rainstorm13

(If anybody wants to interview me, please leave questions.)

1. What started you on your spiritual path?

I'm fairly sure I've always used magic, in one form or another. I remember Narcissa making charms to talk to the fairies with me. But my spiritual path... it began when I took the Wizard's Oath when I was a teenager, after reading it and determining that yes, I was willing to do that. After that, the next big step was the first time I was called upon to Tell Truths to someone -- someone I'd barely even met. He was just a teensy bit freaked.

2. You mentioned once looking back at how things had unfolded, and being able to see how, even if you'd made different choices along the way, you'd still have ended up where you were now. Tell me about one of those alternate paths.

The most obvious one was where I went to DeVry right out of high school. The more I look back on it, the more certain I am that the path I actually did take was a second choice. I wouldn't unlearn any of the things I did by going this way, but next time, I might go the other way. But, I went, in this alternate path, to DeVry right out of high school, and started in the EET program. That got boring, and I switched over to CIS. I met this gamer guy who was a mage too. After a while, another mage showed up at school, and since my roommate had probably graduated, either that or I was tired of living alone, she and I (and her son) moved in together.

3. When did you first know you were multiple? How did the others first manifest?

I first knew I was multiple back in the 7th or 8th grade, very slightly, because I noticed that I reacted slightly differently in different situations. The first major manifestation was when Shanna and I started writing notes back and forth in my journal. Interesting, how our handwriting was different.

4. What do you miss most about Alaska? What major differences do you notice between there and other places you've been?

Alaska's so cool and so quiet. I have a hard time falling asleep here, it's so hot. I miss the weather. I'm like Darkside, and I want to go dance in the rain. Alaska is so small and quiet, people-wise, and so huge, landwise. It's not all jammed together like here. (And I am assured that out west, things are less jampacked than in the East.) Alaska's definitely drier than Texas. When I went through the Dallas airport on the way here from home, I loved the warm soft air. I never notice dry air in airplanes, because that's how home is.

5. What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

"Don't be sorry for being human." ...Someone who cares about and loves me very much told me that, and it's been one of the things keeping me sane. I'm human. I'm loved. I'm flawed. I shouldn't let go of all the things that are wonderful about me to remove the flaws.
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Doing some small trimming friends list. Not hating people, not being mad at... just not reading.

Feel free to leave or delete at your pleasure.

[Edit: should read: "Feel free to leave or remain at your pleasure."]