June 9th, 2003

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More housework

Went shopping with votania. Dew was on sale. Stocked up. We now have 96 cans of Dew. Hopefully this will last marxdarx the summer with school and all.

Dishes, again. Yay dishes.

Am cooking burgers. Am good at that.

Evidently my chili was the kind that votania can make into burritos, rather than having chili-style. She appreciates that. Evidently it's difficult to find chili that she actually likes. I have managed to make some. I am therefore a minor culinary god, at least in my own eyes.
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Polyamory, and how my mom's choice in kids' music inadvertently programmed me poly

Tagged for your protection.

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I was raised on Raffi. There are two songs that were instrumental in forming my views of relationships.

"When your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends, the more we get together, the happier we'll be."

This told me that it was a good idea to try and be friends with everybody. Not just everyone I knew, but if my friends had friends, I should get to know them too, to see if there was anyone who could be my friend, and I should introduce my friends to my other friends, to see if they would get along. Then we could all be happy, because the more good friends we have, the happier we could be! Then we could all have someone to play with!

This played out quite handily in high school. I was the bridge between an interesting different number of social groups. I was friends with the little computer geeks, being one of them. I was friends with the art people. I was friends with some of my little sister's music and drama people. I was friends with the freak/weirdo contingent. I was the only female who would talk to the gamer/anime guys. Eventually, a lot of the groups did meld together into a new, improved version of the Library Monkeys, under Shawn's not-so-wise leadership, and my babysitting.

The second set of significant lyrics: "It's mine, but you can have some. With you I'd like to share it. 'Cause if I share it with you, you'll have some too!"

Examples were given in the song. A book, a block, a treat -- sharing all of these things made everyone happier! If you shared, you could play nicely, instead of fighting about something.

I put them together in my head. I noticed how other kids got grabby about their friends -- "She's my friend, not your friend. She was my friend first, so nyah-nyah!" -- and decided that you were supposed to share your friends too, not just your toys and your books and your desserts.

When I became interested in the appropriate sex, I inherited that class from "friend". A boy you were in love with was just like a friend, I decided, only you wanted to marry him and live with him and sleep in a big bed with him and have kids with him and work on pottery and quilts while he went to work.

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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Not squashing (crossposted to holyterrors)

It's hard, sometimes, when you've got a kid strong-willed enough to be an utter brat, to remember that you're trying to train them to be a good grown-up later.

Because sometimes you wish they'd shut up and quit being the worst of Gryffindor & Slytherin put together, and be a nice biddable Hufflepuff.

But you don't want to break them... you just want some peace and quiet every now and then.
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For the record:

Darkside is not "my Pretty". Darkside is "m'love", "my love", "my beloved", "my best friend", and "Blondie". Collapse )
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Blondie schedule

Friend of family showing up Wednesday afternoon.
Car repairs Thursday. (Fun.)
Has put in for some time off on Sunday, and has half-brewed Evil Plans (but has refused to tell me what they are, as that amuses him).
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'Song is right: quirks are good.

grrwoo loves her for the quirks, rather than in spite of them.

I suppose another woman might think that Darkside's penchant for wordplay was something to love him in spite of. I suppose that another man might think the same for me.

I'm glad he and I have found each other.

Also: I am a Dire Bat. Really.
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The Little Fayoumis has come up with a word: Nooshish (or Naulshish) which means an amazing variety of different things. I think it's an all-purpose "good" word. This time it meant "yummy", but he said that sometimes it means other things.
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There are inhuman intelligences with numerous nostril-nodes patrolling the premises, particularly my purchases.

...that is to say, the cats are sniffing everything.
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Books to get

Dragonlance Chronicles:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Winter Night

Dragons of Spring Dawning

The Legends Trilogy:

The Time of the Twins

War of the Twins

Test of the Twins