June 11th, 2003

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"Darkside is probably not evilest man in world. If he said so, he would probably be sued by ghost of Crowley." --sithjawa
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Happy fun

Was brewing a candle when the phone rang. It was sithjawa, which was actually rather appropriate. Had a silly conversation, most of which I don't remember, as I was brewing said candle.

I do recall that, upon my comment, "That's a big-ass candle!" there was debate.

When I say, "big-ass candle", this means that the ass of the candle is to be interpreted as big, rather than said candle being an overly-large candle intended for the ass.

(Commentary: is ass-candling anything like ear candling?)

I was growing less and less coherent the further the conversation progressed, and, unhappily, the conversation ended with a long silence that makes me suspect Evil Cellphone Demons at play.

Ah well.

TMI Candy!!
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Gemini Horoscope for week of June 12, 2003


Gemini (May 21-June 20)
You're a force of nature barely contained in your clothes, Gemini. You're elemental and irresistible; primordial yet playful. You're laughing like a river, dreaming like a volcano, and as surprising as a snowstorm on a summer day. You can talk the way the animals think. You remind me of a waterfall exuding fireworks. How could anyone not be drawn to you? How could anyone not feel a bit nervous while drinking in your unpredictable charisma? You're way over the top, and I like it very much.

My cup bubbleth over, then. Just maybe not when I'm still asleep like I am now.

Cancer Horoscope for week of June 12, 2003


Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Here's a friendly warning to keep in mind during these last few days of test and trials. It comes courtesy of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." Would you like to avoid the fate he describes, Cancerian? (Say yes! Say yes!) All you have to do is relax with a heroic effort. Release every last ounce of tension and strain. Surrender, slacken, and slow down with a consuming passion for repose. And do not, under any circumstances, try too hard.

Perhaps I should distract someone, then. Be charming with my obnoxious effervescence.
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Born-Again Virgins

There is something that deeply disturbs me about the concept of "reclaiming virginity" for oneself.

It implies that the only reason to not have sex is because you have not had sex before. It implies that once you start having sex, it takes becoming a virgin again to stop it.

It denies the concept of sheer wilful "I'm not going to have sex because I don't want to"; it really denies you a choice in the matter. Born-again virginity is the fallacious reclaiming of a state that should not have been a valid reason to avoid sex in the first place. "I'm not going to have sex because I'm a virgin, really I am," is a cop-out, to my view. How about some "I am not going to have sex because I have chosen not to?"

Just because I have had sex before, it does not mean that I am "easy". Those that I have loved before have generally had to work pretty hard to get some. That is to say, they had to be friendly, interesting, polite, people. They had to behave in such a way that I chose to want to have sex with them. They did not maneuver me into getting some. They did not intimidate me. For the most part, I did not have sex with them because it was expected of me. I had sex when they and I both wanted to. It will take more than hauling out cheap lines to use on me to get some action.

I like sex. I like sex a lot. As I've gotten more experience, my standards have gone up, not down. I am not fond of sex outside the bonds of a relationship, anymore, though I could conceivably change my mind under the correct circumstances. I'd prefer a relationship, though, no matter how tortuous [twisty, not painful] and unconventional. My standards are legend. Do you know Tolkien backwards and forwards? Are you capable of passing a cunnilingus proficiency test? If not, are you willing to train towards one? Are you jealous of my vibrator and dildo collection? If you are, can you truly replace it? Are you going to dislike my best friend? Are you polyamorous enough to accept that he is my Primary, though he and I have never slept together, and you are not? How well can you program? Write? Play an instrument? Paint? Draw? Put together a LAN? Do you like Piers Anthony? If so, are you willing to renounce him and all his works? Are your religion and mine compatible? Do you practice magic? ...and, most importantly, Do I like you? Do I want you?

It comes down to the power of my choice to have sex, or not have sex, in any given situation. I don't wish to give that power over to my virginity, whether original or re-assumed. It is my choice not to have sex with you, or to have sex. Not the ticking of my biological clock, not my virginity or lack thereof. It comes down to me and you.
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Growing up...

Told Little Fayoumis to put on his shoes. Wound up with "lip" about sandals. Told him that when I told him to do something, I expected that he would do it, and not fight with me about doing it.

Yep, the growing pains are starting. Now to just keep him contained and guided until he actually *is* wise enough to decide for himself -- he already gets to decide about which clothes to wear, juice or milk -- but dollar store rubber sandals vs. Arizona sidewalks for a six-year-old are inadvisable at this point.

Old family stories: Locked out of the blue Honda

Back in the day, my parents had to go to town to get groceries and do laundry. FatherSir was driving his blue Honda Civic almost exclusively at this point, as his old GMC Suburban was and is a gas hog, and needed a new engine at that point (which it has since gotten). This must have been before I came along, but after they were together, which puts it in the late 1970's.

FatherSir was doing laundry, and realized he'd locked his keys in the car. He looked around and found a coat-hanger, and did that thing with the window, which had fortunately been left open a slit, and managed to open the door. He was very pleased with himself.

He saw the security risks inherent in leaving the window open even a crack, though, since it had been so easy, and rolled up the window and put the coathanger inside, lest any other would-be unlocking artists get ideas. He pushed down the locking knob, and shut the door.

It was at this point that he realized where he'd put his keys: namely, they were still in the car.

He walked over and got Mama, and she unlocked the car with her keys.

That was when he took to carrying a spare set of keys in a different pocket.
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w00t!! Happy Birthday!!

23 years and approximately 9 months ago, the parents of wibbble did something that everybody found out about 23 years ago on June the 12th.

Happy Birthday, y0!