June 13th, 2003

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new nervous habit --

I used to crack my knuckles.

Now, I seem to crack my wrists absently, without thinking about it. I roll them and snap them sharply back, and am gratified when I hear an actual snapping noise, as I've released the tension and pressure that will kill them.
running, bomb tech


It sometimes becomes necessary to tackle Mr. Cat as he is zooming.

Damn but that thing can rocket about! Lots of muscle in that little feline body. He's getting to be a large, muscular cat, and I should not be surprised when failing to block him hurts.
running, bomb tech

Trust (and when you know that it's all for shit)

When you're engaged, you are going to be marrying someone, and putting your heart and your life together with yours.

This should be the person you trust most, or close to most, in the universe.

When you find that you have first downgraded the priveleges on his account so he doesn't have admin status, and then deleted his account altogether, because you couldn't trust him on your computer...?

The relationship was very soon over, after that.
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Have finished ch. 13 of the latest in the Draco Trilogy.

The dream, linked at the end... that makes me wistful, and teary. Ghosts, the sort that return too late...
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My neck hurts. I'm crashing again until I wake up and am ready to go and do paperwork stuff at school.
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Shower thoughts from the past few days

Y'know, I wonder what I should get my first doctorate in? I'm coming up closer to my first bachelor's degree, and I'm finding that I like the taste of that very much.


I'd like to be one of the first Doctors [Lastname] that were born into the family rather than married in.
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Great things about having the house to myself

When my roommates are all gone, why yes I do wander about naked or mostly-so.

Good for the soul.

Plus, it lets me do things without having to get dressed. I spend so much time not doing things that are productive because those would mean that I have to get dressed. Now I can do things without having to put on clothing! I am happy.
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Evil Plans

Will go to school and print out map.

Then, will hit dollar store for STUFF, including perhaps a vessel for some of my own Strange Brew -- that is to say, The Goddess Brew.

I haven't made any of that in a long time. So much caffiene it's barely even street-legal.
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Got a bulk mail. They provided a phone line for calling if you experienced difficulty in removing your e-mail from their network.

It was a local number (623), so I called, and cheerily left the message, "Spam sucks!"
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Oh, sithjawa...

...I seem to be needing your address. My e-mails a good place to send it. :-P
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Home-again, home-again, jiggity-jig

Printed out maps to machinegirl's, then hit the dollar store. Dish detergent & other things that I thought of as useful were procured, such as a travel mug, and things that will be used for making some of the Goddess Brew.


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Odd phrases:

Does anyone know the origin of the phrase "...went all pear-shaped", or the concept of going "pear-shaped" being the same as getting all interestingly non-good?
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the Goddess Brew

...That is to say, it is Brew who is the Goddess, and she should be treated as such. This is a concoction of mine, a very interesting thing that involves coffee, chocolate, and an interesting progression of flavorings.

It is evil and will make you stay up for, like, two days and stuff. Seriously.

I'm on it right now, and am typing rather too fast for sanity. Fortunately, I am also having something solid to eat, or else I would be in very very fucked-up shape indeed.

Yay for me. I will attempt to seduce easalle and machinegirl into trying this. Hee hee. I'm evil, so very eeeevil!!!!
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(no subject)

Votania is in California safely, and her uncle's ashes will go up at 6:00 am tomorrow.

They're all safe and well.
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Farewell to maryshelley; and also cheshcat, whose friends list I overwhelmed.

Hello to flit_flit, who I don't recognize, and kiwiria and xriss, ditto.

Hello to machinegirl, who I'll be meeting tonight, and therefore shall be adding back, and easalle, who's already added back, as per last night's exploits.

This is a high-volume journal. I no longer automatically friend back, because I make it a point of conduct to read the journals of everyone on my friends list, but if I don't friend you back, feel welcome to stay and interact anyway. For those who I have/will friend back, there are two opt-in filters currently active: BDSM and Witchy, so that the friends list at large does not get material it can't handle and/or spammed with a zillion posts about the latest candle's progress. Stuff relating in detail to polyamory is now, by request, protected by cut-tags; my kittenhate logs are posted friends-locked and labelled, should I ever be able to participate again. <insert steaming frustration here>

Welcome, in short.
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The birds and the bees...

So one of my Alaskan LJ friends posted about finding a yellow jacket in his room. I boggled: why would he be so upset about an admittedly ugly piece of clothing?

Then I realized: duh, yellowjacket. Wasp. Mean wasp. Yow.

I've been away from Alaska too long. Someone else hadn't realized until I'd commented that he'd been talking bee, not blazer. My response: "These are the yellow-and-black-striped variety that will stab you with a mild toxin if you don't appreciate, and avoid, their sartorial statement. "
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New flavorings for the Goddess

In addition to the canonoical licorice, I have added butterscotch, vanilla, cinnamon, and a little clove, for combining well with the coffee, instant tea, and chocolate already present.

I think I'd better stop drinking this shit soon, lest I go all wacky.
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Memorable snippets of e-mail:

calligrafiti (after signing herself "Calli/[realname]): You know, that kinda makes it look like I'm slashing my fandom self with my physical world self.
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