June 16th, 2003

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Those Wacky Ex-Stepdaughters:

aina42 says:
lol, yakky said you were gonna get me a dildo for my birthday? :D
azurelunatic says:
I think Yakky ate dildos for breakfast or something.
aina42 says:
lol, what?!
azurelunatic says:
I don't remember saying anything like that.
azurelunatic says:
Rubber flogger, yes. Dildo, no.
aina42 says:
aina42 says:
he said you wanted to send me a dildo like as a couple present but he said no cause I'd tell chat
azurelunatic says:
Rubber floggers have a multitude of uses including use as cat toys and beating one's friends and classmates.
azurelunatic says:
They do not have to be used for sexual purposes.
aina42 says:
azurelunatic says:
And they're really great for something that really stings without actually, you know, leaving scars or anything.
azurelunatic says:
Dildos, on the other hand, are fairly unambiguous.
aina42 says:
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Update for those who somehow missed it:

yaksha42 and I are no longer dating. We broke up quietly and without recriminations some time ago. We're still friends; he still Fayoumis-sits; we still make casual public displays of affection; we're not together.

This means ... *drumroll* ... he's single!

Ladies, the line forms... here.
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Did my Database final. Nice final. Chatted with reichiere and good ol' "Skippy" in the cafeteria. BOBBITIZE!!!!!!!! For great justice!

Skippy smokes. That is bad for him. He should stop. He only smokes at school. He is graduating. So, he will stop smoking. I should go to the graduation. reichiere?

Turned in my FAFSA (somewhat late). Got my July bus pass. Had a conversation with reichiere and the bookstore guy about the street value of bus passes.
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Eeep. (Bad news from home)

A friend of the family has died.

She had back surgery, and was feeling much better after that, but as she lost mobility and gained pain, she became more and more depressed, and now she's dead by her own hand.

We're going to miss her.
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Shower Meme (questions from gamgee)

The Grilling:

1) What drew you to Arizona? From your personality I would have expected
somewhere like San Francisco or New Orleans. What in Arizona is a match
for you?

2) In everyone I know involved in tech's life, there was a moment that
started them into technology, when the universe seems to have just shown
itself and from then on there was no other choice than technology. What
was yours?

3) It is said that "Sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic". You are a practitioner of both. Do you
believe this is true, are they really just the application of knowledge,
or is there a fundamental difference deeper than just the obvious?

4) Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? Recognize the
questions (you seem well "read" enough in the sci-fi world to recognize

5) While your userinfo mentions that you "have multiples", but you seem
relatively consistant in your persona through the journal. Is that a
concious effort, just the way it works, or am I blind?

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Blech. But it gets easier.

shammash was terrified when I scooped him up and deposited him in the sink. He knows it's not just water that waits for him there anymore.

I don't have to use a towel anymore. I'm good with handling critters when I know what I'm doing.

I suppose it was easier on him this time, with me cooing soothing words like "Good boy, good boy, I know it hurts" rather than hissing in his face like last time when he was fighting back.

Rinsed him off.

Poor kitling.