June 17th, 2003

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Dogs in Elk

This one is a classic.

I first encountered it back in "the day" at my parents' house while reading the Bujold List, dating it to sometime between 1997 and 2000. Jerry Pournelle shared it in 1999 as quoted from another discussion. I have included here only the original text as I got it when I first encountered it. The commentary I got when seeing it first was, "A recent thread on rec.pets", which may or may not have been accurate.

I don't recommend beverages of any kind while reading this.

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Am dressed in usual uniform, which is uniquely suited for life in Arizona (my Weather Pixie is telling me that it's hot, damper than usual, and only going to get hotter): ankle-length black skirt with long-sleeved black shirt.

Sunday, the Little Fayoumis echoed my position, clotheswise (this may have been an exact quote from something I'd said earlier), when votania asked him why he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long pants: "This way, I don't get burned; I just get sweaty."

Thank the gods of floppy sun hats from the dollar store and water bottles.
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Courseload: 15 credits. (12+ is full-time.)

Am unable to register for Humn 420 as it is generating the error "HUMN 420 IS ONLINE", despite the need for said course.

Gee. Ya think? I thought I realized this when clicky linky...
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Mkay, there should be some 'fessing up...

LJ Yearbook. So this chick was collecting votes for different categories in this "LJ Yearbook" poll, and somehow I became a runner-up in the "Funniest Female" category.

Who voted for me, anyway? I didn't even hear about this until shadesong linked, as she'd won a few things...

*giggles* And I'm honored. I do try...
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*happysigh* Fic!


is the site that contains A Wizard Song, HP fanfic Harry/Snape, very good, very hot.

Needless to say: slash. I would not call it chanslash, because Harry is past the legal limit in his area and knows very well what he's up to.
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WHEEEEE!!! Classes! Teacher!!!!!


I have Professor Sandstrom next tri as a teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me describe this man to y'all.

At least 6'3".
Long, dark blond, curly hair.
Bright blue eyes.
Tidy facial hair.
Solidly built, no beer belly.
Age: late 20s, early 30s.
DeVry graduate who turned around and went immediately to teacher.

So, he's already nice-looking, and familiar with the courses, and obviously the best of the best.

I paid him little regard, however, other than noting that he was one of Darkside's teachers, until he came and did a guest lecture in my Arch & Op class. Within the first few words out of his mouth, where his brilliance and general interesting-person nature showed itself, I became absolutely alert and attentive, and became an inner puddle of lust.

This, of course, was impossible to hide from Darkside, who proceeded to tease me without mercy about the entire thing, going so far as to comment that he was happy that I was ga-ga over Prof. Sandstrom, as this meant less wear and tear on himself. I walloped him over the head a few times, and strictly instructed him that "Don't Stand So Close To Me" was NOT appropriate (this when it came on the radio as he was driving me home one time). Much giggling fun was had by both of us over the thing, of course.

So it made sense that I would call Darkside this morning as soon as I got my schedule validation e-mail. His comment? "Oh dear. I feel sorry for him already. Try not to drool too much." M'love has such a lovely voice when he's being sarcastic, like age-darkened oak.

You put A Wizard's Song, the thought of having classes with Prof. Sandstrom, e-mails exchanged with my Pretty, and Darkside's lovely sarcasm together?


Mind-melty guh. And OUCH!
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GrandFatherSir and the Machine Shop Guys

GrandFatherSir used to work in a machine shop somewhere. When he was the new guy, he was subjected to a certain amount of hazing.

Y'see, it was Tradition to light some magnesium on fire beneath the metal stool of the New Guy, thus giving him the hotass treatment. The new guy would jump up, clutching his butt, in scorched slight pain, the rest of the guys would howl, and that would be it.

GrandFatherSir noticed that one of the cool properties of his safety glasses was that they reflected that which lay behind, much like side mirrors on a car, and he was able to see when someone was sneaking up behind him. Coincidentally, he would always find something to do that he had to do standing up, and the guy intending to give him the hot-butt would stand there, frustrated, and put out the magnesium, and after it was safe, GrandFatherSir would sit back down.

He eventually figured that it was safest to let them catch him one time, and went through the ceremony of getting his butt slightly scorched, lest they try anything more hazardous.
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I got the Humanities class I was going for. This pushes me up to 18 credits, which is absolutely INSANE, but I should be able to hack it.

Summary of teachers: Sandstrom rocks. Absolutely. Dawn mentioned something about him being a gamer as well?
Barnes is nice, though strict, and is already familiar with me as I was Darkside's attached.
Burns I had for Database this past. Bruyn I'm not familiar with, but Darkside may be.
Kilbridge I've had before, and she's a delight and not much older than we are.
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Good omens

While walking to school today, the drake that was parked in front of the Spanish Christian book-and-music shop grated at me.

He was still parked there when I walked home.
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That's what I thought.

When Little Fayoumis is dealing with me, he gets upset in an understated way.

When marxdarx comes on the scene, out come the waterworks and the fire sirens.

He's grounded from both cool chairs for playing with them in a way that was not good for them.
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Shower Meme: interview from mnfiddledragon

The Questions:

1. You have some pretty neat icons - tell me about them :).

2. What would be your ideal programming project for school?

3. What would be your ideal job after you've completed school?

4. On your website, you mention an interest in filking. Are you working on writing one now?

5. You mentioned DeVry in conjunction with your ex-fiance. If you had to choose whatever school you wanted to go, anywhere in the world, (and just to have the cake and eat it too, your friends-who-are-family get to come along with), where would you go?

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I was in a place of worship, or something, with someone or other? And they had these things filled out to go in people's address books. When the person I was with showed that she already had one, the priestess started laughing and gave praise to the kid who'd thought of doing that.

It was sort of a serial. We were in there first, full of hope and energy. As the case dragged on, the people I was with and I dragged out further and further, eliciting the love and pity of the congregation, and their fear at being able to do nothing.

We had the kids with us, and they got to run around and play in the temple.

We got on the bus, and the bride was somewhat like Kim, and somewhat like Jenn, and was trying to organize things so everyone sat where appropriate, and I sat paired up with someone, but my black attitude stopped everything, and the bus had to be stopped.

Then, things got surreal. The bus was stopped and wouldn't start, so I used my wristcomm to call for another, but as the first one was still there in the street, stopped by Sourdough Sam's Cafe, it was an error message, and since I could not truthfully say that no, I had not intended to issue it, I was scheduled for a Final Visit. But there was a computer error that left important things without power, so the Final Visit got wiped out of the system, and I was safe.

When the computer was interrogating me, before sending the Final Visit, it wanted to have me verbally explain myself with yes or no. I could not. I could supply a one-word answer: "Incomplete."

Upon waking, realized that that was Miles's answer to the description of Bothari as criminal.
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Things to have Mama send me in her packages:

Bit by bit, all my clothing (so I can get that really cool piece of lingerie back without specifically asking for it)

Random scoops of beads in ziplock baggies

My sidewalk chalk

Lots and lots of hugs and love
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Working on teaching the Little Fayoumis door ettiquite. He's mastered the "If it's closed, leave it closed" now; we're working on the higher-level things, such as: If the door is closed because someone is in there asleep, and now they are up and awake, the door does not have to be closed anymore!
high energy magic

FatherSir's magic lotion

Lanolin + tincture of balsam poplar

You use maybe a cup of lanolin for each few tablespoons of the tincture.

votania's feet have never been so healthy. Nothing she used to put on them to heal the horrible gaping cracks in them would work. This did. My mother used to use it for severe clay dehydration.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Kid quotes:

"If you're wearing glasses, that means that the person wearing glasses is outnumbered! My mom is not outnumbered. That means that she has no glasses."
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Heh. I'm flattered.

"...whacking should only occur in strong relationships where trust has been established..."


Darkside and I evidently have a strong relationship where trust has been established. Cool. I like having those.