June 19th, 2003

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Jealousy (or not)

digitalambience gets sexually harassed in the "ha ha funny" way at his workplace. So I suppose it's not really harassment if he's not feeling like his ass is harassed.

But at any rate, we discussed his towel rack (it's evidently been upgraded from a washcloth rack) (and he has tested that it does in fact hold towels now), and he talked with great delight about how he is the Oral Sex King when it comes to pleasuring women.

I was just about rolling my eyes here, mouth twitching, and he admitted that he was saying all this to make me jealous.

I was amused, because I was very much not jealous. Yes, some oral sex would be nice, but unless you're Darkside, I'm not taking donations right now. (And if you were Darkside and offering to do something with me, you and I would be having a serious heart-to-heart about exactly why my love for you bothers you so deeply before you get anywhere under my pants.)

I mentioned the thing where I am not getting any right now. I think it's been nine days.
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Week Plans


  • Early morning, hit Fry's grocery and get mondo amounts of cherries, which are $0.99/lb, and which I have been craving like mad.

  • Hit the plasma center, give plasma.

  • Perhaps hit the library, given time constraints.

  • Call Darkside if possible; if that fails, be sure to contact his mom. Scheme.

  • Laundry. And vacuuming.


  • If not library before, definitely library today.

  • Trader Joe's should be on the list too.

  • Fry's Electronics should be your friend, now and always.

  • Did we mention that survey check that should go in the bank? Only $5, but still worth the time.


  • Brave votania's mother and go with them to drop some stuff off. Successfully resist the inevitable invitation to stay, and wander off to Darkside's to deliver presents.

  • Despite Very Big Glow, give plasma.

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Busy buzzy bumblebee-head

Once upon a time, I described for marxdarx what was going on inside my head at any given moment, and why I was frustrated when I couldn't keep up with others.

As I detailed each thing, his expression got more and more amazed. I'm running several background processes, usually, with my mind on something I've been working on for a while. Darkside takes up a huge background process, to maintain the link and his avatar. I think about school, about my current tasks. I have another large process devoted to the Little Fayoumis. If he says something, I hear it and I process it and I know what he's up to at almost every moment when he and I are both conscious and in sound and/or sight range. In addition to that, in a conversation, when I'm told an idea, my mind goes skimming through my library -- have I encountered any similar ideas before? How did they work? If they did not work, why? If they did work, why? Is the situation comparable? How do I think it would work? How would it succeed if it succeeded? What would happen if it failed? What would be the most likely modes of failure? How would those modes of failure change any situations?

He boggled at me for a bit, and told me that if he tried to run all those things at once, his brain would severely lag, lock up, and possibly crash.

It's still frustrating. I think that I ought to be able to think faster, do things faster, work faster...
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I am disliking my nose, and have been for the past few days. It is itchy, sometimes a little sneezy, and to top that all off with the bloody cherry of discomfort, there is what appears to be a plugged and inflamed pore just inside the right nostril.

And when I say 'itchy', I mean that it feels like my snot and my nose-hairs have teamed up to form something less pleasing to the touch, and far less visually pleasing, than fibreglass insulation.

I blame the heat and the dry weather.
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On being a Diva

manifestress does this so excellently.

What is required:

A taste for the finest of everything.

A delight in the finest foods and intoxicants.

Overwhelming, bubbling joy.

A generous spirit and the talent for throwing fantastic parties.

A love for the pleasures of the physical.

Always being seen looking the absolute best, even if carrying on with hair half-brushed and pants down around the ankles.
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I'm trying to make a quiz, "Which Heinlein Heroine Are You?" ...but I'm lacking questions to ask. I know what they'd answer, generally, but not what to ask them...
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Welcome to kestrel_laveau, who shows up most likely via the Nexus. I see we have quite a few people in common; do please join in the fray!

High-volume warning applies: what 'Song said about "The only person who posts more than I do!" is so, so true. Glad to see that your squick-level is likely up to reading my journal; is it up to reading the things I have in my memories under "fanfic"?

Automatic friendback disabled due to high-volume Insane Friends List of Doom, though I'll be having maybe more time to play due to summer break, all three weeks of it, before I head back, this time with 18 credits of course work to accomplish.

(Maybe I'll go ahead and read all the books beforehand. It's What Hermione Would Do, after all...)
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Oh, right.

Public Service Announcement to the newcomers: I babble on about Darkside rather a lot. This post, which kiwiria already found on her own (though I have things nicely linked, so it was probably relatively easy to find with only a little digging) explains how we met and how we got to be friends; it's linked in the Cast of Characters (which I really need to update, as it's been a good long time and some of it's no longer applicable).

The story of how I came to be in Phoenix is related.
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Drip, drip, drip goes the plasma

Tasks for today accomplished so far:

Early morning shopping (2.5 lbs cherries, more hamburger, and meat for jerky, as well as bread and eggs)
Plasma donation (movie of the day: Big Mama's House; chaos reigned supreme with people bleeding and that one guy who pornolizes books asking me about my experience with women)

Home situation:

Shammash needs his ear drained again
Little Fayoumis is taking a much-needed nap, as he's evidently been swapping out between Really Really Good and Horrid all day

Loony situation:

Still tired, one hour sleep between 3 and 4, and a Darkside to call and his mother to scheme with.
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Poor baby.

I had just come home, and was kicking off my shoes... I did not notice that where I was kicking my shoes, which was in through the door of my room, was right where eris_raven was lounging...
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Mentioned this to wolfieboy on IM, but should mention the "Hello, beautiful" incident at the plasma place in here too. When I get the energy.

It's bye-bye world for a bit while I nap...
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Other things accomplished:

Some minor scrubbing of kitchen last night. Not much.

Scooping of Eris's catbox this morning.

Cutting up and marinating of meat strips.
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On for stopping by for like five minutes on Saturday morning. Must not overstay welcome. (My caution.) Must "be good" and "not tear the place apart" (his cautions).

I am advised to watch "Love at first bite". He thinks I'd enjoy.

His parents are evidently taking him out for dinner for his birthday this weekend. Go, him.

He still brings up the entertainment-center-not-working himself. (This time, he was failing to get the sound system working.)

We debated (sleepily) whether The Man Show was degrading to men or women. (He argued women, as they were on display. I argued men, as the women were well-paid display, and it was the men showing their most crass side.) "Nice scenery," he did mention, as he had evidently seen bits and pieces here and there; evidently it was too deadly boring for him to watch much of.

I adore you, m'love.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


Somehow, the subject of "Really Bad Pickup Lines" got mentioned. I think it was something he said that reminded me of that awful one. So I snickered, he asked, and I revealed the pickup line: "Hey, nice shoes, wanna fuck?"

I made it clear where the quoted material began and ended.

We discussed how giving this line to Shawn might have meant him getting slapped. I discussed how he might have bungled it (Hey, nice fuck, wanna shoes?) and the circumstances under which I'd heard it (14, in class, no teacher, pickup line debate)

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(no subject)

...did manage to cheer him up after he had looked at the bill for car repair. My poor dear.
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Understatement or Overkill?

Poll #148032 Feather, hammer.

Two dozen red roses for Darkside for his birthday: understatement or overkill?


Keep in mind, I can get 2doz roses for $13.00, so price is not the quarrel here.
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*ahem* Harry Potter Thoughts

Some of you are getting all teary-eyed over some stuff that has been rattling around the 'net.

Let me remind y'all that wizards do some things differently than Muggles.

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