June 20th, 2003

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Woke around 4 am, after an hour of restless tossing and turning. Perked over to the grocery around six, after playing with LJ and e-mail. Came home and mixed things with other things and left them soaking. Showered. Dressed in day clothes (as opposed to knit pants and nasty t-shirt).

Headed off to give plasma. Encountered a creepy guy. Read more from The Deed of Paksenarrion. Chatted with lady doing the screenings about DeVry (her husband starts there in CET or ECT next tri). Chatted with that guy (I think his name is Don?) about me and girls. (He's very curious about bisexual chicks and lesbians. Gods. I wonder why.) Finished my book.

There was kerfuffle at the payment point, where the guy ahead of me had his arm start leaking. Blood wound up on the floor and on the counter (the counter is normal to be bled upon) and the guy there took his stuff and had him go over to the sink to get the bleeding all stopped, after applying liberal amounts of paper towel. This caused some stoppage to the system, and as there was flusterment (it was one of *those* days) he got the guy's plasma scanned in, and thought it was me. I was confused. He was confused. I noted that that was not my name, and I hadn't thought that I'd given already that week, after signing, and the log had to be scratched out and the correct entries entered. It was at this point that the "Hello, beautiful" guy chose to try and get my attention again...

Came home to find the Little Fayoumis put down for a mandatory nap, dictated by his behavior.

marxdarx remarked that we evidently have a Freezer of Holding, as it had been full to the max as of last night, and somehow I had managed to fit 10 lbs of hamburger more inside, and it was still full to the max...

Played with computer some more, tried calling Darkside and got the voicemail, then deemed it naptime. Set an alarm for four, and called him after I woke up. He sounded just as groggy and grouchy as I did, but he soon warmed to my presence. After twenty minutes, he excused himself to take a nap. I crashed out as well, but not until taking some allergy meds to deal with the stuffed half-sinus that amazingly materialized.

Woke again around 7:30, and wandered out at eight to hit up Trader Joe's for resupplying of certain key items (chocolate orange sticks!!) Started up reading the first book where Raistlin tries to get some. (Or something like that.) So far, it's been a good read, but unsurprisingly unsubtle.

Snarked around TJ's for a bit, and found some nifty items. Whee!

Came back home. Did random householdish things. I love my life.
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Maybe even a single white rose.
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The beginning of the dream seemed to involve lurking in a certain parking lot with vibrators. For whatever fucked-up reason. calligrafiti may or may not have been driving.

Dreamed I was with a group, and we were after this guy, and we managed to break/sneak into the room where he kept his mainframe, and we investigated in there, and it was wired up like a serious phone interchange, and we were going to go out the back door, but evidently that was wired to blow shit up, and while we had no problem with blowing his computer up, we had definite issues about blowing up ourselves. So we went back out the heavily guarded top hatch (the guards were under the impression that we were supposed to be there, but this would change as soon as the guy got there)

And then the guy who had been flirting with me somewhat annoyingly the whole time (the nice guy you want to be friends with but don't really need in love with you, y'know?) came up (he was a student) and we were obviously a little upset, and we explained that our certain death was imminent, because the bad guys were coming this way, and we had to get out, we couldn't just stay there, and he said, "Well, why not use this exit?" It was twenty feet away, and we zipped out, and made protective coloring for us climbing into bunyorchid's jeep by bellowing "School's Out" (the Alice Cooper song, whatever that is) at the top of our lungs, the louder the better.

And then zonereyrie and the guy with the crush on me were talking about wanking, and zonereyrie said that he'd just gotten a new one of this toy (an unrealistically colored/shaped gel representation of Slot B, to put Tab A into) and it was what was keeping him going when he thought about my Pretty (WTF????) and the conversation then went all pear-shaped and so did the dream. As if it hadn't been before.
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One of those going-to-sleep thoughts: flipping off the RIAA

There are those artists who are making a fuss using the RIAA as their big stick. There are those artists who are making a fuss and mooning the RIAA.

And then there are those artists who are not really doing much of anything, and being quiet, and may be members of the RIAA.

As a file-sharer's publicity stunt (yes, stunt, not real plan, but it would be a hella cool stunt), look up the fanmail address for your favorite band that you download rather than buying. Figure out which of their songs that you've never paid for is your favorite.

Pull a $1 bill (or, in other countries, the appropriate denomination of local currency) out of your wallet (or other holding device). Yes, you should be able to afford one dollar plus postage for a publicity stunt, if you can afford enough internet access to use LJ on a regular basis under your own power. (Those who honestly *can't*, ow, I'm sorry, and I hope you find/work your way to a better situation soon.)

Write a note like so:

Dear [bandname],

I enjoy your music, and have downloaded a copy of your song "[songname]", and I really liked it.

Enclosed please find $1.

Your fan,
[any name or alias you feel comfortable with them getting their hands on]

Political messages regarding the RIAA, Hatch, and so forth can be inserted where appropriate. The RIAA's never going to listen to us; I think this is obvious. Sending a direct message to the bands from grassroots fans is probably the way to go. Show them that when they have a good song, their fans will respond, and they really don't need a huge music industry between them and the fans unless they really want to sell *crap* and make us buy it. I should hope that most of the bands we like have enough artistic integrity to not wish to sell crap.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Little Fayoumis/grounding

LF got grounded yesterday for being bad after he'd gotten a special treat. He was warned that this was not acceptable, and warned that if he did this again like he often did, that he'd get grounded immediately. So, he tried it... and got grounded.

He was looking upset this morning about being grounded. He couldn't remember why he'd gotten grounded, so I read him the information off the grounding sheet on the bulliten board (marxdarx's innovation, and an awesome one) and explained that until he started being good all the time, he would get grounded from stuff for being bad. He looked at the poster on the wall and didn't hear me. I guided his head back to looking at me, and proceeded to ask him what I'd just said. (He knows he is not supposed to look away, and that he is supposed to listen.) He couldn't remember. I repeated.

He knows he's supposed to be good all the time... and it's hard for him... and he needs to learn it. I explained that grown-ups were supposed to be good all the time, and if they weren't, they were bad guys. (Oversimplistic, but the right idea.) And bad guys got arrested by the cops.

Explained that if grown-ups weren't good and didn't live with their mom or their dad, then when they were bad, the cops would arrest them.

Little Fayoumis made the unhappy-face and said that he was not a bad guy! I agreed, and went on.

But with kids, living with their mom and their dad, it would be the parents' job to ground the kids for doing bad stuff, so they would learn how to be good all the time. (There was more, but that's the gist of it.)

Little Fayoumis grumped and said that it was hard to do, and he didn't want it to be hard. I sympathized, and said that it was hard for every kid, and I knew he could do it. I told him that it was hard for me when I was a kid, it was hard for marxdarx when he was a kid, it was hard for votania when she was a kid, and it was hard for Darkside when he was a kid. I mentioned that one time when I was a kid I had hit my little sister, and my parents had grounded me from the phone and I was mad, but I never, ever, ever hit my sister ever again.

Little Fayoumis said that it was easy for his friends (the invisible ones). I maternally doubted that they were good all the time, and Little Fayoumis had the guided epiphany that perhaps his friends should get in trouble and grounded and sent to the corner when they had fights with him and did bad stuff.

We'll get there.
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Little Fayoumis & Friends

LF's invisible friends are now, according to the noises, fighting, and LF is mediating and telling them that they should be getting along and not fighting. He hasn't grounded anybody yet, but that's coming.
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When something happens like this...

I am doing things, and I am thinking that they are right, and I am thinking that they are working, and then I am handed what sounds to be an ultimatum and no discussion seems to be possible?

Hold until she gets home, yes. But not longer. There must be a family meeting.
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Well, that's that.

...Evidently my plans for this afternoon involve becoming very very small and staying that way. Marah wants out.

It's that time of the month again, isn't it.
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Heh. Did we mention the mood swings?

One moment I'm gloomy and depressed.

This time, I stomped on it, refused to let Marah out, posted a few bombs, and decided to read my friends list.

easalle's Guess Who? meme made me giggle.

Greenway, Goddess Brew, fountains. *snicker*
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Shit. This is the hyper phase.

Now I have far too much energy, and want to go run and scream at people, which will lead to me breaking down in tears.

It's a very unattractive phase.
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How much trouble is it to make a rule that LF cannot talk to his imaginary friends while he is being lectured?
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And now...

...Now I feel like I'm evil and impossible to live with. In a muted sense, of course, because this month Marah's staying INSIDE, until she's done with the temper tantrums.

What triggered that?

Marx putting away the dishes as it is his assignment to do.

I'm really really tweaked. I must be, if people acting normal make me think that something's wrong.
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Marah doesn't get to come out until she's stopped throwing temper tantrums.
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9thmoon's Friday questions:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

When you get home tonight, or sometime this weekend, make a list of everything on your bedside table, and post it here. Or in your own journal. Enquiring minds want to know.
No cleaning up before hand.
Post a picture if you want.

"Bedside table", in my case, was loosely interpreted to mean "that teal/turquoise plastic box sitting where I can dump crap on it.


  • One Management 303 take-home quiz from a few tri ago, untouched. Green paper, three-hole-punched.

  • One alarm clock, sitting rather cattywumpus

  • By the Sword, Mercedes Lackey, paperback, back cover very torn

  • The Curse of Chalion, Lois McMaster Bujold, hardback, good condition

  • One sizeable plastic zippered bed-in-a-bag bag, containing half a metric assload of yarn

  • One Scan-Tron answer sheet for above take-home quiz, similarily untouched.

  • One hair-scrunchy, Gordon Dress tartan. (Yes, I looked it up.) [That link is the coolest: you put in the sequence of colors, and it looks up all the patterns it could be.]

  • One single-three-prong-outlet-to-triple-three-prong-outlet adapter.

  • A goodly amount of low-traffic-area house dust.

  • One small and disgruntled cat.

On the other hand, my laptop computer and its environs doubles as my night table (you leave your glasses there, right?) so...

  • Blue ribbed scrunchy

  • Cheap lip balm, one tub

  • Half burned black cherry muse candle

  • Nail scissors

  • Disposable lighter

  • Water bottle

  • potentially-broken headphones

  • case for above

  • A shload of cables and wires, related to computer

  • One Dell Latitude CPt laptop, slightly battered

  • a coaster

  • A pump bottle of expensive lotion that's been passed around more times than the proverbial bag of jellybeans

  • More house dust

  • chocolate crumbs

  • A stack of papers including a nearly-empty 750mL bottle of almond amaretto, confusingly closed with a Vanilla Coke cap instead of the cap it came with (they proved to be interchangeable) and the scan-tron form that should have gotten thrown out when I cleaned the bedside plastic box from the first go-round while noting down all the things there.

  • The DSL modem

  • a canning jar lid

  • a USB hub

  • a CD holder containing randoms such as a cellphone case, a cellphone battery, papers, and a plastic figure of Emperor Palpatine as well as CDs

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Friends List Digest:

glamourbombs: I found one in a library book!

<locked>: "sorry, auntie, i shan't be coming with you because i want instead to get to know a larger bunch of bisexual perverts than i already know, and possibly shag a few of them..."

<locked>: "Am I a beautiful and unique snowflake? Are you a beautiful and unique snowflake?"

nalidoll: "and what, you ask, makes a ragdolli swoon? apocryphal texts."

thegraybook: "Oh Draco, my Draco. In six hours you will be mine, you maladjusted little wingnut."

machinegirl: "Luckily, the reg date is after mine, so he can't be all "OMG SHE IS STALKING ME!!!1111!!!!!". "
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Happy sounds, happy smells

Little Fayoumis is wandering around making shooting raygun noises.

There are strips of jerky drying in the dehydrator. Teriyaki flavour.

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Damn. I guess I do have to define that now. (Jellybeans, the proverbial bag of)

"The proverbial bag of jellybeans" -- a CTY reference.

Academic camp. Gifted kids from between the ages of 13 or so and 16. Much goofiness.

Someone was in the habit of getting jellybeans and passing the bag around to everybody. So, when Ben (I think that was his name) started dating everyone, and then breaking up with them and dating other people, and repeating the cycle, the joke was that Ben was being passed around like a bag of jellybeans.

It became legend.
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Did I mention that this is seriously creepy?

I see him, in those pages. I see the dark mirror of him, the shadow side of how he sees himself.

I can't let that happen to him.

He delights in it already. Keener eyes than mine could perhaps see the fair skin take on a gold tinge, the eyes encompass a wider span of time.

Forever falling in slow motion.
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Rules (mine)

I should carry bus fare and at least two phone calls.

Bus fare for the LF is kept in that mint tea box in the bottom of my purse, 60 cents already counted out.

Tomorrow's plans

Vacuum. Seriously.
Leave at nine to go drop stuff off with votania.maternal_unit, and also deliver two dozen yellow roses, one handmade stoneware mug with a dragon and the kanji for "Fire" on it, and a rearview mirror dangly (made of alternating garnet tubes and hematite spheres for the main loop, a blue goldstone oval bringing the ends of the loop together, and a dangly with hematite tubes and garnet spheres going down, at the end of which is a hematite star and a white bone dragon) to Darkside for his birthday (which is on the 22nd).

The mug is from my mother for me to give to him. (She's an excellent potter.) (Though not named Harold, nor hirstitute.) I made the dragon rearview mirror dangly. (I made its complement, mainly hematite tubes and garnet spheres, with the strand at the bottom being garnet tubes and hematite spheres, and the same hematite star and instead of a dragon, a silver pentacle, for myself.)

Yellow roses are for friendship. 24, for his age (and that was the number of roses in the bundle). Some of the petals have the stray red tip; that was not really the plan for the roses, but it's pretty, and it's meaningful. (I love him.)

After that, I may well wander off in directions including Fry's Electronics, the plasma place, and the library.